Worst Arguments Made by Gen-18 Users

The almighty Sir Puga has absolutely demolished you all.
These arguments are stuff from lists, posts and their responses to criticism.
No, this list isn't an insult. It's criticism. Welcome to the internet gen 18.
If you at least TRY to not completely deflect all criticism, things will be better for everybody.
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1 Puga, DCfnaf and Therandom Will Ruin Gen-19

DCfnaf was inactive in gen 19 time

What the heck? DCfnaf is actually a really nice user, and he does awesome critiques. No one is going to ruin Gen 19. Puga may be a hard critique but at least he uses the best arguments to do it (DCfnaf as well). All three isn't going to ruin it, they are going to take it to the next level.

I don’t think DCfnaf will ruin it...

Admin has largely limited their activity, so I doubt it will happen. Also, if Puga and Therandom lead the community once again, The community will probably prosper, instead of getting ruined

2 Puga is """""Insulting"""""

Why is there a lot of quotation marks?

He is, I don't consider harassing and rustling to be constructive criticism

3 The Nicest Users Are the Best Users

True. People can be real simps for those who are so naively forgiving and thinking be nice is a personality trait and nothing else.

A user's content should have more value than their personality.

The best users is more like an opinion than a claim.

I actually think the critiques are the best but ok

4 If you Don't Like Gen-18, Get Off the Site.

That's not too bad of an argument. If you don't like the community, there's nothing stopping you from leaving.

Nobody actually said that Gen-18 sucks. You all are missing the point. Puga just pointed out 10 flaws with the community. Like everything, Gen-18 has its flaws and like most flaws, the flaws regarding Gen-18 users can be addressed and can be used to shape the Gen-18 users in a better way.

In Puga's responses to MC, he was just calmly debunking MC's claims one by one. That's not bad at all.

5 If You Work Hard, You Can't Be Criticized

Nope, not true. You can be criticized. Even if you work hard. It's part of life.

A lie. Working hard just reduces the chance of criticism

What is happening?

Not true at all

6 Puga Is Jealous

Why would he be jealous? He’s considered by many to be one of the best users of the site.

That’s just dumb to say that.

7 Selfiefan Can Be Forgiven for One Post

I agree, I don't even forgive him

Selfiefan is awesome!

I think even he feels that his posts(except the tragedy related ones) are a complete joke

8 There Are Barely Any Trolls

There were tens of them back in 2018/19

Trolling is only good when it gets to everyone. Otherwise, it is just stupidity. And the best troll on this site is not even Gen 18.


9 This Controversy is Big Enough to Delete An Account.

No. It's just gone on for about 4 days. Considering some of the past controversies on this site, this one will probably fade away sooner. Also, Puga had claimed that he had made amends with MindCrime, and it was 100% MindCrime's choice to delete his account.

Okay... lol

oMg No oWo yOu gOoD uSeR dOn'T dOO nO-nO
-Spoon-feeders, probably.

It was, Gangem threatened to leave the site if the war wouldn't stop, you can't argue with facts

10 Dull Is an Insult

I think MindCrime was trying to get to 10 HQ posts by heating up the controversy, but I may be wrong. Who knows

That is subjective

Not that much to me. And I'm still a visitor. Also not all gen-18 users are like this.-DarkBoi-X


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11 People Only Hate on Them for Being New

No. People hate on you for feeding trolls, and being hypersensitive.

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