School Days

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An anime series was developed by TNK with joint production by Avex Entertainment, Lantis, Marvelous Entertainment, Pony Canyon and Jinnan Studio. more.


Come on, it's not that bad! People hate it because all the characters are horrible people, you're not meant to like them! Or that people were tricked into thinking it would be a cute school anime, yet it wasn't. How does that make it bad?! It proves how clever the show really is by tricking you and manipulating your feelings for the characters. Thing is, it actually mirrors some people's lives and it is a more realistic take (yet still a bit exaggerated) on the harem genre. All the other harems show the guy sleeping around with multiple girls and no consequences come of that. Well School Days shows you can't just do that without hurting someone and it shows consequences, sure it might be exaggerated but at least there are consequences! I'm not saying School Days is the best anime ever, but the worst? Far from it. When you have series like Boku no Pico displaying child pornography, how can School Days be considered worse than that!?

I absolutely despised this anime. The only reason I even stuck through it was to get to the ending (I had an idea of what happened going into the anime). A lot of people's problem with the anime was the ending, saying that it didn't fit or that it was too gory. I was fine with the ending. Another thing that I've heard is that the anime is designed to make you hate them by turning great characters into terrible ones. My problem was that the characters weren't likeable, even at their best. I didn't like how Makoto was so determined to just get any girlfriend that he could. I also thought it was weird that he would just snap a picture of Kotonoha without even getting to know her first. I also thought that Sekai was annoying and kinda snoopy since she was looking at Makoto's phone. I also thought that Kotonoha was dumb for agreeing to hang out with Makoto despite having an idea of how creepy he was. Basically, the anime sucked from the very beginning, and the ending was just revenge on ...more

I am a guy and I only watched this anime after seeing it number 1 on this poll. I just wanted to know how bad it would be. After finishing it, I can't tell if it's good or bad. It's just the biggest anime ever. It all starts as an enjoyable yet cheesy love story. However, when Saika kisses Makoto, something is triggered. This nice and shy guy starts his gradual escalation towards a sex driven jerk. His lust keeps getting bigger and eventually sleeps with about a dozen girls. He even did a foursome. Betrayal is eventually rendered futile in his eyes. He actually sounds surprised when the girls get mad over his infidelity. Two of these girls in particular, who were the most attached to him, are eventually driven to madness and become both murderers. Some might argue that Saika was the one who pushed him to the bad side by banalizing sex in his eyes (I am referring to her training ofc). I agree to a certain degree but Makoto still seemed in the end as someone who only cares about himself ...more

This picture of School Days makes the show seem innocent, which made me watch it and to see why it was at top of the list. When I started watching the first few episode, I couldn't watch anymore. So, I read some reviews on it. Lord, the ending was horrible as crap. The characters are poorly developed. Plus everything was just drama, sex, drama, sex, drama, fight, fight, kill, etc. Yes, the first episodes weren't that bad, like it seemed pretty cute and somehow like a slice of life. Then BOOM, everything was just crap, bitter and horrible. This anime deserves the hate.

It starts off all innocent like a typical anime, then all of a sudden things get CRAZY. Jealousy occurs, characters murder each other, Makoto sleeps with EVERY GIRL IN THE SCHOOL, characters fake pregnancy, another character kills them to prove it's a lie, said character KILLS Makoto in the end and hugs his severed head on a boat and that's our ending. Who animated this? Didn't ANYONE at the studio say "hey, this is a little crazy.."

How can this god-awful work of animation be compared to the likes of Naruto, Attack On Titan, Sailor Moon, and...Clannad: Afterstory's on here too?

Look, I don't care whether or not you were a fan of any of these shows, but associating them with School Days? I'm not bashing the entirety of it, don't get me wrong the culmination of a terrible main character (as well as most characters, in general), random sexual scenes and overt ending just kinda put the icing on the cake for me.

Going off on the first thing I said, the amount of effort put into the characters and storyline of a few of the animes on this list threw me off a bit. No, I'm not saying these are the best shows, either, but you have to acknowledge the work put into them, and their popularity.

Ah School Days. I was expecting to see you here. You truly are something. SOMETHING BAD. If you still haven't watched this... thing... that goes under the "anime" category, then, well, DON'T DO IT! Trust me, you will regret even TYPING it on google. It's basically about a guy liking a girl, then cheating on her with another girl, then cheating on that girl with another, and then another, and another, and well... you get the point. GET THE HELL AWAY FROM THIS! PLEASE!

I don't understand why people vote for the other animes on this list, lime Naruto, one piece, etc. Now don't get me wrong, I like Naruto and one piece, but I'm not a total weeaboo that doesn't accept other people's taste. This anime, School days, is the most ridiculous thing that made a mental scar in my mind. I stop after 2 episodes and when I read the ending on internet, I glad that I stopped at the right time... I watched this because I was curious of why it was so much hated and now, I understand why.

