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221 Astro Boy Astro Boy

Dude, Astro boy came BEFORE Megaman...

COME ON this is history we would not have anime today if not for this

This is just disrespectful what?

There was anime before this, but this popularized anime.

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222 The Irregular at Magic High School The Irregular at Magic High School

Definitely a bad anime,

I dropped it about 6 minutes into the first episode. I saw Magic High School, and I thought, "hey, maybe it's a great anime about magic," don't get your hopes up. There are guns in this anime. Don't waste your time on this one. If you're looking for a good magic anime, check out Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic.

You're right. Magi looks like a more fun anime to watch. The comedy in The Irregular At Magic High School is DRY. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Dropped it at episode 3. The plot is overdone, and all the characters seem the same in my opinion. I know many people who liked this one, but I was just so bored...

In just the first arc, you already get tortured with boring conversations, Deus Ex Machina power, lack of character design variety save for a few, that annoying Ono girl, and finally, INCEST. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Once I finish this anime, I plan to do a review rant on it. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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223 DokiDoki! Precure

Major fail in the series. I liked the main character, Aida Mana, because her leaderlike qualities send a positive message to the audience but her optimism and kindness are also the main reason I hate her. The rest of the cast is way too reliant on her and she's a spotlight hog. I wanted to see more development in the other characters but that never happened, and it made everything hella boring. NO. Just...NO. Precure is supposed to be a show about the magic of teamwork and unity, not about sacrificing all of your potential to worship someone even if they are a good person. And it just HAD to start the annoying trend of only the team leaders getting an upgrade.

Not to mention that I just hate happy-go-lucky selfless hippies as magical girl protagonists in general. That's why I quit watching PMMM the moment I heard that madoka would become god.

I liked it. Sure it has flaws, like plot pacing and underdeveloped characters. It's not the best PreCure season, but far from the worst.

Ya this anime is to god dam pink

All Precure is sucks and patethic

Sir, do you even know the phrase 'if you have nothing nice to say don't say it'? And you got some grammar mistakes there. - XUserBolt2345

224 Everyday Life With Monster Girls

So here there are girls that turn into monsters and no action happens. Wow! Truly stupid! Useless transformations everywhere. So if you want a summer 2015 anime to hate on, this is the one to pick on. - SelfDestruct

Has bestiality written all over it. Even as a male, I would take IGN Anime Club's advice and never watch the show.

I think this is one of the worst anime of 2015. This is lower than SAO and deserves to be higher. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I thought it was hilarious - emeraldfennekin

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225 Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

I mean, if you like watching bewbies for the sake of bewbies... But even so, you might as well go watch hentai instead.

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226 Show By Rock
227 The Seven Deadly Sins The Seven Deadly Sins

And it was a big disappointment. I wish I could like this more but it let me down. - SelfDestruct

The MC made me want to puke


There is a reason why it's so low in the list <<

228 Chaos Dragon
229 Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

There's no laughing cxene - Neinwott

I don't know

230 Little Busters!
231 Seitokai Yakuindomo
232 Mega Man Star Force

This and it's sequel Ryuusei no Rockman Tribe were both a big disgrace to the Star Force series (which was one of the best Mega Man series game-wise in my opinion)
I can't believe I used to like those two series back then! - PerfectImpulseX

233 Wedding Peach

Wedding peach was bad, but it's still adorable and a huge guilty pleasure of mine.

I don't understand why people think it's a Sailor Moon rip-off. It isn't in my eyes. - SailorSedna

234 Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 0

Why the hell is this on the list? You have no life if you are hating on this

Consider this:You are a waste of oxygen in this planet

This is the best yugioh serie ever a lot of action,really perfect epic! I always wait for yami to appear what make so special is the hero suddenly transform into a strong fearless kick bulliers ass!

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235 Samurai 7

It's a little boring. Just another generic samurai anime with typical characters. I'm surprised Samurai Champloo got higher on the list than this.

This anime is great!

The last two episodes are one of the best ending episodes in anime!

236 Garzey's Wing

Really, Why isn't Garzey's Wing, Mad Bull 34, nor Voilence Jack isn't on this list?

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237 Saint Seiya Season 1

Wait the original anime or Omega? The original series was good. Saint Seiya Omega is trash! The first season was crap. The second season was ok. The third season was decent. The fourth season was great. So Saint Seiya Omega went from crap to great. You want to watch better Saint Seiya series? Watch The Hades Chapter, Soul of Gold. Stay away from Saint Seiya Omega its crap.

Um, I think this is probably the original Saint Seiya one, did you forget to add "Omega"? - SailorSedna

The characters are forgettable, Terrible voice acting, Crappy animation. The only thing good about Saint Seiya Omega is the music. Like Pegasus Fantasy opening. You want to watch a better Saint Seiya series watch The Hades Chapter and Soul of Gold. Stay away from this.

The boys are really cute

238 Princess Tutu Princess Tutu read more.

This was honestly one of the most laughably bad shows I've ever encountered. The characters were impossible to take seriously. Everyone was twiggy and too young for the themes imposed. Just hilariously, gangly things cavorting about to beautiful music that shouldn't be trapped in this awful mess. If you get past the first episode without pissing yourself laughing, kudos. But I couldn't even watch it for the giggles. Too cringe-inducing.

It's meh. I think this was the first anime I watched, because technically, my parents never let me watch anime for a little. Personally, I thought it was pretty boring. And now that I look back, the characters looked... too young. Now it's just one of those things that I watch if I'm bored. :/

I think it had very good voice acting though

An anime on a duck who falls in love and can dance? How can this be good?

239 Date A Live Date A Live An anime that deals with powerful beings that mysteriously appear on Earth, sometimes creating an explosion that kills many with each visit . The protagonist joins a group to help find another method to help control their powers peacefully, opposed to the organizations keen on destroying them . (Makes more.

...I liked the show, it's kinda funny

The biggest reason why this anime sucks is because of the cast. Once the spirits lose there powers they become annoying beyond belief

I just think the fights suck, all they are saying is insults the whole time

Stfu this was a great show...

240 Crayon Shin-chan Crayon Shin-chan

I absolutely despised this anime and I actually tried to watch the show. There is no plot line, no story, the artwork is poor at best, and what little bit of story it actually has revolves around a nearly couple who are parents to two children, one that is completely obsessed with dancing around with his ass in the air... And the other being no more than an infant that is constantly playing with knives or something else clearly beyond the idea of intelligence.

Basically speaking it's kiddy porn in the disguise of anime, anyone that could even remotely call it good is either clearly retarded, or they just don't know what good anime really is. The only saving grace that this "anime" even comes close to having is it's ending song "Party Party" which has a catchy beat and decent lyrics.

This cartoon is only for play school kids

I actually watched an episode to see if it was as bad as people say it is and...My God...

Guys I'm 99% sure this is a kids cartoon?

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