Top 10 Worst Arthur Episodes Featuring D.W.

The worst episodes from Arthur that feature the always annoying D.W. usually in the main storyline.

The Top Ten Worst Arthur Episodes Featuring D.W.

1 D.W.'s Very Bad Mood

This episode made me rage quit, because I dislike D.W. All the time

D.W throws a massive temper tantrum all because she wasn't invited to a birthday party for a kid she doesn't even like and ends up annoying everyone while mom and dad do absolutely nothing to stop her, Arthur and Francine are the only ones in the episode that actually that are actually trying to do the right thing at one point when Francine asks D.W. what's the matter with her and she runs off crying and she says "I didn't think she'd be so upset" and dad replies "It's not your fault Francine" yeah you know whos fault it is mom and dad for not putting a stop to D.W.'s bad behavior and in the end D.W. gets invited to Francine's birthday party after all her bad behavior and slamming of doors. - egnomac

DW threw a temper tantrum for a reason not even Caillou will throw a tantrum for - Pieclone

2 Play It Again D.W.

One of the worst episodes ever because D.W is at her worst (Not surprisingly) by torturing Arthur with her annoying Crazy Bus radio song. And it's not only that why the episode is bad.
First off, Arthur did absolutely nothing to deserve all this torture, therefore this is an Arthur Torture EPISODE.
Secondly, after all that, she screams at the top of her lungs accusing Arthur for stealing her CD he gets punished for no reason, and she completely destroys his bedroom just for a stupid cd.

In the episode D.W. constantly plays her Crazy Bus CD incredibly loud annoying Arthur over and over again while mom and dad yet again do nothing to stop her, at point Arthur is so annoyed while trying to do his homework and tells her if she didn't stop he was gonna wreck her CD she then goes mom and dad who unfairly ground him for no good reason then her CD goes missing and she accuses Arthur of stealing it with no real evidence and everyone immediately sides with D.W. even his friends D.W. continues to harass Arthur until its revealed Dad accidently took it. - egnomac

Let me get this straight: D.W gets left unpunished for TRAUMATIZING poor Arthur, and Arthur loses T.V. privileges for a week just because he was so stressed out and agitated by that dumb crazy bus song and said he would wreck it if she didn't stop playing it loudly? GEEZ! If Arthur DID wreck the CD than I would KIND OF understand his punishment, but still not fully. Also, WHY would you go out on the day that your children are in a huge feud? WHY? The Reeds at their absolute worst

Big fat Jerk That D.W. is

3 Bleep

i loved it

For a show that talked about a 9/11 type of incident just one season BEFORE, it feels like they got REALLY lazy with arguably the EASIEST moral for a kids show: swearing is wrong. Mrs. Reed says that Swear Words basically mean “I wanna hurt your Feelings.” That’s was an insult to the young viewers’ intelligence. Couldn’t you just say something like “Swear words are really bad words that little kids shouldn’t say because they are rude.” See how different that was, comepletly different angle approached. Oh, and what on EARTH were they THINKING with that final scene. I would much prefer D.W.’s friend. Vecita (I think that’s her name) ignoring D.W. because of what she told her or the Tibbles apologize for their lie or them get in TROUBLE for their lie instead of having an entire preschool class curse. Also, why would they go straight to a bleep instead of making up their own word or using a word like “stupid? ” There are PLENTY of good cartoon episodes where “no ...more

4 Arthur's Big Hit

I hated it when arthur gets in trouble all the time.

Why can't DW mind her own beeswax?! - IceFoxPlayz

This annoyed me because it seems that DW never gets into trouble for what she does. The parents pandered to her, as they do in every episode. Arthur told DW not to touch the plane he was working on and she just chose to ignore him. She was testing his patience and he just hit her on the arm. DW was wrong to break Arthur's plane.