Well I'm not saying School days is amazing but you have to give it some credit. In the beginning we were all rutting for the main character, at the end we all hated him. For an anime to make your mind change on a character so much in like 12 episodes is pretty amazing. But that doesn't mean it's a good anime, I just wanted to point that out. - FrannieSanFran

Did you know how many disturbing images of School Days I had to put up with while I had to upload that image of School Days up there?! Naked Sekai in bed, Makoto's decapitated head, blood spilling out of some random character by being killed by a random character, WHAT THE HELL IS NEXT?! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I think School Days was actually interesting as hell. I definitely didn't see any of the ending coming. It was disturbing, amusing and I was so glued to my screen that I finished it in an entire morning. Reasons a show is good are not always a likable cast and good animation. I hated everyone in the show, but damn did was it a ride from start to finish.

I saw it so high on the list that I decided to watch it. I WASTED HOURS OF MY SATURDAY WATCHING THIS GARBAGE! All that happens is kissing, boob squeezing, and sex. The only episode worth seeing is the final episode. It was so cute at first, but then all the characters who were supposed to be friends, rip each others stomachs open and cut each others heads off. - Popsicles

At first the anime seemed like it would be really good, just from watching the beginning. Slowly it started getting really creepy, and then it ended with the god dang bloody ending. I HATE the ending, and I guess I just grew a hatred for this anime all together because of the sudden turn in events.

Steven Universe, Naruto, Adventure Time, Death Note, and all other animated series tried their best to make writing that is not too horrid. Unfortunately, School Days is not one of these animated series. Why? It is a generic high school anime with the charm of a Teletubbies episode. Makoto, is the worst character in animation I ever seen. In fact, all the other characters do not have a single shred of likeability. Eiken may be slightly worse, but School Days, in my opinion, is completely rotten. During the final episode, Sekai kills Makoto by guttering him. This is a series you must avoid at all costs. - tqpreviews1211

Umm... Naruto, One Piece, Pokemon, Dragon Ball, and Bobobo DO not belong on this list with this with this unholy abomination of not only anime but animation in general.

This is ' Garbage Pail Kids on anime OH THAT'S RIGHT I WENT THERE!

Great anime. Everything bad to be said about this anime is actually an enormous accomplishment. You hate the characters because of the decisions they make? Oh, so the characters are able to evoke feelings out of the watchers. Isn't that the goal of every anime? The ending was fantastic. You hate harems where guys feign obliviousness and you actually seek progress? Oh, I'm sorry that this is a show that gives you what you want. School Days is revolutionary. It's a fantastic and groundbreaking show. No one dislikes this show "because it was bad" it's more of they disagree with how amazing it is.

To be honest, I don't get why people hate School Days so much. In my opinion it's a very realistic anime (except for the ending). Not every guy out there is tall, rich, handsome, kind, awkward, funny or something. The plot is pretty cliche, but then all shoujo anime are cliche.

Anime like Death Note, Naruto etc do not deserve to be in this list even if they are in the 200s. They're amazing anime. They don't deserve to be in 'worst anime'. And yes 'school days'. God! What the hell is with this anime. Its not the worst anime ever. It's the worst THING ever. The plot doesn't make one bit sense. It's all focused on sex and kissing scenes. It immediately lost its focus after episode 1 or 2. Such a stupid anime. It deserves to be BANNED.

School Days is a generic high school drama anime with the charm of a Barney and Friends episode. (If Barney was Satan all along, he would be on par with this crappy anime.) The music is J-pop, the animation looks OK, but the problem of School Days is that it does not have likeable characters. None of them have a positive quality whatsoever. Makoto here, is the worst anime and cartoon character ever conceived by mortals. Reason? He acts like a jerk, and doesn't care if someone is affected due to having sex with her. The writing is atrociously horrid, and by the final episode, they gave... something a lot worse than Midori or Ren Seeks Help. It ends with Sekai killing Makoto. He deserved it, but I think that it's the most disgusting scene of all animation. It used to be a bland B-grade high-school anime with little likeability, and now, it's one of the worst animation disasters of all time. As unsightly as it is, they made 2 extra OVAs to back this abomination up. You could say that ...more - tqpreviews1211

This whole show can be described in two words:

Nice boat.

I have watched many anime's and this is the first I couldn't complete its boring retarded and just all together rubbish I know I shouldn't post a review without seeing the whole thing but I just couldn't bear to try and even finish watching this one.

This is a good anime but it has a lot of confusion, The topics and message keep repeating, But then change into a new topic, Then the New topic instantly changes into the first topic mentioned... It's so hard to keep track of the action of this anime. - SandwichSWAT

How is school days so low on this list? It should at least be in the top ten. This list is starting to look like "anime you've watched", not "worst anime".
In regards to the plot, it started out as an ero game, so that should tell you how well developed and fleshed-out the characters and storyline are.

This anime actually deserves to be on here, unlike One Piece and Clannad AS. How those two made it to this list I will never know because they are FAR FAR from the top 10 worst anime to exist.

I hated how Ito cheated on a sweet girl like Katsura. Not just that but her made her crazy. And the worst part is that she forgave him and wants to date him which is kinda messed. Like this show was a huge disappointment. I prefer that Katsura killed Ito instead. - LDragoCis

For those saying "the main character is a jerk, it's sexist and too dramatic", it's supposed to be, in the same way Madoka and Princess Tutu are edgy and Neon Genesis Evangelion is weird.