She needs to be higher on this list. Never, ever, obsess over a fictional character to this unhealthy extent, or else your future will be ruined. :(

This person is one of the reasons why I don't like Jiminy Cricket. She even draws him with big muscles or make him even more attractive just to satisfy her own doggone fantasies. I don't see him that way. Heck, I don't see any fictional character that way. He's just a tiny little anthropomorphic insect, not attractive or anything at all. He needs to be splattered on a wind-shield of high speeds, eaten by a gecko or sprayed with Raid. Maybe that will change Hollie/Jiminycricketfan007's mind. (Plus, geckos are pretty cool lizards in my opinion! )

Her crush and obsession with Cliff Edwards is also very creepy. Voice actors and actresses are real people and not something you need an unhealthy obsession over because they're just a different kind of "artists" and not all of them match the looks or whatever of the characters they ...more

Obsessing Over Jimmy Cricket Is Not A Good Thing At All

Yes, caring and loving a fictional character more than your real family members is JUST WRONG. Very unacceptable, to be honest. I wish she would realize that.

She has closed her account maybe we can let the topic go now. I know her life is maybe not healthy but the thing with her grandma was 5 years ago. I don't defend her. I can say name her character after herself isn't the best idea it's self insert. But I hope she gets a better life and stop see Jiminy that way she does.

Also, you can't have children with a fictional character. It is impossible, since fictional characters are not real. I really wish she would realize that instead of having so much sick fantasies of her with Jiminy Cricket all the time.

She says that she doesn't ship Jiminy Cricket with herself, but rather she ships her OC (original character) with him and claims that her OC has just the same name as her, claims that she loves her family more than her favorite fictional character, and claims that her Cliff Edwards pictures are no more than tribute art. I don't know if she is really telling the truth or she is lying. But I pray to the gods that she is finally growing out of her obsessions with Jiminy Cricket/Cliff Edwards and starting to face reality.

Perhaps deactivating her own account will do her good, and if she ever comes back, she will be changed for the better.

She loves Jiminy Cricket more than her family. That is very unacceptable. - Croy987

It's means life can be weird you have seen weird stuff in your life but just get over it. Everyone have their good sides and their bad sides - Getovait

She is really messed up in the head. People like her are one of the reasons why I would never obsess over a fictional character.

She's old news now, but hopefully she has changed for the better and no longer obsessing over a fictional character to this unhealthy extent.

She is one of the reasons why I dislike Jiminy Cricket. I wish she wasn't so unhealthy obsessed with a fictional character.

It's okay to like a fictional character, but obsessing over to an unhealthy extent is just not right. It makes you weird and everyone shuns you for it.

Well, if it doesn't look like she'll change her mind, then she really needs a serious mental evaluation.

So she deactivated her account, I see... We can all hope she will learn from her mistakes, for good.

My God, She's Like a Female Chris Chan. - kcianciulli

It's a good thing she deactivated her account. Now she can find a boyfriend. - kcianciulli

She is old news now! Un-neccesary to put her higher on the list. Do you guys have something against her? - Getovait

She have closed her account now... - Getovait

I really hope she sees this TopTens list. Maybe she'll learn something for good and realize why such an unhealthy obsession is wrong.

What is it With DeviantArtists Obsessing Over Disney Characters? - kcianciulli

I agree with ya, Geotavit. While her obsession with Jiminy was huge, she still didn't deserve what she got, and I do feel sorry for her and hope she feels better...

SailorSedna, Ok I'm sorry for being harsh to you. The thing you said that she hardly get a boyfriend isn't a nice comment at all - Getovait

I know she have closed her account. This is the last thing I gonna say on this topic. She did NOT desserved to be cyberbullied. You can give her constructive critism or tell her the nicest way you can what you think. I read her Encycolopedia dramatica page. It was just mean to give her an own ED page... The fact she loves Jiminy more than her family (if it's true) MAYBE her family isn't nice to her she possibly have a reason to so don't blame someone you don't know like that! - Getovait

She closed her account thankfully, and hopefully she have learned her lesson by now.

I just found a new list on TheTopTens titled "Top 10 Worst Images on DeviantArt", you may want to search for it and add what you think are the worst images you found on DeviantArt instead of hating on a user as a whole. Trust me, users can quit their bad ways and learn from their mistakes.

This list is kinda mean in my opinion. It's like hating the artist as a person. I agree everyone can improve and learn from their mistake. The list "worst images on the" isn't really the same like this list it don't attack a person the same way as this list - Getovait

I hope this artist named Hollie goes to Cliff Edward's graveyard, digging out his grave, took out his body from the ground, opened the coffin and kissing it like in the Youtube video called:
"My Dead Great Grandma's Coffin in My Own Backyard".

Get out of your imagination girl and go straight to reality.