I don't know what this anime even about!
There no point of watching this if the Protagonist isn't going to achieve his goal ever.
Best wishs proudly teach kids that People ether has to born with Talent Or Luck to achieve his/her goal because working hard doesn't pay.
In other word, If a Kid is unable to get good grade then its because God doesn't gave him/her the Talent Or Luck to achieve it.
So He/She would fail no matter how much he/she study.
Just Like Ash Ketchum, He can't achieve his Goal no matter how hard he work because he was Born as an Underdog.
So We shouldn't blame that Kid and encourage him/her to work hard.
Instate we should just blame God for not giving him/her the talent.
"Underdog" has no right to have Big Dream Or Aim.
Big Dream Or Aim in life is only for "Child Prodigy".
Underdogs will only just make a fool out of them if they Dream something big and try to work hard to fulfill that Dream.
That the Moral Pokemon ...more

I don't even know what's up with this game-based anime. Team Rocket just stalks Ash for a Pikachu. Barely any of his Pokemon are fully evolved, and the characters are 2D. A lot of the characters annoyed me, especially that nuclear bomb called Gary Oak, who still acts like a mother fer. Fortunately, Ash got 2 starter Pokemon that countered Gary's in the original series. And when will Ash become the new Pokemon champion or the World Champion? There are too many episodes, which is why it gets boring. Play the games, don't watch the anime.

This show is the reason why Pokemon is considered uncool to so many people. Most of the episodes are the same things over and over again. Every character in this show is an annoying idiot, and the whole show is just so childish. The games are awesome, but this show seriously needs to die.

I'm surprised this isn't number one. I've never seen a series that doesn't focus on the main characters, their goals, a continuous story or the core element of the series (in this case battling). Every episode is just some random problem.

Pokemon is a crappy show, I mean come on, it takes more than 20 somthin episodes for one of Ash's Pokemon to evolve, and along with the storyline, it makes me think of a little kids show, like Barney or something, It's not worth watching because Ash barely ever accomplishes anything! I mean, Freak, in the old Pokemon mangas, Red was a beast! Catching and evolving Pokemon left and right, while Ash can only catch like 5 Pokemon in the diamond and pearl series! Although, I hate the show Pokemon, I couldn't be happier with the video games~ I find, that the show Digimon, is better than the Show Pokemon, but the Pokemon video games are way better than the crappy Digimon ones. I am a major Pokemon fan, and my favorite Pokemon is Feraligatr, but the show sucks! Sorry creators of Pokemon! You fail!

I have to agree that the series have become terrible.
The old series that aired a decade ago were the best! Reminds me of childhood
But now as the series gets dragged on till now with absolutely no plot, it kinda is getting boring :/
Although I believe that the Nintendo games are still okay

To be honest, the show was always the same crap regurgitated over and over again, just a new location, even in the original seasons. Nostalgia doesn't protect this show like it used to now that I'm old enough to know what it really is. Like Ash's Pikachu, the show never evolved from being the cheesy (not in a good way), predictable, stale and just plain childish. It really gives us Pokémon fans a bad name. The games kick ass though, definitely get one of them.

It's THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN. 20 minutes his Ash and his little group doing some random stuff and then Team Rocket comes in. Team Rocket gets defeated in 5 minutes, then their is the ending. Ta the! That's it! Team Rocket sucks, and they are only there because of dumb Pikachu, they could catch a Pikachu and then evolve it and all that. Are they really that lazy? Is Ash's Pikachu really that special? It confusing me. I hate this anime, as a matter of fact, I don't consider it a anime. - Asuna_Yuuki

I can't believe people watch this show I mean really its just every episode is always almost exactly the same I can't stand it and it has a predictable story line, why do the good guys always win why can't the bad guys win just once that would make it at least a little more intresting but it would still suck either way I used to watch this when I was little and even then I though this most boring, predictable anime I've ever watched.

The original series was good, but after they dropped Misty things started going downhill. It got even worse when they replaced the voice actors.

It long outstayed its welcome after the voice actors were replaced.

Pokemon is the worst anime show ever this show is just making fun of all other amazing anime shows. I mean the when it was like 2008 and I was watching a old episode form pokemon after I was done with the episode I saw the new episode with dawn and I almost threw up and said something I very wrong with cartoon network ever since they took off toonami and the AMAZING Japanese anime shows.

