Top Ten Worst, Annoying, and Craziest Ways to Die In Minecraft

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1 Creeper blows up you and your house

1 like = 1 dead creeper (I hope someone gets this reference)

Yah that is pretty much bad I'd your house is wood or dirt probably wool too but REALLY CREEPERS you KILL US ALL

It happens sometimes, but not very often.

It stinks, you have to start life all over again.

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2 You run out of food

On peaceful, hunger regenerates. On easy, it can bring you down to half health. On normal, it can bring you down to 1/2 heart. On hard, it can kill you.

I seriously hate when this happens. - Minecraftcrazy530

I HATE the hunger bar.

Me: Just a normal, normal day!
Food bar: 10
Me: My food bar is beautiful.
38 minutes later
Anonymous starved to death

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3 Ender Dragon

When that happened I spawned on a obsidian kind of 5 by 5 blocks surrounded by the void and when the ender dragon pushed me it was the worst fail in Minecraft that I ever experienced because I lost my full enchanted diamond armor, my enchanted diamond sword and my sort of beastly enchanted bow and my 4 stacks of arrows D:<

Note to Self- Do NOT spawn the Ender Dragon is your Creative Structures world.

When this happens, just exit without saving and try again.

It is even worse on Pocket Edition!

1.the ender dragon can shoot bombs that act like force fields and once I'm the area of it you take damage I always got knocked onto an obsidian pillar and die

2.don't you find it is harder to pvp in mcpe? - MChkflaguard_Yt

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4 Falling off a cliff

The worst is when your pushed off by a SINGLE cow. Those bastards. - MusicalPony

Once I spawned on a tree and died trying to jump off, eventually gave up and chopped the wood going down.

That happens to me when I'm building something tall

I was just minding my own business with my wolves I also had a diamond sword only to be pushed off a cliff by a cow I lost my stuff and I also lost my two dogs that came with me r.i.p cotten and candy

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5 Drowning while working underwater

Oh my gosh! I hate that! Especially when you're having so much fun mining or whatever, and then, all of a sudden, you hear your character start drowning! If u can't swim to the surface in time, you're screwed! That just sucks...

You can use a torch and place it on a block to create a small air bubble

Just get a potion of water breathing... Dies! - Minecraftleo

My dad would probably do something like that
We even made a YouTube series called noobiversty. My dad tree to graduate from
being a noon.

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6 Jump Into Lava

This is self-suicide, not actually getting killed.

Lol, I can't believe no one has put this here yet.

Everyone who does this I say bo! To u

This is the worst when you mine diamonds and then you just fall in lava and die, and you start crying😭😭😭😭

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7 Confronting a Charged Creeper

Unless you have good armor, healing potions, and weapons, you're gonna get killed no matter what

Bigger explosions; check!

Quicker running; check!

Massive weapons; er, crud!

Well, a creeper which got struck by lightning became a charged creeper and kill us 2 times stronger than a normal creeper


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8 Struck by lightning

Yea rare but that makes it more frustrating comment about your experiences

Minecraft lightning can't instant electrocute you so unrealistic - MChkflaguard_Yt

Very rare but very affective I saw a squid hit by lightning and it died [sky would be happy oh course]

I got struck

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9 Your friend trolls you

I don't have friends though.

I have a really good troll. Break the wooden door to pat's house and replace it with a iron door. Then place a pressure plate in front of his door. On the other Sid of the door put a pressure plate. Place iron doors around that. Place a block above the doors. When he walks through the door he gets trapped the throw potions at him

I am jen from gaming with jen YouTube. Pat trolled me all the time at challenge games. He will not stop throwing unlucky potions.:'(

I trolled my friend by making a lava trap, but then he got me back and made a suffocation trap where it closes in on you and you get squished😞

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10 Creepageddon

I made a house in Creative then I switched to Survival. A few seconds later bosses were everywhere. Fortunately I repaired the house. Note to self: Never use Survival mode. Never. - RiverClanRocks

-playing Minecraft-
-gets wood-
Okay now I have wood, and its night time!
-looks back and sees a gigantic army of creepers-

Creepers are the worlds source of evil

Actually this is kinda funny

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11 Glitches

I nearly had a heart attack from the ground glitching

12 Spawning in a wall

Note to self: never make a bed in two block high tunnel that's one block wide and sleep in it.

You should have put: Really really bad luck!

Happened to me once

You can't minecraft spawn u at top of the spawn x,z so you can't do that till you use /setworldspawn

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13 Mansion Fire

Who would build a mansion out of wool or wood. Make it out of dirt

Glad this didn't happen to me if it did then I would rage quit - Jordansalesguy2392

I would not be happy ever if this even happened! That is twice the rage. This needs to be on the top 10!

Or stone

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14 Spawn 5 withers at the same time

Am I the only one that think that nobody is stupid enough to do that?

It's worth it when you spawn in a few ender dragons via commands. - aarond9010

Who would ever be stupid enough to do this? Even a noob can tell this would be instant death - Haumea

I spawned ten withers.

