Response To "Worst Arguments Made By Anti-Rustlers"

As you know I'm an anti-rustler, and their leader and during my time as a user on here I have gotten to know the community more and more. I've turned anti-rustler since November last year when I started to hate rustlers for good and I made a bit of experimenting with a post making me look like an idiot and that way I have been able to study the rustlers a lot. I still am an anti-rustler and I'm going to do a bit of debunking, with this list, which is about the worst arguments from anti-rustlers. There surely is a lot to debunk. So here's the post!

1. Puga, Therandom and DCfnaf ruined/were going to ruin gen 19
I think this might be one of the more true items here, as this is one of the few arguments I do disagree with. Therandom is suspended and retired I suspect and DCfnaf is barely active at all. However it's really subjective wether you think they will ruin it or not. Some people who don't like rustling and stuff may think they could've ruined it tons, and I don't blame them. So yeah. This might be the truest item on the list but it's surely one that's debunkable

2. Rustlers are cyberbullies
This is really just a matter of opinion like a majority of items on here. It's kinda hypocritical as well because you're really just basing off their behaviour on TheTopTens. If you go on BAND, a certain BAND to be specific you'll see how they actually are and their behavious. Due to the limitations of swearing on here, the rustlers seem way more mature on here than they actually are. There's one in particular that could be classified as a cyberbully and there's reasons, which I won't bring up here to be safe from suspension but there is. So debunked this is

3. Cyberbullying is a huge threat
No one actually said this. No anti-rustler or neutral user. No one said this. Something you should know about anti-rustlers, is that we use facts and logic (most do). The rustlers attempt to deny its existence while we prove its existence. That doesn't mean that we mean it's a huge threat. I and the rustlers have had this argument for a while but I simply proved cyberbullying's existence, I, and no one else said it's a huge threat. It's just a simple fact that cyberbullying exists but that it's not as bad as real-life bullying is some ways

4. What if the cyberbully is a bot or hacker
While I have come to realize bots can't be cyberbullies, the latter one can be. "They're completely different things". Actually not. They share a lot in common and if unlucky a cyberbully can both attempt to harass you and leak personal data making your experience twice as bad. There's also another point I'll just debunk for the sake of having some more fun. You bring up about how Puga once said "Snails are slugs with shells but you don't call slugs snails". As a matter of fact you do, in some languages, swedish for example. Snails (snäckor) are slugs (sniglar) with shells and you call "snäckor" "sniglar" very often. Sorry

5. People should've been nicer to the sensitive/immature gen 18 users
Which is completely true. That way we would've avoided the infinity war altogheter and that way I wouldn't have the same hatred I have now towards the rustlers. If you think harassing sensitive and immature people are the way of making them improve then you gotta learn how to actually handle them. So the infinity war started when a very harmless list just recieved tons of harsh criticism from nowhere and it didn't even need to be that harsh. When you recieve a bunch of harsh criticism for no reason I don't blame the criticized. You gotta critisize in a nice manner at first (especially if it's something completely harmless) and then if the criticized doesn't listen it's time for harsh criticism. A lot of the Gen-18 users were innocent but rustlers and users began criticizing them harshly and that made them a bit sad. So the item is completely true

6. Harsh criticism isn't constructive criticism
The truest item on here might be this one and the only one hard to debunk. But debunking I will still do. While harsh criticism is constructive criticism as well, it solely depends on the situation. I've talked a lot about how the infinity war started when there was a completely harmless list when everyone started using harsh criticism for no reason even though the list itself was completely harmless. This lead to the infinity war and is solely the reason why nice criticism should be used first, unless it was something very bad the criticized did. Alright, what's next?

7. RelithFloda deserved the get suspended indefinitely
That solely depends on how you see him as a user. Rustlers like him and a lot of anti-rustlers hate him. It's just a matter of opinion if he deserved it or not. I have seen a lot on BAND and gotten to know him and I didn't just get him eliminated from here for nothing

8. Innocent users don't get suspended if they're suspended.
Ok so first off I have no idea what this item is suppose to say. I mean you can't get suspended if you're already suspended (unless it's indefinite) but the examples you brought up were not 100% innocent. They were both feeding a troll. Troll feeding is a major problem this site has. While I don't think they deserved to be suspended, I don't entirely blame the admin. What the visitor there said: "Whether a user is innocent or not is subjective. If the administration team decides that a user’s criticisms are not abiding with the rules, then that’s just what’ll have to happen.". While I think it's subjective if a user is innocent, I agree with the visitor.

