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341 Non Non Biyori

What's with the foot scenes?!?! Why is the girls feet!? THIS ANIME IS HORRIBLE! - Neinwott

342 Flip Flappers V 1 Comment
343 Voogie's Angel

One of the worst anime ever made, so bad that I can't believe it isn't on the Top 20 here or this list at all. It's only 3 episodes, the plot has a great concept (five cybernetic enhanced women have to save people living in underground cities), but it's ruined by weak, mostly unlikable characters (Captain Howard being an idiotic jerk for example), unfunny comedy, bad dialogue that sounds like it would fit in Batman and Robin, and a badly told story that is too rushed, shifts gears too suddenly, going from slapstick comedy to dark tragedy in only one episode, and it ends on a dumb cliffhanger, basically, unlike other anime like Sailor Moon, Saint Seiya, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Ghibli's films, I don't care about what happens to the characters or in the story. Also couple hit and miss artwork/animation (look at one scene when Rebecca swings her sword, it's terrible for 1997 standards!), and you got a true definition of "bad anime". Also, Aya Hiskawa, Kotono Mitsuishi, Kikuko Inoue and ...more - SailorSedna

344 Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu

Super overrated. I mean anime elitists are acting like this is the best thing to come out in 2016 when really there were better, more interesting anime than this. It's probably not the god awful type of bad, but it's definitely going to be snorefest boring. - SelfDestruct

345 Ragnastrike Angels

This anime sucks! - Neinwott

346 Rocket Girls


347 The Tatami Galaxy

ThatAnimeSnob's 2nd favorite anime of all time. And I wondered what makes him like this anime. So I gave it a try but this... this... this is just the new type of atrocity I have ever experienced in an anime. Not that I ever wanted to watch it but this is so bad in so many levels. ThatAnimeSnob apparently calls the story an amazing masterpiece and rates it so highly but really, you are just being info dumped all the time with constant narration from the main protagonist. And the sad thing is the narration isn't even that good, considering he is narrating in a monotonous, uninteresting tone, and at the speed of a Koenigsegg in top speed, boring me instantly. As for the characters, the narration just explains everything for you, so that you already know how they are as people. The animation, is truly one of the worst I have ever seen in my life, and this was made by Madhouse (WHAT WERE YOU THIKING? ). Character designs are ugly, the art syle is always inconsistent, and the lack of CGI ...more - SelfDestruct

348 Virus Buster Serge

Typical Masami Obari trash. Terrible art/animation, overly confusing story, bland characters (except Erika, she's cool, and maybe Mirei)...and it's a Super Sentai wannabe. At least the music isn't too bad here. - SailorSedna

349 Vividred Operation

Just a generic shoujo anime with bland, uninteresting characters, and gratuitous butt shots and fanservice, plus the whole yuri aspect they added was just weird... - SailorSedna

350 Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou


351 Cromartie High School

This is proof that GAR doesn't work in everything. Matter of fact, it actually ruined the anime by making it unfunny when it was supposed to be a school comedy. - SelfDestruct

352 Daimidaler: Prince vs Penguin Empire
353 Hand Shakers

This anime made me cringe so hard. The mixture of CGI and 2-D animation is uncomfortable to look at. In one scene, there's so much stuff going on it's hard to focus on the characters talking. I couldn't even focus on the subtitles, so I had to watch the the dub(which was actually good). Another thing I hate is how this show tries to be ecchi. The boob physics in this show are messed up. - izackak

354 Viewtiful Joe (Anime)
355 Dusk Maiden of Amnesia
356 NouCome V 1 Comment
357 Beyblade Shogun Steel

Very stupid. Boring. Annoying character voices. If I was in this crap anime, I would get all those stupid tops throw it in a nearby place that destroys metal and watch the characters cry their eyes out because of those useless tops.

358 Rail Wars

People, trains. AN ANIME ABOUT TRAINS. There's the stereotypical mc the dude that seems normal, the shy moe, and the red cool girl. Then there's that best friend as a comic relief And then the trains.

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359 Hetalia: Axis Powers

I love Hetalia! Sure, it can be kind of stupid, but I think it's the best anime ever!

Personally, I love Hetalia, and think it's one of the best anime out there. It's really lighthearted humour with no exact plot set mostly during WWII. If there's one thing I have to draw attention to, however, it's the characterization of APH Japan. If you read Japan's history, you'll know that it's definitely pretty dark. The Japanese have invaded and captured certain territories, mostly parts of China and the Koreas. Naturally, as the series' creator is Japanese, these topics are steered clear away from. Japan and the Koreas have a rough history with each other and even now are at odds. This isn't what mainly irked me though. What more or less did the deed as the characterization of South Korea. Now, I get that this show's whole point is poking fun at stereotypes. But seeing that S. Korea often praises Japan and is unnervingly attracted to his chest (Japan's, that is) despite the horrific Japanese invasion of the nation during WWII where virgins were kidnapped, live people were ...more

This show is brilliant, my friend thinks it's funny too. I love it because it turns tragedies like the country of Italy being overrun by an evil dictator named Benito, but the other way around was making Italy hilariously derpy. I understand Germany might be accurate, but Japan isn't, and some things humorously explained in this show just makes me love it so much. But it's too bad I have to start middle school next year. I hope for a few improvements though. They should include stuff I might learn in middle school, or high school, like the holocaust, Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing, and some stuff contained in it! And the show should explain the tragedy going on in world war 2. But over all, remove this from the list. I love this still yet for humor and comedy.

Personally, I really don't like this anime since it can be a bit racist. I understand if the creator didn't mean for it to be like that but still. Ww2 was a brutal part of history, and making a happy-go-lucky anime about it can be pretty offensive to people who have experienced its terror. I know that you all would hate me if I did this, and that many hetalians would probably hunt me down with pitchforks, but I'm just here to state my opinion. There are some parts of this anime that can be a bit biased and offensive, not to mention why hetalia translates to "useless italy", it can be really offensive to italians and being an anime about ww2, its very offensive to the fact that italy was not useless during it and the relationship of italy and germany is pretty weird considering the fact that when italy was granted an armistice, the germans immediately invaded the northern part of it and even massacred some of its troops. I know this is a comedy show, but it can still offend some ...more

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360 Elfen Lied Elfen Lied

I mean, people say it's all sad and stuff, but take that away & the theme song away and it's about a crazy-ass girl that makes people explode into pieces by no physical attack at all.

I will be honest when I say... That this anime (coming from someone who watches a lot of anime both good and bad ) is sweet, and lets just say that this list was made by a person who has most likely never seen any of these, or someone who just hates anime for the sake of hating

Elfen lied, in my opinion, is a well made anime as I like gore/horror but I also like sad yea there is the fan service but that doesn't change the fact that this is an amazing show!

Loved it - emeraldfennekin

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