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1 D.W. Read D.W. Read

Everybody was telling Arthur that he was wrong to punch her in "Arthur's Big Hit," but he was not wrong at all; he was RIGHT! That little brat needed to be hit to learn that not following instructions has consequences! I hate her with all my heart. She shouldn't even be on the show. Poor Arthur is always getting blamed for her imbecilic nature! - JDG123

DW is not the worst character on the show; she's in fact the BEST. Have you seen how she dragged those other peeps on the show? She don't care who she's talking to, where she's at, or what situation she's in, she will not HESITATE and CALL YOU OUT! - crashchaff

I agree. She is the absolute worst

She ain't annoying, she's the realest out of all the characters. it doesn't matter who she's talking to, where she is, and what situation she's in, she will NOT HESITATE TO DRAG YOU TO FILTH

2 Francine Frensky Francine Frensky

Francine needs to be number 1, she's so fake to arthur - crashchaff

She Sometimes Acts Like A Tough Customer.

She needs to be on 1! - ConorDooley

She’s really annoying and She’s rude to everyone in the show. She wants everything to be about her only.

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3 Muffy Crosswire Muffy Crosswire

She's even worse in the newer episodes. At least she was called out in earlier seasons for her greedy and cunning behavior.

She only cares about money and fashion - ElSherlock

Muffy doesn't deserve to be on here. She's really just looking out for herself. - crashchaff

She is okay but sometimes she can be a bit bossy. - andrewteel

4 Molly MacDonald


who? - crashchaff

5 The Brain

Brain is the worst he take of the fun out of buster's story's and Alan is super duper boring

No, he's awesome. Brain is smart and helped me learn a lot of things. He's also not a show-off. Get him off this list.

The Brain is portrayed as good but he is a hypocrite.He has no interest in things,overly analatyical,egoistic,and get quick-tempered most of the time.He never get in trouble and yet he arrogant and avoid fun and pleasure.Some genius.😒😒😡😡😠😠

6 Prunella Deegan

She's pretentious and hijacked the minds of all those kids - BallBall11

Prunella is an obnoxious, pretentious, know-it-all and her family is just as annoying.

She is very selfish, rude, and ungrateful, a bit full of herself. She should be higher on the list.

7 Mr Ratburn

He also is gay which makes him worse!

a menace - BallBall11


8 Buster Baxter Buster Baxter

He shows what he really is like in season 5 episode 2b when tried to blame a his best friend for stealing toy which he stole by 1)putting it in his back 2)making him go back to drug store 3)almost blame Arthur for it with his note - GentlemanJonathan

Buster is one of the best! - BallBall11

He showed his true colors in s07 e5

! He is one of my favorite characters. - andrewteel

9 Arthur Read Arthur Read Arthur Timothy Read is the titular protagonist of both the book series and the PBS children's television show Arthur, created by Marc Brown.

He is abysmal in Francine and the Feline. I wanted him to jump off a cliff.

Arthur is stupid, mean, whiny, and selfish. DW may be kinda dislikable but at least she get mad like an elephant.

10 Cora Read

Oh my god yes! In every family there is one relative who goes out of their way to make other peoples’ lives miserable! Cora is a spoiled, rude, selfish, delusional, egotistical, and ungrateful brat! She broke her locket and blamed DW, she acts like being the flower girl is the most important job of a wedding, which it isn’t, it’s her fault the ring fell in the organ in the first place, and she calls DW’s room ugly right in front of her! DW maybe be a brat at times, but at least she makes me laugh! Cora was only seen again in a flashback, and I think this was being the animators couldn’t stand to see or hear this nightmare!

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11 Fern Walters

She's really annoying why isn't she higher

So annoying

Such a dull personality. Only seems to care about digging her nose into a book. She lost a story contest because the woman and the old man had no name. She kept on saying the old man almost a hundred times. Just like Brick Heck.

She is the worst.

12 Kate Read

The episodes in which she and panl speak are terrible and made me hate that character.

13 Rattles

Who tf is rattles?

14 Binky Barnes
15 Tommy Tibble
16 Timmy Tibble

Say what you want about D.W. and the other characters, (actually I either like the characters on this list or they were only in one episode) but I despise Timmy and Tommy! Grandma Tibble hardly ever punish them and they get away with just about everything! Please have these little monsters learn a lesson or two!

17 Joe the Mechanic
18 Sue Ellen Armstrong

Preppy punk chick - BallBall11

19 Carl Gould

Why is he not farther up he is clearly the most annoying.

When Carl speaks, he also speaks in a very bland and uninterested tone. No matter how happy or sad or whatever emotion he is feeling, he still continues to drone on in that annoying and lazy sounding tone. I get that he suffers from aspergers, but some of the strange and rather appalling behaviors that he demonstrates have no relation to Asperger’s syndrome. Furthermore, this is why I believe that Carl Gould is the worst and most annoying character in the Arthur series.

Carl is a very, VERY annoying person. He is always getting carried away with random things and is very stupid. It is shown that he is a very good artist, but that in no way means that he is a good character. He is overly obsessed with rockets and trains. In one episode George gave him a very nice book about trains. CARL DIDN’T EVEN SAY THANK YOU! He just kept reading the book out loud. He throws a fit about the dumbest things and once even got mad because his potatoes were touching the peas on his plate! Carl is weird and I think it was a mistake to ever even introduce him into the series. This is why I think that Carl is the most annoying character in the entire Arthur series.

20 Jenna Morgan
21 Vicita Molina
22 Cheikh

Who is this?

23 David Read


24 Portia Dimwiddy

A white poodle in the episode Little Miss Meanie. She is a d**k and she acts like Caillou when she doesn't get her spotlight.

25 Emily
26 Jane Read

Jane read! Of course his mom she is the worst!
I mean she punishes D.W but she is just a plain meanie!

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