Worst Arthur Episodes from Seasons 1-10

The very worst Arthur episodes from the first 10 seasons.

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1 D.W.'s Very Bad Mood (Season 2) D.W.'s Very Bad Mood (Season 2)

The entire episode consists of having D.W. throwing a massive tantrum for the entire of the 11 minutes its loud, annoying and down right unbearable and yet they expect us to feel sympathy towards D.W. but there is no way anyone should feel any sympathy for this brat and the whole time mom and dad just let it happen in one scene dad is putting D.W. to bed while she's yelling and screaming at him all the while dad just walks away unfazed and very sarcastically says "Lets hope you feel better in the morning" which D.W. responds by shouting "I WON'T FEEL BETTER IN THE MORNING! " then slams the door followed by "I WON"T, I WON'T, I WON'T! " slams the door again and one more "I WON'T" and then rapidly slams the door over and over, I think you forgot your line Mr. Reed " D.W. IF YOU DON'T STOP SLAMMING THAT FN DOOR THAN YOU ARE GROUNDED! " seriously how can any parent just sit there while they're kid is acting up like that as it turns out the reason she behaves like this is because she ...more - egnomac

She acted like a whiny brat the either episode why you may ask? Is all because she wasn't invited to a BIRTHDAY PARTY!

I got two words for you Mr. & Mrs. Reed Military School.

DW is SUCH a brat in this episode and never really gets comeuppance. Her parents are USELESS and she is just terrible - taishisohma

2 Arthur's Big Hit (Season 4) Arthur's Big Hit (Season 4)

Everyone knows how bad this episode is so I won't repeat anything that's already been said before bottom line the episode would have been much better if it were centered on Binky not wanting to hit his friend Arthur despite his friends pressuring him to do so instead of throwing in the Arthur hitting D.W. plot line. - egnomac

This is the Suck in the Wringer of Arthur only a tiny bit better. And for Mr and Mrs. Reed, you’re gonna let your daughter constantly annoy your son and break his plane without apologizing and ground your son for hitting her? And let your son get bullied at school? Binky hits Arthur in peer pressure (that whole situation should have been a separate episode about peer pressure. If DW accidentally knocked it over and apologized to Arthur but he still punched her because he thought she did it, and later have Arthur realize in his own he was wrong, it would have been good and succeeded. Screw Mr. and Mrs. Reed

FALCON PUNCH! - taishisohma


3 Cast Away (Season 7) Cast Away (Season 7)

DW, fake cries to get her way, her parents give her what she wants, and Arthur gets screwed over. It’s so obvious that Mr and Mrs read favor DW.

I already talked about this one before check out The worst Arthur episodes and Worst Arthur episodes featuring D.W. episodes lists, long story short D.W. cries and begs to come on Arthur's trip with his dad Arthur lets her come he has a miserable time while D.W. has a great time and the most insulting part is earlier she said she wouldn't let him come on her trip with dad no matter how hard he begs or cries yet she does exactly that. - egnomac

4 Poor Muffy (Season 1) Poor Muffy (Season 1)

Muffy has to stay with Francine and her family's apartment and the whole time she does nothing but complain and act rude to everyone never once thinking about anyone but her own needs and Francine justifiably calls her out on it - egnomac

Muffy may not have expected these conditions (considering she’s rich and a little spoiled) but even rich people have manners.

5 The Perfect Brother (Season 1) The Perfect Brother (Season 1)

Brain stays with Arthur and his family for a few days and ends up making Arthur look really bad in front of his family even favoring Brain over him. - egnomac

6 A is for Angry (Season 9) A is for Angry (Season 9)

Checkers is made an official sport and Brain and Arthur are chosen to take part in the competition everyone rallies behind Arthur cheering him on throwing pep rallies but they quickly take things too far and end up annoying Arthur so much that during a pep rally Arthur is so agitated he yells super loud causing everyone to turn against him and cheer for Brain even though earlier they were bad mouthing him Muffy even goes as far as making a completely biased web video of his screaming and let me remind you all this because of a checkers competition. - egnomac

Muffy calls Arthur a LUNATIC online. For the love of God, Arthur didn’t even scream badly. He could have just said that’s what Brain would’ve been screaming. And the next day, Francine and her make NEW flyers saying A is for Angry and B is for BRAIN (The student/kid.) Muffy and Francine are at some of their worst and they are possibly the Biggest Bandwagons in Sports history. They make their player/team bad, and they join another good player/team. What BANDWAGONS Crosswire and Friggs were.

In Muffy’s website, she said Arthur is different from what he represented himself to be. HE NEVER REPRESENTED HIMSELF MUFFY. HER AND FRANCINE MADE HIM DO IT BEACAUSE YOU WERE TOO WIMPY. WHO SAID MUFFY CAN POST VIDEO OF SOMEONE ELSE ONLINE. Why can’t muffy be expelled.

7 Sue Ellen Chickens Out (Season 8)

Sue Ellen starts a protect against Chicken Lickin' when the owner of the Sugar Bowl decides to sell the place now here is the problem with the episode Sue Ellen protesting against Chicken Lickin' when in fact they had nothing to do with the owner selling the place the protest becomes completely pointless since almost everyone is unable to be at the protest at the mall and because their protest was completely ignored by pretty much everyone instead of protesting they should have really gone to the owner to convince him not to sell the Sugar Bowl which Grandma Thora does and actually succeeds in getting him not to sell the place. - egnomac

8 Buster's Growing Grudge (Season 3) Buster's Growing Grudge (Season 3)

Buster holds a grudge with Binky after he tells his joke that he was going to use for his report about King Tut and he spends the entire episode complaining about Binky stealing his joke and ends up annoying everyone even blaming him for getting a bad grade on his report even though he barely did any work at all. - egnomac

9 Arthur Accused (Season 1) Arthur Accused (Season 1)

What really bothered me in this episode is how the principal and teacher are hovering over Arthur in the office and scolding him menacingly. Considering theft of at least a couple hundred dollars is being suggested, where the hell were Arthur's parents?

Arthur is unfairly punished after a bag of quarters for a fundraiser goes missing and Buster has to try and solve the mystery now here's the problems with this episode for one thing Arthur wouldn't have gotten in trouble in the first place if Buster had not open his mouth and told them he went to the arcade with him and mentioned him getting a high score on pinball and blowing a whole lotta quarters at the very least he should have gone with Arthur to drop off the quarters with Mrs. McGrady so he could at least vouch for Arthur that he gave her the quarters. - egnomac

There WAS no mystery to be solved. Everything would've been fine if Buster would have learned to keep his mouth shut.

Its Buster's fault for getting Arthur in trouble in the first place why can he just keep his mouth shut the same happned in Locked in the Library when he for no reason confirms to Franchise that Arthur had called her a marshmallow and got her even more angry at Arthur.

10 The Great Sock Mystery (Season 7) The Great Sock Mystery (Season 7)

This episode makes no sense first its another Kate and Pal talking episode one of D.W.'s socks go missing so they try to investigate and find out there's this whole sock market trade and from there on its just whole one mess after the other. - egnomac

The Contenders

11 Postcards from Buster, Parts I & II (Season 8)
12 Brother, Can You Spare a Clarinet? (Season 6)

Binky is so loathsome in this episode. He bullies the other characters all because of his clarinet being broken and never gets punished for it. This could have been done so much better. >:-(

13 The Rat Who Came To Dinner (Season 4)

Arthur's "friends" are just terrible in this episode. I wouldn't even call them friends.

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