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Sailor Moon is a Japanese shōjo manga series by Naoko Takeuchi. It was originally serialized in Nakayoshi from 1991 to 1997; the 52 individual chapters were published in 18 tankōbon volumes. more.


Let's start with first impressions : the art is horrible. The skirts are tiny, and the legs defy human anatomy. But past that, the story line is repetitive and boring. I feel like they added most of the story for useless drama. Tuxedo mask in embarrassingly unneeded. I literally felt second hand embarrassment when he showed up. His character is just so bland, all he has going for him is his looks... Usagi is okay, her character is the typical clumsy bad-at-school-but-still-cute type, but that in itself isn't bad. It's the fact that she's extremely annoying! Her voice is super high pitched and gives me a headache. I sat through this anime/manga for a while, just to force myself to see the appeal. There was none. The only thing this anime has going for it, is nostalgia value. - kbarn6

I love this anime. I watched this since I was 7 or 6. It is so great, until Chibiusa messed everything up.

She starts off as a cute chibi. I do not understand her purpose, but she was alright. Then she gets all whiny in Sailor Moon Crystal. She cries over everything and she is more of a crybaby than Usagi is! Then she was "Black Lady" because apparently nobody cared about her, when she threw tantrums, yet nobody was tired of her. She whines over the stupidest things and she is very ungrateful. I can't stand her. I stopped watching it now because she is very annoying. I hate it when the main character has a child and makes their child a whiny, perfect brat. - Puppytart

Sailor Moon is really one of the worst amines. The main character has no development and doesn't get any stronger unlike the other Sailor Scouts. The plot is pretty bland and most of the characters don't even mature ( even with 200 episodes ). Also the design is not the best and the English Dub is so cringe. To be honest there is much more better magical girl amines like Tokyo Mew Mew, Pretty Cure, Princess Tutu, Mermaid Melody, Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, Card Captor Sakura, and etc.

No way this is the best anime are you kidding me sailor moon shows young girls to be your self and girls are powerful it shows girl power it shows the power of friendship kindness and forgiveness it shows that even in your darkest times the light will shine can you name any other anime that promotes beliveing in yourself and girls are powerful strong and every one has a good side jealousy and sadness is bad sailor moon is kind and always seems to put a smile on her friends face

This show mainly is about how Sailor Moon changes her outfit all the time. I mean she doesn't get any stronger (just more weird looking under all that lace) and she's not exactly smart (at all). I mean look at the others out of all those seasons did they change that much? No they just got stronger. the whole point of the show is to show off her outfits.

This is why it should be on top. - animedreamer

The manga this is based on is much better, it doesn't have any bull and is actually a bit gorier than the show. The writers of the anime stretch the story out so much that the episodes become extremely tedious, and unlike in the manga, Sailor Moon does not mature AT ALL. The same animation company has actually released a new version of the anime, with both the art and story staying true to the original (the art in the anime really pissed me off, the manga's is very graceful and feminine).

I just... What?! I-- what?! This is one of the MOST popular animes out there! It's old yet one of the best. It has a great OP theme and some really cool characters and storylines.

Sailor moon is in the worst 10 anime! that shouldn't be there! the best magical girl anime I have ever seen!

People probably don't like this show just because it's for girls, and it's unique in that it portrays an all-girl team of superheroes.

Sailor moon isn't all too bad, I mean sure, serena was so annoying, but she soon matured. It was an okay thing to watch, but compared to shows we have today, it's a holy graal

It's okay, Boku No Pico is MUCH worse.

I love sailor moon and one piece what are they doing here!

No, no, no, I love sailor moon it's a great show and makes me laugh a lot not supposed to be on this list at all

Why the hell is sailor Moon on this list?!

This anime is a joke so make it number one on worst animes. I mean really all it is, is some girl changeling her clothes a dumb magic way and then I just want to shut it off. Good amines like bleach one piece Naruto clannad shouldn't be above this I would like this to be at least number 3 please thanks. And don't forget to vote for this

I don't like Sailor Moon herself because she's such a crybaby. I would have liked it better if one of the other Sailor Scouts had been the leader of the group; they're all much cooler than she is. That said, some people may be hating on this show because of pure sexism.

How is sailor moon better than one piece, the catchphrase Is stupid, it's too cliche and really how is it possible that all of the sailor moon main characters aka the heroes are all girls?!?!?! Theirs only like one boy that stands out and the rest are girls?!?!?! I mean like it's a big world

I want Sailor Moon to marry me do you think she will

How is sailor moon on the top ten list for worst animes. Sailor moon is like one of the best animes ever. I mean, if it wasn't, then there wouldn't be so many adaptions, would there?

Sailor Moon is a good show. It's a interesting idea for a show. But I tip my hat to Sailor Moon Crystal, because it improved so of the problems of the original. Just my opinion.

I actually loved this anime... When I was ten. Yes, I wouldn't watch it now but it you're a child it's really good!

This is the best not the worst! This anime made me more interested in anime. - HappyFlower

This show is still this best anime to this day.

Screw this noise. Sailor Moon is my favorite anime and it's amazing. What the hell is wrong with you guys? This gets better every time you watch it!

Okay, I love Sailor Moon but I agree it's annoying enough to be in top 10. Every transformation and attacks are annoying. AND the worst one is Tuxedo Mask. He is useless. Must be the most useless hero of all time

I like the show, but I just can't stand Serena! She's an annoying weak skimpy glutton cry-baby who eats and sleeps all the time. All the other girls have their own qualities, while Serena is the stereotypical dumb blonde between them. Raye is fearless, Lita is strong, Mina is leader-like, Ami is smart. I hate Serena. I don't understand why she's a sailor scout.