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321 Flowers if Evil
322 Joi no Riten

Who thought this anime was a good idea!?
Joi is such a Gary stu! And Akimi is just bland! The graphics such too.

323 Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack

Worst storyline ever and weirdest monsters I have ever seen

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324 Pretty Cure

Almost every season has the same plot and I get bored watching it. At first if you only watch one season you might think it's good but as you keep watching next seasons you will get bored. Also they make a movie called pretty cure all stars and every time the movie starts the new pretty cure group ALWAYS says "OH I NEVER KNEW THEIR WERE MORE PRETTY CURES THAN US" and every first episode the animal asks or tells the girl to become pretty cure and the OBIOUS part is that every single person EXCEPT the pretty cure girls have brown or black hair.

The first few pretty cures where OK, but then as the series went on... they just started copying the plot for the originals. Also like the bottom comment, why are there never any black or brown haired females who get to be the MAIN protagonist? It's usually either blonde or pink :*(

Cure Black and Cure Bloom were both brown haired and they were main protagonists. - PerfectImpulseX

Whoever put this on this list has never watched HeartCatch Precure. HeartCatch Precure is amazing! - PerfectImpulseX

325 World Masterpiece Theater

Which World Masterpiece theater anime? There are a bunch of them..

326 Koufuku Graffiti
327 Future Card Buddyfight

It exists. As if toy-selling animes weren't bad enough

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328 Selector Infected WIXOSS

I found this a bit boring

329 Mahou Sensou

No plot development up till episode 12, no character development. This show is filled with fillers.

330 Star Blazers

I do not need a reason, Joe likes it.

331 Persona 4

The only thing worse than this anime was the game. Enough said.

332 Rail Wars

People, trains. AN ANIME ABOUT TRAINS. There's the stereotypical mc the dude that seems normal, the shy moe, and the red cool girl. Then there's that best friend as a comic relief And then the trains.

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333 Negima! Magister Negi Magi

Manga is great, anime screwed up everything!

334 Freezing

The first anime ever mad by trolls, for trolls

335 Kampfer

Kampfer was pretty weird, but I still enjoyed it. I liked the plot twists and everything, but it ended on such short notice and basically leaving all the viewers hanging on what would happen. The OVA's don't help wrap up the anime much, so it's just left open.

So random...but not the worst

Still better than SheZow - PerfectImpulseX

Echi, harem etc

336 Magical Warfare

, no one should watch this

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337 Wizard Barristers

I actually thought this anime was unique. With politics and magic, it sounded incredibly interesting. Now I find it a bunch of crap. Watch it if you want to know.

Seriously, Cecil Sudo is such a hideous character to be the main protagonist. This rotted the whole anime. It sucks

338 Shin Megami Tensei
339 Blazblue Alter Memory

Um I think I is titled top ten worst anime not all anime that I can think of in a random order...

340 Dragon Ball Super

Why is this crap still going!

Huh? It's awesome! Well, nothing can dethrone the original series, but's it's leagues above Dragon Ball GT. - SiriusPhoenix

Stop putting dragon ball in here! Its amazing like totally mind blow

GT is better - PerfectImpulseX

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