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181 Rfitzpatrick

This guy needs to study proportions. - SailorSedna

182 PervyAngel

What is up with all these Pedophiles and Perverts on DeviantArt?

It is sad the is full of perverts. I pray to god they ain't pedos for real - Getovait

It's deviantart it'a covered with morons - Kjellalbintomas

183 TXToonGuy1037

He Hates Arnold, Who Could Hate Arnold? He Helps People

184 francisjaram121 V 1 Comment
185 SigurdHosenfeld

Keeps on drawing inappropriate Nintendo Princesses stuff but I am wishing that She'll be banned - bugger

His art gallery isn't too bad, actually. (since it's more on the fanservicey-side rather than hentai) Although he hasn't updated it since 2015, so hopefully, he has changed for the better.

186 creepypastajack

He is HORRIBLE to Kitty and thinks she did something WRONG to Emma as SHE DIDN'T. She was TRYING to keep her sister focused IN THE game. Plus Kitty was NOT a bitch. Josee was. I also DISAGREE with his opinion on the whole Josee thing. Josee was a HORRIBLE character. All she ever did was spend 26 episodes whining about wanting to come in first place and being such a jerk to MacArthur as well as her partner, Jacques. Plus Kitty was well developed. Josee was poorly developed and I wish in Bahamarama, Kitty would've helped MacArthur by giving Josee such a punch in the face after what she did to her in Russia, it would PLEASE her as well as her sister, Emma. Plus I think the Sisters are a billion times better than the Ice Dancers.

187 Brandholm

He literally spammed HUNDREDS of Courtney-related pieces with his hatred for the character. Thank god his account was closed.

188 Escafa
189 Herr Wozzeck

'Feel the Rain Fall' is the worst fanfic ever made and he needs to get his act together. Karel from Fire Emblem does not deserve to be vilified, especially considering his character development he goes through in the games he's in. I'm hoping Herr Wozzack would learn a lesson or two.

190 Weaselbear

A little snot who goes around shipping crack pairings, mostly which are TLK, Balto or MLP related, and uses "I ship whoever I want" as an excuse to make everyone accept that crud when it is actually unacceptable and would put other people in hot boiling water until everyone started to revolt and kick him/her out of those fandoms, causing him/her to leave the permanently. Weaselbear is the definition of a super lol-cow. Thank goodness he/she got deactivated. He/she is also TojoXSimba on Animation Source.

She deactivated now thankfully, but you still need to watch out for her friends or similar users.

191 ILuvSonicShadow

Like Jiminycricketfan007, ILuvSonicShadow was also Jiminy Cricket's lover, but she shortly grew out of it but threatened to commit suicide because of it. She is one of the more extreme fictional character obsessors on deviantArt, and people have gotten sick of her obessing, and later, whining. Since ILuvSonicShadow has deactivated her account, I hope she has learned her lesson and realized what she did was wrong.

I heard that KrofftFan96 is similar to her, but I dunno if she is the same person or not. But at least KrofftFan96 doesn't pair herself up with favorite cartoon characters like ILuvSonicShadow does, that's for sure.

192 CanidTheCreepy

Another weirdo who spends her whole time drawing fetish art.

Exactly, I really wish artists didn't waste their time and talent on the worst garbage in the world.

Agreed. It's fine if you put it on a porn website (or mature content with the) or only do it once in a while, but don't just post it all over your gallery with no mature content on a public website for everyone to see, or you will be seen as a creepy weirdo whom no one wants to be around. - SailorSedna

She wastes her art talent, which is decent, on fat fetish art. Why do people try to draw stuff like that? It's weird, and it in turn makes the artist weird. - SailorSedna

This girl is also a dumbass hypocrite, she made a journal telling her friends to stop Trent Morrison (though he is old news I'm still mentioning him for reasons) to stop making fetishes, yet she draws fetish art herself. Hypocrites are so stupid... - SailorSedna

193 EllentheApeGirl

A big-time Mary Sue who is a supporter of Pooh's Adventures and paired herself with characters from multiple films. Don't get me started with all the crossovers and stuff she creates. I saw a work of her's called Benny's Travels, and guess what, she cast the hyena trio from The Lion King as Sneak, Snoop and Snitch. Not cool man, not cool.

Although her account isn't deactivated, it is still inactive and you or someone should try to report all of her work to the admins because she gives various movies and such a very bad reputation with her dumb spoofs and all. And she complains about people hating Pooh's Adventures.. WHAT?! PA is a terrible concept and people can hate it all they want if they want to.

She seem to be inactive now. if she comes back hope she have learned to be friendly.
I pray she's nicer to people now than she was before. I would def forgive her if she imorove :D - Getovait

194 CottonCatTailToony

Draws art of herself in different series and often pairs herself with her favorite characters. People try to give her constructive criticism but she refuses to read or listen to them. I can hope that she will learn from constructive criticism and improve for the better. Not to mention the fact that she is also a friend of TheHyenasSBE, whom I hate so much.

195 psychoswordlady

At least she deactivated now, but man, she was the biggest lol-cow I've ever seen. She complains when people portray her favorite characters in a way she didn't want them to be.

As a fan of Karel from Fire Emblem and the FE series in general, it bugs me how so many people exaggerate his character. (he's a good guy, not a villain) And whenever someone draws a fanart or writes a fanfic of Karel getting good character development or even be portrayed as an ally to the heroes like he is in the game, Psychoswordlady throws a tantrum about how "out of character" Karel is. (when it really isn't out of character) She was also a hypocrite, too. She hates the idea of Karel being allies with Lyn (who is from the same game and she was the one who recruited him! ), yet she likes the idea of Karel being with Zexion from Kingdom Hearts (a different game, whom he never met) which is so wrong. Psychoswordlady is also a major yaoi fangirl, and even likes over the top yaoi p0rn. That makes her bad taste even more questionable.

196 SacaenSwordMaster

Filled with poorly drawn crud. Ships horrible pairings and sees characterization of certain game characters the wrong way. *cough* she demonized Karel *cough* Sacaen was even arrested once. (Don't believe me? Then look deeper in her journals)

She was also one of the meanest people on the. I don't know if it's true or not since it's been a while since I've seen her page, but you can always look at her journals or comments to others.

197 Hatzegopteryx03

Not necessarily a bad artist, just hated.

198 CaseyLJones

I don't get furry transformation art. Not to mention his "Pokemon Growth Drive" has the characters look like they've taken steroids. - SailorSedna

199 PogorikiFan10

Don't Care About This Mediocre Artist

Eh, just mediocre MS Paint drawings. Nothing more, nothing less. - SailorSedna

200 Akai Dalia

She's Very Rude,Draws Sonic Porn,etc

Wow. She sounds like she's a terrible person if that is the case.

Sonic is not a hentai series, thus drawing Rule 34 of it is not right.

Sonic porn artist and she's probably a pegasister (no offense to MLP fans) who draws clop. I think I've said enough... - SailorSedna

I don't know if she's still rude. I haven't noticed any of it but she still draw porn. at least she puts it on Inkbunny.net - Kjellalbintomas

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