Top 10 Worst Arthur Episode Endings

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D.W.'s Very Bad Mood

As Iv'e said before D.W. acts like a brat for the entirety of the episode and they expect us to feel sorry for her, after all the complaining she does she gets invited to Francine's Birthday party and faces no punishment for her behavior. - egnomac

Arthur's Big Hit

Insulting ending Arthur hits D.W. fro breaking his plane and everyone turns on him then he gets hit by Binky because of peer pressure and no one feels bad for him even dad who adds insult to injury telling him "Now you know how D.W. felt when you punched her" translation you hit your sister so who cares that you are being bullied at school. - egnomac

DW deserved to get hit though - NightmareCinema

DW's a huge spoiled brat. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo


I really hated the ending as instead of them giving the kids a positive message on why kids shouldn't swear they decides to talk down to them by giving a half-assed reason why they shouldn't swear with Mrs. Reed explaining to D.W. that "It means I want to hurt your feelings! ' which has to be the laziest and most childish explanation they could give. - egnomac

D.W.'s Perfect Wish

After Arthur spends the entire episode cheering D.W. telling her to cherish her memories she returns the favor by using her birthday wish to have Arthur get hit in the face with cake. - egnomac

Prove It

D.W. basically gives little kids false science information just so Arthur would take her to the Exploratorium. - egnomac

Brother Can You Spare A Clarinet

Binky gets mad that his parents can't afford a new clarinet so he and his bully friends decide to sabotage everyone's instruments as well as the try outs the young persons orchestra using a machines that plays a horrible noise but their plan fails when he hears Muffy playing awfully in which Binky shows up to show everyone what real music is using his broken clarinet and the people at the Young People's Orchestra are so impressed that he actually gets in and gets they plan to supply him with a new clarinet so after all he does in this episode Binky faces no punishment and is rewarded Arthur one of his victims praises him as Binky leaves as he trips George on his way out. - egnomac

Arthur the Loser
The Big Blow-Up

Brain and Francine get into a heated argument following a disagreement during practice and their hostility towards each other begins to affect the team so Arthur and Buster get them to write apology letters to one another but the letters threaten to make things worst as neither want to apologize Arthur and Buster then rewrite them and the two make up and win the game then realize that neither of them actually wrote the letters they got and get mad at Arthur and Buster as Arthur asks if they're still mad at each other Francine replies no but they're now mad at them all for trying to repair they're friendship. - egnomac

Arthur's Lost Dog

While at a fair Kate starts crying because she wants a balloon and the Reed family is too stupid to figure it out, so Pal decides to try and get one for her and in the end when he gives the balloon to Kate and gets her to stop crying the family are still clueless to why Kate was crying to begin with not realizing that she stopped crying when Pal gave her the balloon. - egnomac


One of the problems with the ending is Francine never apologizes for starting the insults and never apologizes to Fern and Francine gets off Scott free because the episode forces us to feel sorry for her and makes Fern look like the bad guy. - egnomac

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Nerves of Steal
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