Worst Arthur Characters

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1 D.W. Read D.W. Read

UGH shut up D.W. , we heard enough

D.W. should stay number 1, she is the most annoying character.

She's Such A Dick To Arthur

D.W. NEEDS TO SHUT THE $&@# UP! - IceFoxPlayz

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2 Muffy Crosswire Muffy Crosswire

Muffy is bad but she is really spoiled. I think Muffy is okay but her parents should stop spoiling her even though she is rich.

Her voice is terrible

I want to punch her. - Curtis_Huber

Take D.W. off this list! - toy

3 Francine Frensky

She needs to be on 1! - ConorDooley

4 Molly MacDonald
5 The Brain

No, he's awesome. Brain is smart and helped me learn a lot of things. He's also not a show-off. Get him off this list.

6 Arthur Read

Arthur is stupid, mean, whiny, and selfish. DW may be kinda dislikable but at least she get mad like an elephant.

7 Mr Ratburn
8 Kate Read
9 Prunella Deegan
10 Rattles

The Contenders

11 Binky Barnes
12 Fern Walters
13 Jenna Morgan
14 Sue Ellen Armstrong
15 Buster Baxter
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1. Muffy Crosswire
2. D.W. Read
3. Francine Frensky
1. Arthur Read
2. Muffy Crosswire
3. Binky Barnes



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