Worst Antivirus Programs

These antivirus companies are so bad, your computer will throw up!

The Top Ten

1 PC Optimizer Pro

It's fake. Don't waste your money on the "full version". - Target

2 Symantec

"This antivirus is the best! It destroyed my computer! I love wasting $50 on a basic package! "
Oops, sorry for being sarcastic. Symantec is freaky, horrible, and unlovable. - Target

3 SpySheriff

SpySheriff is malware that's impossible to remove. Your computer won't like it. - Target

4 Antivirus 360
5 McAfee

Slows down performance, and generates lots of fake alerts.

Poor Performance! Slow and need enough system resources.

Starts million of random scans out of nowhere


V 2 Comments
6 Webroot

Lol another dumbass who probably never even tried it

7 Virus Shield
8 SpyHunter 4
9 Microsoft Security Essentials

Patch - yes please. Crack - yes please. File.exe - yes please.
Our computer needs it!

-Microsoft Security Essentials 2017

10 Windows Defender

The Contenders

11 Norton

How is this not #1 - Easahby

12 Avast Antivirus


13 AVG Antivirus
14 Stop Sign Antivirus
15 MalwareBytes

Whoever put this on is dumb. Malwarebytes is actually one of the best

Stop already! I don't understand why this is so overrated! - Target

16 Protogent

I am Proto, your security is my motto! - Fullwalking2


I recover... deleted f I l e s!

17 Bytefence

This is the worst antivirus program in my opinion it just goes bundled with other software programs and when you completely remove bytefence its still there it is so hard to remove this antivirus and it just downloads itself without your permission it also popups while your using the program it came with and if it's a screen recorder it will be so hard to remove bytefence you need to go to task manager and end task WHO HAS TIME TO DO THAT when your using a screen recorder to record your gameplay

18 TotalAV
19 PC Cleaner
20 Advanced System Care

It's fake. Nothing to tell about it. But one thing-"It completes full system scan just in10 seconds."

21 RegClean Pro
22 Kaspersky

Probably a connection to Russian servers, Yes that might just be true.

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