Worst Antipsychotics

The Top Ten
1 Risperidone

I'm allergic

2 Paliperidone
3 Olanzapine
4 Clozapine
5 Amisulpride
6 Thorazine
7 Iloperidone
8 Lurasidone
9 Quetiapine

I was on this med and my therapist told me I can't go off it.sad:(

The profets hear voices and everyone says wow it's a mirecal.i hear voises and I get put on seraque.gee thanks

They just keep uping and uping it.like firts they put you on 100 then there lile ok just 200 thean 300 and your like that's it.and they say ok.2 day later you find iut your taking 600 milagrams of seraqel.don't fall into this trap.if you need it then pleas take it.but rember its ok to ask as much queshtons you want obout the meds you are put on

10 Haloperidol
The Contenders
11 Aripiprazole
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