We teach 2 year olds to not go into other people’s things. This KIND OF has the same problem as “Arnold Betrays Iggy” from Hey Arnold. In that episode Sonething bad happened to Arnold for no good reason. Same here. When D.W. broke the plane, she doesn’t even come apologizing. All she did was say it wouldn’t fly. She deserved that punch. Oh and by the way, no T.V. for a week just for a punch when she deserved it is harsh. Mr and Mrs Reed are big jerks. They use BINKY BARTS punching Arthur because of a DARE (or peer pressure) as KARMA. My least favorite involving D.W.

5 Castaway

All Arthur wanted to do was go on a fishing trip with him and his dad and D.W. had to ruin all of that, When tells D.W. she won't be able to have her time with next week she starts crying and complaining Arthur decides to let her come with them a decision he later regrets, while on the trip Arthur and dad try to fish and he sprains his ankle and unable to go fishing in order to let him rest dad takes D.W. fishing and surprisingly she actually catches some fish the next day Arthur and dad try again and are unsuccessful they return to the camp ground and find everyone there got fish thanks to D,W. playing her Mary Moo Cow CD as everyone is singing the Mary Moo Cow song happily Arhtur is furious and storms off shouting "I can't take it anymore! " and sums up this episode in a nutshell by saying "She always gets what she wants! ". - egnomac

I couldn’t stand D.W. getting what she wants in this episode! All she’s done was act like a total spoiled little brat by crying and complaining to get her own way. First she cried and complained about wanting to go to the museum with her dad and Arthur but only wanted to see the unicorns, then she kept being a brat by complaining of wanting to go fishing with them even though the weekend was supposed to only be Arthur and his dad! I swear if I was there and she was being a stuck-up little crybaby I would have knocked her out with a shovel and left her dangling above an alligator pit a long time ago.

I swear in the name of the Elder Dragon Kirin, if I ever hear D.W. playing that demented crazy bus song and singing to it at full volume on the boom box, I will personally have a Rathalos eat her in one bite and let it crush the boom box like a bug.

How could they even make a song called Crazy Bus!?!?!?! Not even King Julien would dance to a song like that! He would lose his mind and head if he listened to that song from heck for crying out loud! I just wish Clover would destroy that tape in the boom box all together.

6 Return of the Snowball

D.W.'s long missing snowball mysteriously returns and everything should be all right, but no D.W. thinks if it can get stolen once it could get stolen again and goes to crazy lengths to protect her snowball including multiple locks and all the while she still acusses Arthur of stealing it, in the end its revealed that Arthur bought a regular snow cone and put it in the freezer for her to make her happy. - egnomac

7 Go to Your Room, D.W.

D.W deserved getting punished because she was being such a jerk to Kate, while she's a baby. First off, if you say that it seems like D.W never gets into trouble, then it's not true. Remember in D.W The Picky Eater, or in D.Ws bad mood where she got reproached for being so disrespectful? And this? Not only is D.W at her worst when she's NOT in trouble, she also thinks she can get away with everything. She lies that everyone was treating her like a slave and had to stay home and take care of Arthur. That's another thing. She thinks that just because she's the second youngest, she thinks people are stupid. The only hilarious part was the whole, "ARTHUR, GO TO YOUR ROOM AND NEVER COME OUT! "

D.W. is sent to her room for being mean to Kate and she complains about having the meanest parents in the world and complains about stuff that never happened like being treated like a slave and not being able to go to a wedding. - egnomac

The way I see it in this episode there are three possibilities about how those excuses D.W. said about having the meanest parents in the world and being treated like a slave are false: 1. She's lying. 2. She's lying. Or 3. SHE'S LYING!

8 D.W. Goes to Washington

That one joke where D.W. meets the president and says that the National Anthem from now on should be crazy bus was disrespectful to Francis Scott Key, the man who wrote the Star Spangled Banner and to America.

