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41 Green Green

This displays some of the thirstiest prepubescent horny teenagers in the history of any anime ever created. The greatest gripe about the whole show is the sentence above and the pitiful attempt at a romance.

The love triangle is the only thing decent and could have been better if it was the focus, but has to share with 3 idiots and excessive fan service. It's not the worst, but it's still pretty bad

I agree with this. But why is this on the list where you have fantastic anime such as Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, One piece, sword art online and familiar zero

0/10not enough ddd

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42 Duel Masters

This is awesome anime. Take it off

Digimon was a rip off of Pokemon

It feels like a rip off of yugioh, also the name is confusing as heck, (duel mosters) (duel masters). Honestly, it has too much of the same things.

I thinks its good in subbed but not as good as the origional Yugioh not released in English. It is called yugioh season0 in america. Look it up in subbed its actually really good but it got cancelled to do dual monsters because everyone wanted to buy the cards (that were a 4 ep appearence) this was durring the card boom caused by Pokemon,digimon,etc... So when they realized they could make more money off of a card spinoff they did.

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43 Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts

It's really rare for me to drop any anime I watch or should I said I never dropped any anime other than this. Regardless how boring the anime is, I'll keep watching and wait through the end but this anime is plain boring and annoying as hell.

Well your an idiot - americancartoonssuck

It's a complete mockery of the Educational System, the puns and running gags get old very quick, each character is annoying as hell, the Tsundere's... OH GOD the Tsundere's, the endings are unsatisfying, and every character using the term "Baka" every few minutes makes me want to rip out my eardrums! Burn that Fumizuki Academy to the ground and take those characters and end them with your Winchester rifle I say!

Baka! Good anime, good plot.

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44 Excel Saga

It's actually quite cute. See and find out!

Most of the stuff on this list is b8. This confirms it

This show was never funny, for reals. How anyone can stand this pointless, obnoxious, boring show is beyond me.

Um...what?! Excel Saga is hilarious. I was honestly shocked to see Puni Puni Poemi on the list too. Honestly, the art was good, and it was super funny!

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45 Free! Free! Free! is a Japanese anime television series directed by Hiroko Utsumi and produced by Kyoto Animation and Animation Do.

Why the heck would a person put this on this list. Sure, the entire show is based around swimming, but it was filled with good characters and had those times when things were so tense and they just ended the episode, like the relay. You just couldn't stop there. And it had funny times and times when you just wanted to know what happened to them and Rin.

That's because it IS made for fanservice.

Yeah this one doesn't deserve to be on the list. It's not the greatest most awesome anime out there but it's decent and I really love the characters.

What? why is this on there? the aside from all the muscles, it has a great pilot and great theme

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46 Bible Black

This show is the most disgusting hentai I have ever seen. Enough said.
(This is not anime)

One of the reasons why I think this would be a bad anime, is because it has the word Bible and it's not used right. they have bad crappy scenes in this.

I-I didn't know what it was...I looked it up...I'm 10 years old and scarred for life

For a second, I thought it was a Christian anime... for until I saw the first comment about it being a Eviltai. - thearkis

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47 Squid Girl Squid Girl Ika Musume is the main character from 'Shinryaku! Ika Musume' an anime about a Squid Girl that wants to punish humanity for polluting the oceans.

Who put Squid Girl on here? I love it! No fanservice, barely any swearing, and nice animation!

I loved squid girl, and from a fifth grade point of view I thought it was an appropriate enough show to watch it with my family. - FilipinoNyan2004

Yeah it is nice! Why is it on here? It's super cute and has some good humor. I almost spat out my drink when she barfed ink on the pasta for the older sister lol. I really like it and it shouldn't be on this list.

Okay, why is this even on here. This show has perhaps the deepest lore, most compelling characters, and wonderful animation. The humor is top notch and the setting is both expansive and rich in taste. Check it out and see that it's better than Jojo.

Why is it here? I really like this anime. - NuMetal

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48 Midori Days

This anime has one of the most retarded plot lines I've seen in anime ever! So basically, this guy can't get girls to like him and apparently, he's really good at fighting with his right hand. So then one day, he wakes up to find out that his hand has a small girl on it! Oh wait, let me rephrase that, the girl isn't on his hand, she IS his hand.

