Top 10 Worst Arthur Season 3-4 Episodes

Just like a previous list I made we will be looking back at the worst episodes of Arthur from seasons 3 and 4.

The Top Ten

1 Arthur's Big Hit

Not surprising the worst episode from season 3 and 4 is Arthur's Big Hit, there's really nothing more left to say about why this episode is so bad. - egnomac

I didn't feel bad at all for D.W. she deserved it, it was really frustrating that no one cared when Arthur got hit by Binky and dad was such a douche not caring his son got hit and rubbed salt on the wound by telling him he deserved it for hitting D.W.

What do you mean? This is gold - Manlypants

I tOlD yOu NoT tO tOuCh It! - Bammer73

2 Prove It

D.W. becomes interested in science after spending some time with The Brain and watching and episode of NOVA and when Arthur refuses to take her to the exploratorium she opens her own museum in the backyard charges money and begins giving out false information to all the kids who actually believe her and when Arthur and Brain try to tell her she's wrong she obnoxiously dares them to prove it which of course they can't as Brain tells her other people have and D.W. demises them, Arthur eventually begs his parents to let D.W. come with him to the exploratorium to prove her wrong only to realize that D.W. purposely did all this just so he'll take her there. - egnomac

3 Revenge of the Chip

Mom was such a douche bag for purposely wanting to humiliate D.W. like that, even though I don't like the brat she still didn't deserve that kind of humilation.

The Follow up to "The Chips Are Down", D.W. is left humiliated when everyone in town knows about how she ate the green chip in the previous episode and actually believed she was dying she of course blames Arthur who denies it but find out her own mom has been telling everyone and doesn't seem bothered by the fact that she's been humiliating her own daughter, even though D.W. is not the most likable character on the show you still feel bad for her in this situation as she confronts her mom about it and realizing how upset and embarrassed D.W. has felt over the green chip incident and promises never to speak of the incident to anyone again but ends up breaking that promise when D.W. overhears her explaining it to Mrs. McGrady while in line to see a live show of "You Do the Most Embarrassing Things". - egnomac

4 Buster's Growing Grudge

Personally I never liked this episode, Buster is upset when Binky tells his King Tut joke he was going to use for his report and he ends up annoying everyone with his constant complaining. - egnomac

5 Francine and the Feline

Francine's family gets a cat which she renames Nemo and Arthur whose a dog person doesn't like him and thinks Nemo is trying to kill Pal he resents the cat so much that it nearly ruins his relationship with Francine. - egnomac

6 Arthur's Treasure Hunt
7 Arthur and D.W. Clean Up

Arthur puts off cleaning his room time and time again until his parents decide enough is enough and forbid him from going to the super crazy wow day in the park until he cleans his room as well as D.W. as well and dad suggest that they both work together in cleaning each others rooms which proves to be a terrible idea as they just can't work well together as they constantly bicker especially when they have to clean D.W.'s room and Arthur tries to clean faster only for D.W. to complain as she prefers to organize her things. - egnomac

8 Buster's Best Behavior

Arthur and Buster begin acting like one another with Arthur trying to act like Buster and Buster trying to act like Arthur which ends up annoying all their friends so much that Francine has to intervene and demand they go back to acting like themselves. - egnomac

9 D.W.'s Perfect Wish

While most of the episode is okay as Arthur cheers up D.W. by reminding her of all great stuff she did and to treasure her memories, but what kills the episode is in the end when D.W. uses her birthday wish to have Arthur fall face first on some left over cake. - egnomac

Seriously D.W. after your brother spend the whole episode trying to make you feel better you use your birthday wish to have him get hit a piece of cake.

10 Sue Ellen and The Brainasurous

Sue Ellen becomes partners with The Brain for a school project but Brain insists on doing it by himself not allowing Sue Ellen to help at all fearing she could ruin the project which frustrates her as the two get into a over the project and it falls in the mud destroying it, later Brain tells Francine about what happened and Francine sides with Sue Ellen pointing out that Brain has always been a project hog and that in the past he always insisted on doing everything himself and not allow others to help, though not the worst it was still annoying to see Brain act so controlling. - egnomac

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