Worst Antivirus Programs

These antivirus companies are so bad, your computer will throw up!

The Top Ten

1 PC Optimizer Pro

It's fake. Don't waste your money on the "full version". - Target

Bad customer service, bad software in general, mainly preys upon people who know nothing about computers. Scam software 100%.

Gains viruses

It makes battlefeild v look good

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2 SpySheriff

SpySheriff is malware that's impossible to remove. Your computer won't like it. - Target

This is old, and it wasn't even legitimate at all.

Dumb trojan "anti-" virus. - computerfan0

3 Symantec

Norton used to be awful, but Symantec has improved a bit.

Very good at annoying, slowing down PC and deleting non-infected files. Its capability of catching real viruses lies probably in deleting and blocking everything, which is not in an exception list. Got rid of it.

Literal Trash LMAO

Norton crashed itself... then my computer.
Thanks, Norton. You are the worst antivirus ever.

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4 Antivirus 360

Bad signatures

Virus ads everywhere

5 Webroot

Lol another dumbass who probably never even tried it

It isn't great as far as detection rates go, but it's good for older PCs.

6 Virus Shield
7 McAfee

Slows down performance, and generates lots of fake alerts.

Poor Performance! Slow and need enough system resources.

The slowest antivirus ever?

It Detects almost everything, and as a guy that likes torrenting games this is annoying

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8 SpyHunter 4


9 Avast Antivirus

Avoid - one of the worst AV packages out there: it lures users that are not that technically minded with price - 0. Unfortunately protection offered by Avast is equal to the amount of money it costs. Had to many cases where oblivious friends installed this malware and afterwards came crying to me asking for help.

How is this here please remove it


Avoid at all cost...worst "antivirus" to date.

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10 Microsoft Security Essentials

You may as well just have no antivirus at all.

Bestestestest security system I ever didn't see. please don't use this it is very bad

Patch - yes please. Crack - yes please. File.exe - yes please.
Our computer needs it!

-Microsoft Security Essentials 2017

The Newcomers

? Quick Heal

Slow down my pc performance

i can't use two application at same time in 1 GB Ram Pc

The Contenders

11 Norton

It is slowing down my computer, specially email access to server.

How is this not #1 - Easahby

Doesn't even have a 50% detection ratio

The worst antvirus it's the thing that schools and mums would use

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12 Protogent

I am Proto, your security is my motto! - Fullwalking2

I am Proto, Scamming your money is my motto.

Can't even rhyme

It is a bloody scam. I had a virus on my computer once, but Proto said my computer was free from viruses and he didn’t even do a scan.

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13 MalwareBytes MalwareBytes Malwarebytes Inc. is an American Internet security company with offices in Santa Clara, California, Clearwater, Florida, Tallinn, Estonia and Cork, Ireland.

Whoever put this on is dumb. Malwarebytes is actually one of the best

Stop already! I don't understand why this is so overrated! - Target

The best antivirus ever (for nowadays)

14 Stop Sign Antivirus
15 Kaspersky

That tool, that will randomly use 99% of the available computing power even though you configured it to only run while idle.

Probably a connection to Russian servers, Yes that might just be true.

16 AVG Antivirus

2018 avg is total crap, shame because older avg was good

Piece of Crap

The new avg is just awful! always trying to sell you something that you don't want. and very awkward to use.
used avg on more than 25 PC's for 10 years but this is the end for us!


17 TotalAV

This is not an antivirus. This is malware.

Deleting it is impossible without using malwarebytes or manualy going in to your files and deleting it, it is rougeware

18 Windows Defender

Wont detect anything

Utterly pointless.

Might as well have no antivirus at all

19 CCleaner
20 MacKeeper


Is annoying

Puts adware in computer. definitely avoid

21 Bytefence

This is the worst antivirus program in my opinion it just goes bundled with other software programs and when you completely remove bytefence its still there it is so hard to remove this antivirus and it just downloads itself without your permission it also popups while your using the program it came with and if it's a screen recorder it will be so hard to remove bytefence you need to go to task manager and end task WHO HAS TIME TO DO THAT when your using a screen recorder to record your gameplay

People have been having issues with Minecraft because of ByteFence. - allamassal

22 Smadav

The worst


23 BitDefender

I use this on my pc and it is really quick to scan my pc, 10/10

This is genuinely the best antivirus out there.

It's the best antivirus

24 PC Cleaner
25 Advanced System Care

It's fake. Nothing to tell about it. But one thing-"It completes full system scan just in10 seconds."

What fake about it? its not fake, Its not an antivirus, it doesn't say it is, it is what it says Advanced System Care
its not fake its very effective and useful to keep your system clean and fluent. It has very good features, unlike that idiotic TuneUp Uttilities which simply brakes your system

26 Eset

Worst Antivirus in the market

Best I’ve used yet

27 Sophos Anti-Virus

Do you want some free vbuck--- I mea, I mean free Memz virus that it will not remove? I definitely do 21/21 ez software no risk, no pc slowdown, no minecarft n fornight laggi b--b--b-b-bai...

28 Comodo
29 Winzip Malware Protector
30 BullGuard Antivirus

Don't waste your money for this

31 Net Protector

It's Fake and alters Windows Registry unknowingly

32 RegClean Pro

Potentially unwanted software disguised as a PC optimizing program. - WindWakerFan

33 Adaware
34 SUPERAntiSpyware

Does not detect anything
Slows down computer

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