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These lists are more or less any list that is titled reasons why something for example reasons to love X, reasons to hate Y, Reasons why Z should not exist.. I have noticed sometimes these reasons don't really make logical sense or support an argument. This is a list of these reasons. Although people are welcome to add whatever they want to this list I decided for my initial inclusions that I would not include reasons from comparison lists because we all know that they suck. Also I would not include reasons from lists where I don't respect the point of the list for example "reasons why Ariana Grande should have died in the Manchester attack" or "reasons why child abuse should be legal" because really there are no valid reasons for this. I would also try to avoid lists that are obviously meant as a joke like reasons why a doughnut should be Prime Minister or why drinking water should be replaced by salt water.
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Dimash Kudaibergen Doesn't Sing It (Reasons Why Gucci Gang by Lil Pump is a Terrible Song)

I mean it's OK if you love Dimash Kudaibergen but dismissing any song by an artist that is not by him is just a little bit close minded.

So every song not made by Dimash is bad?

This one is I don't even

This alone shows how overglorified he is. Sorry Dimash fans, but he isn’t a god or anything.

Bands are Terrible (Reasons Why Wearing Shirts of Bands You Don't Know is Terrible and Pointless)

Um for one that is more an argument against band shirts in general. Also every band being terrible is quite an odd statement.

His Name is Stupid (Reasons to Hate Kanye West)

Hating anything because of it's name is a really weak reason also Kanye west is his actual birth name so it's not even really his fault.

It's not his fault his parents named him that and his name sounds actually cool.

It Aired in 2014 (Reasons Why Breadwinners Sucks)

What kind of reason is this.

Are you kidding me?

Not a good reason

that's a bad reason. jane the virgin aired in 2014 and its good.

He's Too White. (Reasons to Hate Shawn Mendes)

How is that a valid skin color? Is Shawn supposed to change the color of his skin for you?

Whoever made that list must hate me as well.

He Took Drugs (Reasons Why Justin Bieber is Better Than the Beatles)

If you insist this is a good thing then The Beatles also did drugs they even wrote a couple of songs when they were on drugs I think (I Am The Walrus, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds).

Her Pony Tail is Too High (Reasons to Hate Ariana Grande)

Thanks whoever added this I agree this is a dumb reason. - Powell

They Are Demons (Reasons To Hate Atheists)

Being a Christian this is stupid. I know very smart and cool atheist. Don't call someone something like that just because you disagree with them.

Atheists don't believe in demons

I'm not a demon.

Her father Billy Ray Cyrus is the worst country singer (10 Reasons to Hate Miley Cyrus)
It Was Made in 2016 (Top 10 Reasons Why Moana Sucks)

Oh wow basically the same as the breadwinners reason.

A year shouldn’t determine whether a movie is going to be good or not. There were plenty of great movies that came out in 2016.

The 2016 year is overhated

seriously ?

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? Billie Eilish is Not on Fortnite (Reasons Why Billie Eilish is Better Than Tones and I)
? Bowser Would Kidnap Sparkle Supreme (Reasons Why Billie Eilish is Better Than Tones and I)

I didn't add this myself because I think the list is probably a joke but fair enough this reason makes no sense.

I added this because it made no sense and was unrelated. And the list was really bad.

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It's So New but Everyone Knows It. (Top Ten Reasons that "Cake by the Ocean" by DNCE is a Really Bad Song)

OK this might have been true at the time but what kind of reason is that by that logic Sweet Child of Mine, Lose Yourself or Billie Jean are also terrible. - Powell

Hard rock may sound sexy, metal doesn’t (Top 10 Differences Between Hard Rock and Heavy Metal)

That entire list is comedy gold

Her Singing Technique is Bad. (Reasons Why Ariana Grande is Overrated)

Whoever added this can you explain? This does not sound like a bad reason to me.

Oh wow lol.

One-Word Song Titles (Reasons Why Pop Music is Awful)

2112 - Rush, 1979 - Smashing Pumpkins, Help!/Something - The Beatles, One - Metallica, Break/Riot/Home - Three Days Grace, 8 out of 13 songs on the Breaking Benjamin Saturate album, should I add more? There are plenty of non pop songs that also have one word titles, and the title of a song has nothing to do with the quality of the song.

True. Although I am not sure whether I count a four digit number as one word but your right plenty of non pop songs do have one word titles Hurt and Blackstar would be some other good examples.

Besides the fact that lots of pop songs have several words in the title what kind of reason is that if title length was related to quality we would expect Sexy and I Know It to be a much better song than One.

Most pop songs aren’t even just one-word song titles and even if they have it, what’s wrong with it? It doesn’t affect the quality of the music. If metal has only one word song titles, would you complain about that as well?

Well "One" is the highest ranked metal song on the best songs of all time list.


They Do Not Include Milli Vanilli (Top 10 Reasons Why Encyclopaedia Metallum Is Credible)

LMAO... What? Haha

She's Blond-Haired and Blue-Eyed (Reasons to Hate Taylor Swift)

Physical appearance has nothing to do with your talent, lol.

There are lot's of reasons on lists about loving and hating something that are about somebody's appearance but I just thought this sounded like the most ridiculous one. The list about Kanye West has his eyes are too small which I would have also put on the list but I did not want to have multiple items from the same list.

Whoever added this item must hate my mother as well then.

She Gave Liam Hemsworth a Cake for His Birthday (10 Reasons to Hate Miley Cyrus)

Maybe I am missing something but how exactly is this a bad thing?

What a valid reason! (sarcasm)

She Has a Stepmother Who's Jealous of Her (Top Ten Reasons to Love Snow White)

I just don't get this reason to be honest it is not really about her. I don't have as many reasons from positive lists I think that the bad reasons on positive lists are not as funny usually.

Elitism Isn't Enough Reason Against the Site's Credibility (Top 10 Reasons Why Encyclopaedia Metallum Is Credible)

Metal elitism sucks. I don’t need to explain why.

He Killed Millions of People with His Terrible Singing (Top Ten Reasons to Hate Dimash Kudaibergen)

This sounds pretty unlikely.

What a terrible reason.

If this was JB I would agree

Luigi Is Better Than Mario (Reasons Why Luigi Is The Best Video Game Character Ever)
They Are Smart (Reasons To Hate Atheists)

I didn't know intelligence was a bad thing?

They Are Aware That Heaviness Is Not The Main Criterion For a Band to Be Metal (Top 10 Reasons Why Encyclopaedia Metallum Is Credible)

Lol of its not heavyness, then what is the main criterion for metal! Softness? LMAO

Hard rock is based on blues, metal is based on classical music (Top 10 Differences Between Hard Rock and Heavy Metal)

Pantera has entered the chat...

I would like this inclusion more if the list was called reasons why hard rock and heavy metal are different but I guess this does count as a reasoning list.

She is a vegan (10 Reasons to Hate Miley Cyrus)

So? - ElSherlock

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