D.W. wants to Pony Land but everyone decides to go to Washington instead which doesn't sit well with D.W. who spends the entire episode complaining about everything. - egnomac

I swear I wanted to pulverize that little Disaster Warning for being so disrespectful. DW and her family go to Washington but DW acts like a buzzkill by saying she wants to go to Pony Land and when they get to D.C. the little runt constantly insults the famous landmarks and won’t shut up about ponies! Ponies this, ponies that! FOR THE LOVE OF ARCEUS, CAN’T SHE FOR ONCE JUST STOP TALKING ABOUT PONIES AND SHOW SOME RESPECT TO WASHINGTON! Her wandering off into the Whitehouse was her fault and when Mr. Read tells an agent of what her name is he just says her initials instead of her full name! Is he serious! Initials aren’t enough for crying out loud! You need to give them the full name of your missing child so you’re more specific, but that dingle Mr. Read didn’t think of that.

And DW for president? Please! She’d probably be worse than Donald Trump and talk things all pony and replace the anthem with crazy bus! I’d rather let a Jurassic Park Dilophosaurus spit venom ...more

9 For Whom the Bell Tolls

It's a real shame I don't like (hate, despise, and wish it never existed) this episode, Arthur and his friends teaming up against D.W, Arthur managing to exposing her lie, A hilarious moment with Arthur's T.V. show so happy D.W. Lost her voice, and D.W. getting punished in the end. What's to hate? Well, we never see the punishment, there's way too much sympathy towards D.W., Francine is kind of mean in this episode, we never actually SEE D.W.'s punishment (all it is is Mrs. Reed mad at her,) how unoriginal the whole "Ring of the bell for the slave to come" concept is (Seriously, that was first done in the classic Tom and Jerry short "Fit to Be Tied" and Tom got PUNISHED ONSCREEN for his actions), and worst of all, D.W. is an @SSH*L# in this episode. The plot is D.W. gets laryngitis and loses her voice, so Arthur must help her get to her needs, but D.W. treats him like a SLAVE and makes him do s&tty tasks that you/anyone can easily do WITHOUT her voice like flatten her pillows, make ...more

D.W. loses her voice and Arthur is really happy to get some peace and quit until D.W. starts using him as slave later he discovers that she got her voice back and is faking so Arthur will continue being her slave he then tells mom who of course doesn't believe him as usual with the help of his friends he finally exposes her lie in the end. - egnomac

10 Arthur's Perfect Christmas

This special was okay, but the part when DW throws a temper tantrum because she didn't get what she wanted for Christmas is down right cringe worthy and painful to watch.

What did D.W. do wrong? The temperature only went on for less than 20 seconds and she learned to appreciate her gift. I also REALLY like the songs. Buster’s segments were heartfelt and Muffy towards the end recognized and realized what she did wrong. Also Uncle Fred was really nice towards the end.

The Contenders

11 D.W.'s Stray Netkitten
12 D.W. Rides Again
13 Prove It
14 The Last of Mary Moo Cow

The worst part was the fact that instead of getting a moral about favorite shows ending and how to deal with it, it had D.W. Visit the studio and finding the voice actor of Mary Moo Cow. Oh, and a child’s fake petition getting used is IMPOSSIBLE. You need something like GOVERNMENT APPROVAL for that. The ending was HORRIBLE. After D.W. gave Arthur the T.V. to watch Dark Bunny, it got CANCELLED FOR MORE ROOM FOR A REVIVAL OF MARY MOO COW. Just WHY? All shows DO get cancelled and not all get revived. Thanks For reading!

15 D.W. All Wet

What a way to start an episode. A 4 year old screaming like she's been kidnapped. If I were at the lake at that time and didn't know who the Reads were, I would most certainly call the cops and try to save her. That's what anyone else would think when they see that ANYWHERE. D.W. is screaming louder than someone playing Heavy Metal music into at a concert. Other than that, I did feel for her when I found out why she was screaming, but then ARTHUR had an out of CHARACTER moment, she said she hopes he gets eaten by the (not gonna say what because I don't want to spoil it.) Then Arthur does something wrong and D.W being the jerk she is tries to get him in trouble but it doesn't work.

That was All I'm gonna say. Watch the episode to find out what happens. (Thanks for reading! )

16 Flaw And Order
17 D.W. Aims High
18 Never, Never, Never (Season 12)
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