Alright, I'll admit that it started out pretty good with the first season. Innocent, sweet, had a decent storyline and taught life lessons, but over the following seasons it just got worse and worse for a few reasons. Firstly, the villains are petty and their schemes make no sense. I mean, who in their right mind tries to capture one puny Pikachu that won't evolve? Also, the characters never age, despite taking place over long amounts of time, which is next to inexplicable. One of the more pronounced reasons is this: The motto, 'Gotta Catch 'Em All! ' does anything BUT describe the anime. Ash Ketchum, the main character, literally barely does anything relatively close to doing that. And he claims to want to be a Pokémon Master. At least Red had potential. This supposedly immortal 10 year old's adventures always follow the same sequence: A petty problem appears, the protagonists pathetically struggle to solve it for a bit, find a solution, and then live happily ever after. In short: ...more

Did you ever notice that all team rocket has EVER done in this show is stalk some kid for his Pikachu?

This Anime went downhill beyond words: it's nothing but a cash cow sellout franchise now only there to generate profits and attention toward the games, even more than before- it's a never ending repetition where the characters never age or progressed in 20+ years, so what's to like about this? The English dub for it under TPCi ended up being WORSE than the 4Kids dub, as all the voices under them were worse than the originals, they replaced more of the Japanese music, they reduced the length of the opening themes from 1 minute to 30 seconds, they still edited the show, etc. It's the most overrated Anime, period. - MaturePerson

This show believes kids to be incapable of appreciating any form of good plot, dialogue or even maturity.

The movies they make are the same thing! Here's what literally goes on in the movie:1. Pokemon narrator lectures about what Pokemon are.2. Shows a prologue/flashback on what happened before this movie, with legendaries do stuff and evil threat shows up.3. Title Screen of the movie.4. Movie intro is Ash battling some random trainer with unique and latest music.5. Ash and gang meets with a/some new unique movie protagonist(s)/character(s) we'll never hear from ever again outside this movie.6. Ash meets with cute legendary Pokemon.7. More bigger, badder legendaries appear.8. Said legendaries fight each other for either being upset by something/protagonist or to look cool or for no reason at all.9. Message about fighting is wrong (really contradicting)10. Ash and his level 9001 Pikachu go off to save the day, while almost experiencing death AGAIN.11. Last minute plot convenience stops the fighting.12. All legendaries go back to normal and leave like nothing ever happened. Ash once again ...more

This is more of a kid show than an anime. The story development for each episode is horrible. Character development is dwarfed for a lot of the characters due to trading them out for newer ones. Can't see anyone watching this other than for mild kiddy enjoyment.

This show is very overrated. It has become tiresome now. The video game's are still okay though.

The games are great, but seriously this show needs to die. The only reason I can think of as to why this show still exists is to tell more about the Pokemon, like Jirachi or Deoxys. But other than that this show has terrible characters, terrible voice acting, and terrible all around it needs to die, not the games, those should not die.

Ok what's this? A show about stupid ass monsters suffering for entertainment. I see that every. Single. Region is the same. They repeat everything! All they have is good graphics on every region. NOBODY LIKES THIS CRAP. It's not normal. I don't want to watch stupid monsters suffer and set themselves on fire or hit the ground so hard they like; die... But still, it's not interesting. Pokemon Anime ---> "I'm sorry, your Pokemon is poisoned and we can't frikin' heal it.". The Pokemon Game ---> "Ok! We healed your Pokemon that broke its bones and was paralyzed, poisoned, and burned as it dies slowly, luckily we cured it! ". There is a big difference between the game and the show. Pikachu was like a level 1,000 in the Unova Region and lost against a level 5 Snivy. It's just sad looking at your champion buddy lose against a weak, little plant thing. THIS SUCKS. - TheChickenLord

Seriously so many people like Pokemon and I don't know why, its so repetitive just because it was good doesn't mean you have to make new episodes and run out of ideas and be repetitive. Now One piece is an awesome show why is it even in this list! And the person who wrote any bad comment on one piece. You obviously have no taste. :P

Oh, the Pokemon anime was good at one point... Until it became a cash cow to lure the next generation of children.

But the games rock!

I agree, you see, in the 90's, Pokemon was absolutely amazing. Nowadays, I can't even consider Pokemon an anime because it has been turned into a cash-crawl and is way too western. Ash treats every girl he has met like some kind of dismantled toy. Besides, they legit ENSLAVE innocent animals to fight in DEATH battles! And this is supposed to be a kids' show?!

I liked Pokemon, but I will admit some of the characters and especially the voices got a tad annoying after a while.

Boring, just, boring. It's repetitive and there are never any new interesting characters. Got bored of it a long time ago and can't help but not be interested in it now.