Top Ten Worst, Annoying, and Craziest Ways to Die In Minecraft

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21 Herobrine

For the last time, Herobrine doesn't exist! - Minecraftcrazy530

V 2 Comments
22 Attack button not working mid-PvP V 1 Comment
23 Falling Anvils

Troll your friends I even want to make a machine for that! - MChkflaguard_Yt

V 3 Comments
24 Silverfish

Silverfishes call other silverfishes! That's why! Only when you attack them.

V 1 Comment
25 Suffocating
26 People who spam one weapon in Super Craft Bros
27 Creative Mode getting turned off mid-flight

This can be really annoying

Happens every time

Darn Bug always win


V 1 Comment
28 Accidentally Hitting a Wolf Near a Cliff

I will feel sorry for the poor wolf that got hit. - Pegasister12

V 2 Comments
29 Mobs V 1 Comment
30 Going on a rocket boost in survival mode
31 Digging down V 1 Comment
32 TNT V 3 Comments
33 Attacking a blaze without weapons

Yeah, that makes sense - JayManJayden

34 Campers V 1 Comment
35 Spy Chickens V 1 Comment
36 Modded Enemies

A slender man killed me at the first day of Minecraft.
(Why did I add a mod when I was a begginer? )

V 3 Comments
37 Slowness Potion Effect

You aren't, so we did the opposite.

If you drink that, and you move, you will be like, poisoned. But if you don't move and stay in one place, the bubbles will
Slowly disappear. Please thumbs up, because I'm Skydoesminecraft!

No you are an imposter. Skydoesminecraft is a cesspool bastard anyway - MChkflaguard_Yt

38 when you meet SLENDER MAN V 4 Comments
39 Zombie Pigman comes through the nether portal and kills you
40 You die as soon as you join a server

Then post it on Worst Minecraft Servers and let everyone know - MChkflaguard_Yt

They are spwankillers! - TheMinecraftGamer

I trolled my friend by accident 😇

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