Now, wouldn't you find that weird and utterly disturbing. I sure did!

The worst anime I've ever seen, it absolutely makes no sense and the plot never evens out! It is not worth watching the worst in my book, epic fail and the english dubbed version is just an abomination to anime dub everywhere. A must watch to see first hand the worlds worst anime. Watch one episode and you'll see why its the worst ever!

Dull, cliched characters; horrible, disturbing plot; story design that would make you want to laugh your pants off, you get the gist.

Lmao I thought this was about midori gurinu yelling at yanderedev

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49 Clannad Clannad

I was surprised not to like Clannad, considering I'm a pretty big moe fan, but when the girls act and sound like 5 year olds and the show expects you to take it seriously...sorry, but I couldn't take it seriously...I just couldn't. You can thumbs down me if you want, but this is my opinion on the show, and I hope everyone chooses to respect that.

I couldn't really finish it... It got too boring afterwards

My friend kept talking about how this was amazing and how sad it was but honestly I was bored of it and couldn't keep watching

I watched it at my friend's house and it was pretty bad

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50 Abunai Sisters: Koko & Mika

Please get this into the top 10. - StupidUsername12

51 Vampire Knight Vampire Knight

Nothing but a drama anime with some tidbits of action that barely entertain me. Don't get me wrong it's not that I don't like drama bit this show just takes the word drama and overdoses on it to the point when it's actually laughable. The plot put simply is just about a girl wondering whether she should be with two guys -Zero or Kaname. The main character just HAD to let me sit through her melodramatics about her love life. The characters are just all cardboard and not likeable at all for me. I dropped this show after the first season.

I wasted two months watching this anime. It was so terribly dramatic, I couldn't stand it, yet I kept going thinking it would get better. LIES. I wasted valuable time in which I could have watched something so much better, - SoulDeathTheKidMaka414

Okay the only thing that kept me going was the art. And even with that gorgeous art, I still had to drop it around chapter 60 because I just couldn't stand the mushy, melodramatic & ridiculous plot. The story started out with lots of potential & it just went downhill.

I got crippling deppresion watching this

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52 Tokyo Ghoul Tokyo Ghoul

Seriously what jerk put Tokyo ghoul on this list. Well, at least it's not in the top ten. I WOULD BE PISSED I'm ALREADY PISSED THAT ITS ON THE LIST LIKE WHAT,

Well, they eat people. If you don't like that then why the heck are you watching Tokyo ghoul? That's the plot! It's okay because do you think they can control it? Well they can't. And saying the show made you feel like Hitler is just being a little crap. Don't ever say you want to feel like Hitler, idiot. The show was awesome. You really get attached to the characters like Juuzou who comes off like a freak at first but then you learn his story and he becomes your favorite character. And touching scenes LIKE WHEN KANEKI WAS CARRYING HIDE IT MAKES YOU WANT TO CRY. So, if you don't like Tokyo Ghoul, PLEASE give it another try?

I haven't watched Tokyo Ghoul yet, but how exactly did it place itself this high on a Top 10 Worst Anime list?! It's popular on TheTopTens, yet somehow, this ranks higher on a worst anime list than a greatest anime of all time list! There is no justice in the world! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

The first episodes were cool, we have all that drama with Kaneki and such, but the story is a mix of slow pacing dialogues and fast paced plot compared to the manga. Kaneki is always easily beaten up and the second season (Root A) is lame, everything ends so fast and leave you with questions that lead you to the manga only to see the ending on anime was different and terrible compared to manga. The anime is popular because many people watch it thinking that they will became "gore experts" but the anime is not even that violent, all I see is a teenager with existencial crisis being beaten up by everyone, siding with the ones who beaten him up and a "what? " ending. Sorry anime fans, but the manga is way better...

I accidently voted it...which jerk decided to put this on the list..

