Worst Artists On DeviantArt

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181 UndertaleAndUrdFan
182 forceofnatureandcorn

He hates The Loud House. - kcianciulli

183 Graybloodd
184 ToonEGuy

90s kid and traditional animation fanboy, sends death threats to Disney employees and broke up with a friend because he drew Wreck It Ralph and Big Hero 6 pictures! - HCShannon

185 Shaded-Seraphim

He likes vore, so move along, nothing to see here really.

186 EC-707

No talent - Getovait

Platipus86 should be here he is a good artist but it's Minnie in diapers (cringy) - Kjellalbintomas

187 YoshiWii1

When I saw the rants I was disgusted thank goodness he have left. Hope he has changed. I really hope so - Kjellalbintomas

I remember that he was arrested once...

He returned to the internet.

Yoshiwii1 is an old topic. hope he has changed and learned a lesson. - Getovait

188 Kirbygame126
189 TheCrappyMSPainter23

Why's he on here? He did some pretty good Animated Atrocities/Admirable Animations cards. - SailorSedna

190 DaJoestanator
191 Typhlosion64

Why's he on here? His art is OK... - SailorSedna

192 BubblesYesMM20No

They're gone. They did mediocre "Worst episodes" list without explaining why they thought it was horrible. - SailorSedna

193 Giacian
194 101gooballs
195 Rfitzpatrick

This guy needs to study proportions. - SailorSedna

196 PervyAngel

What is up with all these Pedophiles and Perverts on DeviantArt?

It is sad the is full of perverts. I pray to god they ain't pedos for real - Getovait

It's deviantart it'a covered with morons - Kjellalbintomas

197 TXToonGuy1037

He Hates Arnold, Who Could Hate Arnold? He Helps People

198 francisjaram121 V 1 Comment
199 SigurdHosenfeld

Keeps on drawing inappropriate Nintendo Princesses stuff but I am wishing that She'll be banned - bugger

His art gallery isn't too bad, actually. (since it's more on the fanservicey-side rather than hentai) Although he hasn't updated it since 2015, so hopefully, he has changed for the better.

200 creepypastajack

He is HORRIBLE to Kitty and thinks she did something WRONG to Emma as SHE DIDN'T. She was TRYING to keep her sister focused IN THE game. Plus Kitty was NOT a bitch. Josee was. I also DISAGREE with his opinion on the whole Josee thing. Josee was a HORRIBLE character. All she ever did was spend 26 episodes whining about wanting to come in first place and being such a jerk to MacArthur as well as her partner, Jacques. Plus Kitty was well developed. Josee was poorly developed and I wish in Bahamarama, Kitty would've helped MacArthur by giving Josee such a punch in the face after what she did to her in Russia, it would PLEASE her as well as her sister, Emma. Plus I think the Sisters are a billion times better than the Ice Dancers.

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