Only dimwits do this

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15 Big Bertha

Some orespawn swords wont let you attack with them like big bertha

A sphere made of TNT

I HATE big bertha

16 OP Diamond Swords

I have a noob little brother my legit OP diamond sword kill him just with two hits if I use fully charged bow that will be 1 shot kill - MChkflaguard_Yt

Laugh out loud the best

One time I got an iron shovel in creative, put EVERY SINGLE enchantment on it, and named it "The Spoon Of OPness"

With an op weapon, you become posessed and start mass murdering

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17 Zombie Ambush out of nowhere

Basically this means banter unless adventure

And all I have to defend myself with is a potato.

On hard mode fighting with seeds

It's annoying

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18 Ender Dragon Making You Fall Out of the World

Me and my friends were playing and fighting against the dragon. When we were about to ambush him, the two other ones literally got hit upwards and were thrown out of the world, rip dos two dudes

1. Takes forever to get back to stronghold 2. You lose all all your stuff and can never get it back 3. you lost all your stuff so you to kill her by punching her to death-like chuck norris

Ha ha ha (slow claps)

This is like the sickest way to die boi it turns me on lululuul

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19 Attack button not working mid-PvP

I hate it when that happens!

20 Playing with a server full of griefers

I don't that's all that bad. If the server is that bad, go and play on another one. The beauty of the internet!

Grief the griefers!


21 You spawn the wither and the explosion kills you

This totally sucks

It happens all the time.

22 Herobrine

For the last time, Herobrine doesn't exist! - Minecraftcrazy530

Tons of people bet him

If I saw him I would quickly swich to creative mode :P - TheMinecraftGamer

23 Falling Anvils

Troll your friends I even want to make a machine for that! - MChkflaguard_Yt

Lucky blocks mod WHY

Best way to troll


24 Silverfish

Silverfishes call other silverfishes! That's why! Only when you attack them.

These guys are the Great Jaggi of Minecraft. - aarond9010

25 Suffocating
26 People who spam one weapon in Super Craft Bros
27 Creative Mode getting turned off mid-flight

This can be really annoying

Happens every time

Darn Bug always win


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28 Spy Chickens


29 Accidentally Hitting a Wolf Near a Cliff

I will feel sorry for the poor wolf that got hit. - Pegasister12

You will fall off the cliff

Yah mee too - Minecraftleo

30 Mobs

The classic

31 Going on a rocket boost in survival mode
32 Digging down

This is plain noob act

33 TNT

TNT actually is the best trolling weapon I am a HUGE troll :D

Whoop! Trollers and Griefers Rule! $

Griefers Forever!

34 Attacking a blaze without weapons

Yeah, that makes sense - JayManJayden

35 Campers

Happens all the time on skywars and is unbeatable - MChkflaguard_Yt

36 Modded Enemies

Mobzillas tail

I hate it

A slender man killed me at the first day of Minecraft.
(Why did I add a mod when I was a begginer? )

*cough cough*
Diamond armor zombie
Strength II. - Arcturus

37 Slowness Potion Effect

You aren't, so we did the opposite.

If you drink that, and you move, you will be like, poisoned. But if you don't move and stay in one place, the bubbles will
Slowly disappear. Please thumbs up, because I'm Skydoesminecraft!

No you are an imposter. Skydoesminecraft is a cesspool bastard anyway - MChkflaguard_Yt

38 when you meet SLENDER MAN

Why would you be stupid


Its Enderman not Slenderman - TheMinecraftGamer

Hey guys I got killed by slanderman now I'm a proxy

39 Zombie Pigman comes through the nether portal and kills you
40 You die as soon as you join a server

Then post it on Worst Minecraft Servers and let everyone know - MChkflaguard_Yt

They are spwankillers! - TheMinecraftGamer

I trolled my friend by accident 😇

41 Person in creative mode destroys your nether portal when you're in the nether

Really really really extremely annoying

I disagree. Go to the end then!

Best way to TROLL - MChkflaguard_Yt

*going into the nether*
Me: What a nice day! Time to collect some quartz!
*when back, the portal was not here*
Me: What? *suicided, when I haved 50000 obsidian and 4 flint and steel*.

42 Mr. Ghast lover kills you with a dirt sword



43 Cow pushes you off a cliff

Super rare and super annoying.



44 When you are trying to sleep and mobs spawn

ohno - Minecraftleo

45 Fall into a lava pit while mining a diamond

My diamond and my life are both shortened - Minecraftleo

Yeah, happens all the time!

46 Wither Effect
47 Being AFK then someone kills you

I never experienced it, but it sounds annoying!

48 All tools and armour run out of durability in the middle of nowhere at night

Why does this always happen to me - Minecraftleo


49 Gomba stomp

Are goombas connected to Minecraft? Definitely not!

50 Durability Runs out on armor and tools and weapons in the Nether
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1. Drowning while working underwater
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3. Creeper blows up you and your house


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