Worst Annoying Orange Videos

OK, this is just my opinion. I know people will hate this. Go to mineonlymine.wikia.com to see more reasons.

The Top Ten

1 A Cheesy Episode

The same with Rolling in the Dough, only better and not much cruel and 'kill Orange' way.

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2 I'm a Star


3 Rolling In the Dough

Horrible episode that might make you kill Orange for what he did in this... This show canot get any worse...

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4 Annoying Pear

Pear is a loser

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5 Mommy and Me/Flower Power

Yam in Mommy and Me is even more annoying than Ornage and his mom... I want to die already. Flower Power looks horrible, especially when bee stabs flower IN THE EYE

6 Annoying Orange Through Time 2

Annoying Voices and no sense P.S. first one was good

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7 Trollin

Copy of YouTubers. You will see when you see both videos and dates

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8 Nya Nya Style

No more viral video spoofs. Please. They suck. Your normal episodes ( which are getting few and far between) are better.

9 Rap-Berry
10 Hey YouTube

Poorly written and made

The Contenders

11 Pain-Apple
12 Picture Contest / Winners
13 Leek of Their Own
14 Plumpkin
15 Fortune Cookie
16 Wishful Thinking
17 The Deviled-Egg
18 Kitchen Intruder Song
19 Lady Pasta
20 Juice Boxing
21 Crabapple
22 Fry-day
23 Annoying Orange meets Annoying Rambutan

This A Bad Video Of Annoying Orange Meets Annoying Rambutan

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