9. We shouldn't rustle sensitive people
What makes you think you should? So that you can eliminate sensitive people from this site and have it for yourself? Do you realize how egoistical that sounds? You're literally rustling and making an innocent human sad and broken up because you think they will ruin the site because of it? As a sensitive guy myself I can relate to sensitive people and they deserve respect as well. If you think sensitive people deserve to be thrown into gulags then it's proof you're just basing sensitive people off of stereotypes

10. Rustlers have bad content
This is another generally subjective argument, but you did say it so I won't say too much. Generally I'm not a fan of their content. Piez has some pretty cool movie related lists and posts but that's really it. I don't think rustlers have necessarily bad content but they're nothing generally special or mind-blowing


11. The site shouldn't be perfectly balanced

This is the only item on here that wasn't added by DarkBoi-X, so this will kinda be a response to another user, which I think you know who, and to think that this is the most laughable item on here is not suprise. One of the reasons is because no one actually said this or believed this. As a matter of fact, I want this site to be balanced. It's just that some people want to start a bunch of flame wars and make themselves look superior to the other side, so I must fight off rustlers with facts and logic. Wether you agree with me or not, that's your problem

So that was it, eleven items debunked on a list, one of which works as a response to another user. That was it. Hope you enjoyed it


Larry has good video game reviews - iliekpiez

Well thank you for the information - darthvadern

Alright you did have some good points so here is what I will say

1.The reason I put this on the list is because someone actually said this and I think you know who and it was coming from one of the more immature and sensitive gen 18 users and he was basically dissing users that paved the way for the site and had made lot's of content and out hard work into their content.

2.As I said harsh criticism,trolling and using edgy jokes/edgy memes aren't cyberbullying at all.Memes and trolling are like internet jokes and criticism isn't bullying,no matter how harsh.

3.Well you anti rustlers make it seem like it is.I know you don't like it when most of the rustlers deny cyberbullying but however you are making cyberbullying seem bigger than it is.Bots and hackers are much more dangerous as they can steal your money and get personal info.Cyberbullies cannot.Also you said how while cyberbullying doesn't hurt in physical terms but hurts a lot more than real life bullying when it comes to emotions.Again false,physical bullying can cause lot's of emotional pain.And insults and threats feel more personal when said in person has compared to being said on a screen.I'm not really intimidated by either forms of bullying but real life bullying is worse.
I think the reason rustlers deny the existence of cyberbullying is because people are self harming and killing themselves over words on a screen.I mean you shouldn't be doing that for real bullying either(Just get strong and beat them) but killing yourself over words on a screen seems weak and pathetic to me.Sorry but it's true.You should be thankful that you at least get to live a normal middle class life instead of starving and being in poverty.

4.I already responded to your view on that in the 3rd one

5.The reason everyone else was correct was because during the mid-later part of the gen 18 era sensitive people and immature people were plaguing the site and as I said getting people suspended for criticizing them or making jokes.You saw what happened with Puga and Relith.It's only natural that the rest of the site would hate them.I mean why do you think gen 18 users who are respected like PeeledBanana or Randomator hate their own gen.

6.Well you do have a good point and at least you acknowledged that harsh criticism can be constructive.

7.I see your point but I still disagree as he was just trolling

8.True but still B1ueNew's and TheDarkOne221b's suspensions were undeserved.

9.We should rustle sensitive people because they are a plague to not only the internet but society.Just look at all the Social Justice Warriors or hardcore Trump supporters as well as the people that think video games cause school shootings or people that get easily offended over swearing(I don't swear but the swearing hate is ridiculous) so yeah.It would be better if most sensitive people would perish.

10.Rustlers have good content.But yeah this is subjective. - DarkBoi-X

You didn’t debunk anything - Therandom