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281 Suzuka
282 World War Blue

Yeah, I like Sega and all, but it's been dead for years now...

283 Battle Programmer Shirase

This is even worse than Mars of Destruction and you can call it "art" to achieve this. I don't know how to create something pointless, really... I don't know...

284 B Gata H Kei

The jokes are actually very funny for the first... handful of episodes. Then everything goes downhill as you realize that's all this show is going to be. None of the characters grow or learn anything. They just keep screwing up, and we're supposed to somehow find them engaging. Things get gross as you watch the main character take advantage of others and run rampant in her selfishness. Overall really depressing and uncomfortable since by the time you see things 'heating up, ' these characters still feel like strangers. We learn absolutely nothing about Yamada except that she's into sex, but she's... not? It's bizarre. I wouldn't trouble yourself wasting time trying to find any depth in such a shallow subject. In fact, just skip this and find a real, raunchy comedy like Panty & Stocking. Honestly found how ballsy that show was to be refreshing because it knew its genre and ran all of the way with it unlike this sad attempt. My opinion is unpopular on that, but rest assured this show is ...more

How is this higher than Black Butler and FMA? I did not by any means want to watch this for my sake. Valerie a close friend of mine dared me to watch the series while I suffered 12 EPISODES OF A GIRL wHO WANTS TO GET WITH 100 GUYS. Where is this girl's parents? Why aren't they concerned about her daughter who is going out at night with a boy they probably haven't even met? I don't remember much, but I remember when Yamada was OH VERY ARROGANT AND WHEN THEY DID THE THING TOGETHER. And she just takes Kosuda and says she wants to have sex with him after a blink of character development! And how is this higher than Black Butler, FMA, Hetalia, and even Ouran?! I don't remember much so I don't have much evidence for my argument. - FilipinoNyan2004

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285 Pokemon Chronicles

I'm sorry, but this show is trash. 4kids just had to not go with the Pokemon indigo league. First of all, why is his name Jimmy? It's Ethan, dumbass! Also, they have random dub edits like script edits and TEXT EDITS (!?!? ) that make no sense at all! Then we get to the major ass: the voice acting. Here's what it stands for:















Anyways, the voice acting is the usual 4kids crap: It's annoying, awful and just plain irritating. In fact, there are only 2 episodes I really like: Celebi and Joy, And The search For the Legend. The only redeeming qualities? The Design is polished, the animation is good, and I like the Pokemon featured in the Episodes. Overall, this show is garbage. The voice acting is abysmal, the episodes aren't even good, it only had 22 episodes and only ran from June 3-November 26, ...more

4kids needs to be stopped I can't find the subbed version.

And his name isn't jimmy nor ethan its gold.

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286 Flowers if Evil
287 Joi no Riten

Who thought this anime was a good idea!?
Joi is such a Gary stu! And Akimi is just bland! The graphics such too.

288 Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack

Worst storyline ever and weirdest monsters I have ever seen

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289 Pretty Cure

Almost every season has the same plot and I get bored watching it. At first if you only watch one season you might think it's good but as you keep watching next seasons you will get bored. Also they make a movie called pretty cure all stars and every time the movie starts the new pretty cure group ALWAYS says "OH I NEVER KNEW THEIR WERE MORE PRETTY CURES THAN US" and every first episode the animal asks or tells the girl to become pretty cure and the OBIOUS part is that every single person EXCEPT the pretty cure girls have brown or black hair.

The first few pretty cures where OK, but then as the series went on... they just started copying the plot for the originals. Also like the bottom comment, why are there never any black or brown haired females who get to be the MAIN protagonist? It's usually either blonde or pink :*(

Cure Black and Cure Bloom were both brown haired and they were main protagonists. - PerfectImpulseX

Whoever put this on this list has never watched HeartCatch Precure. HeartCatch Precure is amazing! - PerfectImpulseX

290 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

At first I thought the show was cute, and that was just episode 1. And later, I proceed to episode 2 and It all changed. It sucked and I finally dropped It eventually. And my main problem Is, Haruhi herself. She sexually harasses Mikuru, She annoys Kyon all the time and treats her friends like crap and also the bunny costume she wore(and forced Mikuru to wear)at one episode. It's going to attract lolicons and perverts In my opinion. I feel sorry for Mikuru and Kyon, being bossed by a terrible person like Haruhi to do weird things. Why did Haruhi even became a goddess at the ending when she treats her friends terribly? And then the forced "comedy" which usually has Mikuru and Kyon as the victims also, and we were expected to find It funny. In real life, Haruhi would be expelled or even arrested for sexual harassment and abuse. The ED and OP was great and all, But that's the only good thing this show has aside the art. Well, If you wanna see It for yourself go ahead, your opinion about ...more - MLPFan

Why is this show even considered a masterpiece? I was unable to have much care for the plot and I didn't like a single one of the characters. They weren't that likeable. I dropped this show after the part where Haruhi unintentionally gets time to repeat over and over again. My time was wasted with the same thing happening episode after episode.

I watched a few episodes and couldn't stand haruhi nor anything else in that show so I stopped watching

The anime is pretty good but the manga is better

291 World Masterpiece Theater

Which World Masterpiece theater anime? There are a bunch of them..

292 Koufuku Graffiti
293 Future Card Buddyfight

It exists. As if toy-selling animes weren't bad enough

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294 Selector Infected WIXOSS

I found this a bit boring

295 Mahou Sensou

No plot development up till episode 12, no character development. This show is filled with fillers.

296 Star Blazers

I do not need a reason, Joe likes it.

297 Persona 4

The only thing worse than this anime was the game. Enough said.

298 Owari no Seraph

This is actually on the list?

The only thing good about this anime was the ships.

Very weak plot and even weaker characters

Meh could be better or could be worse

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299 Negima! Magister Negi Magi

Manga is great, anime screwed up everything!

300 Freezing

The first anime ever mad by trolls, for trolls

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