Top Ten Worst, Annoying, and Craziest Ways to Die In Minecraft

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1 Creeper blows up you and your house

1 like = 1 dead creeper (I hope someone gets this reference)

Yah that is pretty much bad I'd your house is wood or dirt probably wool too but REALLY CREEPERS you KILL US ALL

It happens sometimes, but not very often.

Kills you AND destroys your house

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2 You run out of food

On peaceful, hunger regenerates. On easy, it can bring you down to half health. On normal, it can bring you down to 1/2 heart. On hard, it can kill you.

I seriously hate when this happens. - Minecraftcrazy530

You can't die from hunger. You just go down to 1/2 a heart

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3 Ender Dragon

When that happened I spawned on a obsidian kind of 5 by 5 blocks surrounded by the void and when the ender dragon pushed me it was the worst fail in Minecraft that I ever experienced because I lost my full enchanted diamond armor, my enchanted diamond sword and my sort of beastly enchanted bow and my 4 stacks of arrows D:<

When this happens, just exit without saving and try again.

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4 Drowning while working underwater

Oh my gosh! I hate that! Especially when you're having so much fun mining or whatever, and then, all of a sudden, you hear your character start drowning! If u can't swim to the surface in time, you're screwed! That just sucks...

You can use a torch and place it on a block to create a small air bubble

Just get a potion of water breathing... Dies! - Minecraftleo

My dad did that

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5 Falling off a cliff

The worst is when your pushed off by a SINGLE cow. Those bastards. - MusicalPony

Once I spawned on a tree and died trying to jump off, eventually gave up and chopped the wood going down.

That happens to me when I'm building something tall

Or jumping off a cliff trying to land in a 5x5 block of water, and miss by a block.

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6 Jump Into Lava

This is self-suicide, not actually getting killed.

Lol, I can't believe no one has put this here yet.

Everyone who does this I say bo! To u

You can't even get anything back.

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7 Creepageddon

-playing Minecraft-
-gets wood-
Okay now I have wood, and its night time!
-looks back and sees a gigantic army of creepers-

I made a house in Creative then I switched to Survival. A few seconds later bosses were everywhere. Fortunately I repaired the house. Note to self: Never use Survival mode. Never. - RiverClanRocks

Creepers are the worlds source of evil

So just imagine doing your own business in the woods, cutting trees, killing pigs and cows, and all of a sudden, you just surronded with creepers, and BOOM, your dead

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8 Struck by lightning

Yea rare but that makes it more frustrating comment about your experiences

Minecraft lightning can't instant electrocute you so unrealistic - MChkflaguard_Yt

Very rare but very affective I saw a squid hit by lightning and it died [sky would be happy oh course]

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9 Your friend trolls you

I don't have friends though.

I have a really good troll. Break the wooden door to pat's house and replace it with a iron door. Then place a pressure plate in front of his door. On the other Sid of the door put a pressure plate. Place iron doors around that. Place a block above the doors. When he walks through the door he gets trapped the throw potions at him

I am jen from gaming with jen YouTube. Pat trolled me all the time at challenge games. He will not stop throwing unlucky potions.:'(

I trolled my friend by making a lava trap, but then he got me back and made a suffocation trap where it closes in on you and you get squished😞

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10 Confronting a Charged Creeper

Unless you have good armor, healing potions, and weapons, you're gonna get killed no matter what

Bigger explosions; check!

Quicker running; check!

Massive weapons; er, crud!

Well, a creeper which got struck by lightning became a charged creeper and kill us 2 times stronger than a normal creeper

I've never seen a charged creeper, but I can well imagine that it means instant death if it explodes on you.

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11 Glitches V 1 Comment
12 Spawning in a wall

Note to self: never make a bed in two block high tunnel that's one block wide and sleep in it.

You should have put: Really really bad luck!

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13 Spawn 5 withers at the same time

Am I the only one that think that nobody is stupid enough to do that?

It's worth it when you spawn in a few ender dragons via commands. - aarond9010

Who would ever be stupid enough to do this? Even a noob can tell this would be instant death - Haumea

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14 Mansion Fire

Who would build a mansion out of wool or wood. Make it out of dirt

Glad this didn't happen to me if it did then I would rage quit - Jordansalesguy2392

I would not be happy ever if this even happened! That is twice the rage. This needs to be on the top 10!

This happened to me. Of course, it wasn't very smart considering I built my mansion out of wood

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15 Big Bertha

If its big enough it could corrupt your world - Harri666

Some orespawn swords wont let you attack with them like big bertha

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16 OP Diamond Swords

I have a noob little brother my legit OP diamond sword kill him just with two hits if I use fully charged bow that will be 1 shot kill - MChkflaguard_Yt

One time I got an iron shovel in creative, put EVERY SINGLE enchantment on it, and named it "The Spoon Of OPness"

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17 Playing with a server full of griefers

I don't that's all that bad. If the server is that bad, go and play on another one. The beauty of the internet!

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18 You spawn the wither and the explosion kills you V 2 Comments
19 Zombie Ambush out of nowhere

Basically this means banter unless adventure

And all I have to defend myself with is a potato.

On hard mode fighting with seeds

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20 Ender Dragon Making You Fall Out of the World

1. Takes forever to get back to stronghold 2. You lose all all your stuff and can never get it back 3. you lost all your stuff so you to kill her by punching her to death-like chuck norris

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1. Creeper blows up you and your house
2. You run out of food
3. Ender Dragon
1. Drowning while working underwater
2. Falling off a cliff
3. Creeper blows up you and your house



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