Top 10 Worst Arguments/Statements Made by the Nickelback Hatebase

The Nickelback hatebase are some of the dumbest people to ever walk the earth, how could they hate one of the greatest bands of all time? Well here are the worst arguements made by them.

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1 That Nickelback is the worst rock band of all time

That is complete nonsense, they're actually the greatest of all time and I even made a factual list proving why they are. - MetalWorldOrder

First your saying that Cannibal Corpse is the best band now Nickelback just pick one Nickelback or C.C? - XxembermasterxX

He is being ironic, he doesn't actually believe nickelback or cannibal corpse are the best bands just that they are both much better than people give them credit - germshep24

Easy rebuttal, if they were the worse then you wouldn't know who they were, the fact that you know who they are means that they are at least an ok band - germshep24

Hinder is worse. - Userguy44

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2 That Chad Kroeger is actually a bad singer That Chad Kroeger is actually a bad singer

Bad singer is subjective, some can be a great singer with a voice you find annoying, others can have very little range, but that fits with their music, how do you rate a singer as bad, especially if said singer has become popular - germshep24

Also complete nonsense, this guy has a very diverse range he can sing both beautful pop rock songs like "Photograph" but also great Hard Rock tracks like "This Means War" - MetalWorldOrder

That's hella true - XxembermasterxX

3 That Imagine Dragons is better than them

Complete bullcrap, nothing about this pathetic waste of talent called a "rock band' will ever be better than highly creative and diverse music that Nickelback put out. - MetalWorldOrder

Factually Incorrect - NickelbackYesColdplayNo

How can you say one good/ok band is better than another good/ok band? If one band was amazing as the other was good then yes, but this isn't the case for these two bands - germshep24

no duh - XxembermasterxX

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4 They never made a single good song.

Lies, almost all their songs are good, the only bad one is that one with Flo Rida. Besides your getting this band confused with Imagine Dragons who do not have a single good song in their entire discography. - MetalWorldOrder

Nickelback is popular therefore they have at least one good song, otherwise you wouldn't know who they were - germshep24

All these people need to hear Burn It To The Ground. - Userguy44

5 They never made a good album

This is subjective, just like saying ariana grande has never made a good album, every popular band has made a good album unless said artist is a one hit wonder. just because you don't like their music doesn't mean their music sucks, it just means their not your type of music - germshep24

More like they never made a bad album, it's Imagine Dragons and Ariana Grande who never made a good album. - MetalWorldOrder

6 That musicians are bad people

So people who donate to charity are bad people? Man no wonder this websites community is so hated, they want people to die of cancer and for people to starve. - MetalWorldOrder

All musicians, I'm sure some are bad but all I don't think so - germshep24

They literally did nothing wrong. People are just telling lies. - RadioHead03

7 Their fanbase is bad

How can their fanbase be bad if you never hear a word from their fanbase just the haters? - germshep24

They hate it just because of one troll. - MrCoolC

More like their hatebase - HEAVYMETALTHUNDER12345

Nonsense, their fanbase is great because they like a great band, defend the band from dumb haters who have no taste and they don't like anime and if you think 1 really obvious troll is a representation of how Nickelback fans act then maybe the problem isn't them, especially if you think Nickelsuck is a good insult for the band shows how childish you really are. - MetalWorldOrder

8 They're talentess and uncreative

Nonsense, they are oozing with talent and creativity, just look at the song "Edge of a Revolution" there is nothing about that song at all that is not creative or talented. - MetalWorldOrder

How do your rate a person as talented or uncreative? If they are popular then they most be creative or talented, whether you think so or not is irrelevant - germshep24

9 That memes about them are the only good thing about them

So they were a good enough band to get not one but multiple memes then this sounds like an argument for them being a good band hidden in jealousy - germshep24

Sure those are funny as hell but there is a lot more good about this band than just "LOOK AT THIS PHOTOGRAPH" - MetalWorldOrder

If they have memes then they are automatically good. - DarkBoi-X

No Chad Kroeger also proves that ramen can sing. - XxembermasterxX

10 Their hairstyle is awful

Who cares about their hairstyle - germshep24

Don't make fun of their hair. - RadioHead03

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11 That their success is undeserved

Were they a band that rode off their parents a famous artist or did they mimic other famous artist songs? if not then this is invalid - germshep24

Nope they desevered all the fame and money they got from making some of the best music of the milienium, the real artist that didn't deserve their fame was Imagine Dragons who whine about people hating their music and make both annoying and soulless music. - MetalWorldOrder

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