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One Piece is a manga franchise created by Eiichiro Oda. The manga has been adapted into an original video animation (OVA) produced by Production I.G in 1998, and an anime series produced by Toei Animation, which began broadcasting in Japan in 1999 and has aired 842 episodes to date.


Back in 2010 I remember watching the first 50 episodes. Just warning you right here, all of this is MY opinion, and either respect it or get angry for no reason. I'm going to be honest, I flat-out hated One Piece. The art style atrociously-drawn, and it progressively got worse and worse. Some of the side characters are so ugly it burned my eyes just looking at them, and the anatomy of every single character was blown out of proportion, I don't care if it's a cartoon or not. Then there's the story. The development happened at such a slow and unbearable pace that I found myself yawning constantly. The development rate for the storyline and characters, in other words, took more time than it should have. I dislike how a single story tends to drag on for eternity.

Another thing I loathe--THERE ARE OVER 500 EPISODES OF THIS ANIME. WHO HAS THAT MUCH FREE TIME?! Unless you're a college drop-out finally deciding you want to live in your parents' basement for the rest of your life ...more

One piece is amazing and does not deserve to be here! I was reading through the comments and I could not believe the reasons that people were giving to justify their reasons for saying that one piece is bad. Most of these people are probably younger than 10 and have no idea what character development even means. As someone who likes to write stories I have to say that the character development in One piece is one of the best I have seen. The backstories are profound and have a lot of emotional ties that make the reader get teary or actually cry. Honestly I read the manga first then watched the anime but since the first episode I was hooked and have not wanted to stop yet. I want to finish the entire thing even if they add more. I was also cautios of the art since It looked kind of wacky but now I love it. Without it there is no way that one piece would be what it is, the art just adds to the experience. All of you are saying you don't like the art and that is why it is trash but that ...more

I see a lot of people on here judging it before they've even started it.

Like jesus, I can understand you having an opinion, but why do people hate on without even giving it a chance. "Oh the artstyle is weird that's why it sucks" "I hate the first ten episodes wah"

At least finish a whole arc before you judge something. I couldn't care less that you hate it, but don't just on things because it doesn't appeal to you.

Naruto, which is also on this list, but is also a very popular anime in the west, also started pretty slowly. It started picking up after the first arc.

30-40 episodes. This show is getting dangerously close to it's 1000th episode, and you drop it before even making a dent.

Again, not caring that you don't like it, I don't care what you do, but give it a chance man. 10 episodes is hardly anything. Of course it's gonna be slow dude. It's the beginning of a show. The mangakas gotta lay the groundwork for it first.

I have no idea what you guys are talking about one piece I amazing!

I personally don't get how One Piece and Naruto are on the best AND worst list. MAKE UP YOUR MINDS, PEOPLE!

It has tons of lovers and tons of haters as well, no series can avoid haters. Considering its popularity, One Piece isn't the worst. It IS in my opinion, but everyone has their opinion and like I said, it's not the worst considering its popularity. - SiriusPhoenix

Its sad that people don't get the mastery of one piece because they are whining asses that don't have the patience to get past the begging and complain that its too long. The character development and plot are fantastic but u have to stick with it. Its not gonna pop up in the first 10 or even 60 episodes. And the characters have flaws but that makes them real and that can improve themselves. Because they want to take their time and make a good story. If u wanna watch something that gets to the point with perfect unrealistic people go watch like SAO or go back to the first grade you uncultured swines

You are so stupid one piece is like the best anime ever out there lets see you make a better anime so can it

One Piece probably has the best soundtrack of any anime.

Pardon my language but. How is this on this list. One Piece is the best anime ice had the pleasure of watching and is Literally the best selling manga in history. The only conceivable reason this is here is because sore losers like sao fans or dragon ball are sad that One Piece outshines them like the sun next to a flashlight.

What is wrong with people?!?! How can you put classics like Clannad AS and One Piece on here? It's insane! If these animes were so bad, then why are they always on the top 3 main anime community websites?! An anime being popular doesn't equal bad! There's a difference between truly awful and popular. JEEZ!

It's a pretty terrible anime. Like most of the big long running series its perfectly clear the writers have used up all their ability in the first 60+ episodes. Honestly it was not bad to start, but just gets worse as it goes on. The main protagonist ( luffy ) is an immensely unlikeable douche. It's a struggle to give a damn about him or what he is doing. I think I pushed myself to get to about episode 150 and gave up. The thing that broke it for me was you have the three swords guy who trains like crazy lifting dbz esq style weights, and then the damn cook who has done nothing BUT cook for most of his life and fights only using kicks is somehow fighting people on par with the super swordsman?!

Yes, the anime might be one of the best animes ever. But they vote it as one of the worst animes ever because of 4kids dub. And I hate 4kids. You know what? My advice is stay away from 4kids dub as soon as possible.

This is one of the best anime and manga, why in the holy hell is this on this list. The story is fantastic, has some of the best characters, and character development in any anime and manga, I just can't comprehend why this is on this list I just can't.

One piece is the best because the actions and emotions flow and Oda kills people when it is fine too, and to the dismay of many readers on bad points of the manga, it makes the story even better later and the story gets better. Aces death was sad and not everybody liked it, but it made the story more interesting.

This anime should be on the list, yeah. The characters (especially the protagonist, Luffy) get old quickly and I gave up on it. But Fairy Tail and Sword Art Online are much worse than this could ever be.

Huge fan of OP until they DRAGGED IT OUT FOREVER... I tried to recently give it a chance on this crappy new arc but I can't! "Robin there's something I still want you to say. Tell me you want to live" I swear they gave me a headache repeating this on Toonami

The heck is One Piece doing here!?!? I mean I understand why Boku no Pico is (It deserves to be here) but not One Piece. It's one of my favorite animes. - Kakabane

What. One piece shouldn't be here. Can someone tell me how did it become worst anime huh?

I agree One Piece shouldn't be on this list AT ALL. It's been a couple years since I've first started the anime and I still find it pretty hilarious and enjoyable.

One piece is actually good, why is it on here?

One piece is the best MANGA ever, but the ANIME... They're so lazy with the animation I couldn't bare to watch it anymore. They drag everything out for so long every damn episode like dragon ball z. Honestly the ANIME really doesn't do the MANGA any justice. The One Piece MANGA is literally a work of art. The ANIME is trash.

One piece is such crap. Just bazar for the sake of being bazar. No content or depth to speak of. This crappy brand of anime is what killed anime for me and drew the worst kinds of fans. Give me tenchi muyo and ninja scroll.

One Piece only narrowly escapes being the worst anime in history because of One Punch Man I couldn't even stomach a whole episode of this utter garbage

I do not get it, this anime was on the top ten BEST anime! Why is it here!