Top 10 Worst Archie Comics Characters

Archie Comics is an awful, overrated & fussy comic book franchise which contains awful characters. But which Archie Comics character is the true worst of them all?

The Top Ten

1 Betty Cooper

Blonde, disgraceful, bratty, unfair, with no reason to exist, Archie Andrew's stalker, horribly adolescent, willful, stereotypical and extremely overrated, that's what Betty Cooper is!

P.S. I see Linsey Stirling. She is awful.

2 Cheryl Blossom
3 Veronica Lodge
4 Archie Andrews

I would call Archie an antagonist. I hate everything about Archie Andrews: the worst mascot of all time! He is a bitch, too. I think Archie should hate Betty & Veronica & make them cowards. At least he died. Archie sucks! And where's the Archie Pac-Man comics?!

What should I say about this bitch with bad humor?! HE SHOULD GO AWAY!
Archie Andrews will never be better than Calvin & Hobbes. He is horrible as hell and is just so annoying! Who made him the star?! Adolescents are overrated as hell. Don't get me started on Modern Sonic the Hedgehog.

5 Jughead Jones
6 Mrs. Beasley

Her cranky personality was too predictable. Also, who needs that bitch?!

7 Josie McCoy

She's so mean & if she saw Princess Daisy of Sarasa Land, she would make a big fuss about her.

8 Mrs. Grundy
9 Reggie Mantle
10 Sabrina Spellman Sabrina Spellman

The Contenders

11 Melanie McSweeney

She doesn't look perfect for drumming anyways!

12 Alexandra Cabot
13 Jason Blossom
14 Mr. Weatherbee
15 Hermione Lodge
16 Princess Elise the Third
17 Fiona Fox Fiona Fox
18 Sally Acorn Sally Acorn
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