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53 Digimon Digimon “Digimon” is a term commonly used to sum up several Japanese anime series based on the Bandai virtual pet brand “Digimon” (Dejimon). As of 2017, there are 7 series: “Digimon Adventure” (1999), “Digimon 02” (a.k.a. “Digimon Adventure 02”) (2000), “Digimon Tamers” (2001), “Digimon more.

I don't know which came after the other, but I still like Digimon better than Pokemon. At least Digimon has different characters for each season. Pokemon has aired for 18 years but Ash is still 10, and it's like he's never even gets close to his goal. I feel like the ideas of Pokemon have gone old and they should create a new goal. Digimon has the same theme 'save the world with Digimon', but they execute it differently every season. So Digimon shouldn't be on this list at all, not higher than Pokemon. Just my opinion.

This was my childhood, but I got rejected at school because every one liked Pokemon -_-

Get your facts right, Digimon came after Pokemon.
Digimon was created in 1997 whilst Pokemon was created in 1995. Therefore if anything Digimon copied Pokemon.

One: Didn't Pokemon come first?
Two: Which one had Mega evolution first? - 906389

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54 Bikini Warriors

There is actually an anime with this name! And it's awful! You don't need to watch to say it's bad. And just when I thought Attack On Titan Junior High was the worst anime of 2015, this took the cake for that title by MILES! - SelfDestruct

I don't know what this is but I hate it already - izayaorihara

OK attack Jr high was a good appraiser for attack on titan season two this is a disgrace in any catagory

55 Foxy Nudes

Foxy! I never watched this anime, but what a name!

Actually this show is about a war veteran rehabilitating a blinded hound dog. The part in episode 3 where his daughter comes to japan from their home country made me cry. The part in season 4 where he died ruined it for me. SPOILER ALERT HE DIES AT THE END I'm SORRY.

"Foxy Nudes"? Sounds like it came from the 70's...

I'm pretty sure Foxy Nudes was a term used in the 70's on playboy magazines

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56 Keijo!!!!!!!!

The embodiment of everything wrong with anime. - izayaorihara


This is one of the worst anime I've watched! This is the female version of Free! Eternal Summer.
1. Big booty and big boobs
2. Terrible scenes that makes you puke
3. No laughing girls
4. This anime sucks
5. Terrible graphics - Neinwott

The premise is absolutely ridiculo us. a sport where you have to knock other's into the water with your butt, that's stupid .

57 Angel Beats

Well I really liked angel beats especially kanade tachibana. so I would like to know why angel beats is here, too.

Why is Angel Beats even on this list? I am pretty new to Anime, so this is the first series I decided to watch. It was fantastic. It gave us a pretty funny beginning, with the past of Yuri and Iwasawa, great couples, amazingly designed, good plot, and emotional moments. The ending made me cry. Who added this Anime to the list, sit and think about your life.

Funny how there is an anime higher than this on the list called "Angle Beats"

Boring. dropped it

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58 Witchblade

I understand why this show is not popular.

Am I the only one who watched this?

59 Zatch Bell! Zatch Bell!

Why the hell is this here? This show was my childhood. Yea I understand they put too much emphasis on "friends and heart are my power. But how could you not like this anime for the awesome story and well developed characters!

I HATE, I repeat, HATE Zatch Bell with a huge passion! It's just that it's over-dramatically violent and weird! Well, I DO like the Mamodo spells, though, but WHY Cartoon Network AND TOONAMI, WHY?! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DUB THIS HUNK OF TRASH?! I like it's original Japanese orchestra, but its USA-dubbed music is absolutely UNINSPIRED and along with the English voice acting which is also HORRIBLE! My brother did grow up with the anime and I have NO problem with people liking Zatch Bell or Gash Bell, but the anime does look uninspired and weird to me.

The English dub is the worst part because it makes Zatch Bell (the character) sound like Jimmy Neutron. But I like the show and the Japanese version.

Wait I'm not the only one who knew this existed!? - emeraldfennekin

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60 No Game No Life No Game No Life

Go outside: The anime.

I couldn't stand the characters, the shiro fanservice was disgusting, and the logic fights got pretty boring. The only thing I did like was the art, to be honest.

I hear it's horrible

Shiro is 11. - izayaorihara

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