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221 PogorikiFan10

Don't Care About This Mediocre Artist

Eh, just mediocre MS Paint drawings. Nothing more, nothing less. - SailorSedna

222 MistressMissingno

RaiinbowRaven sure did sum up a lot of clones, which honestly is disappointing for a tf enthusiast like me, this being one... - Swellow

Claims that all Pokémon games after Gen 1 are terrible, citing other's points as "living in the past", yet she's done art of non-Gen 1 Pokémon. Absolutely hypocritical. - Swellow

223 Joe-Awesome93
224 zoid162010

Repulsive. All I can say. - SailorSedna

He literally inflates the butts of female video game characters.

Now I know why I hate inflation and ridiculously, impossibly big butts... - SailorSedna

225 Axel-Rosered

Big belly fetish he needs to control. - SailorSedna

226 MrPr1993

This guy is conflicting, he has some really well, very well made art on his profile, but then he's got fetish at the same time too... - SailorSedna

His fetish art also has poor proportions too. - SailorSedna

227 DanielTheOmega V 1 Comment
228 bootycheekpete
229 YalociYena

His art is mostly traces of official art and animated movie stills.

Also, most of his drawings are of Shenzi, Banzai, Ed, Nikki, Kaltag and Star. I was afraid that he'd be shipping the Balto dogs and Lion King hyenas together like bread and butter. Seriously, man. Nikki, Kaltag and Star later reformed and helped Balto, something that Shenzi, Banzai and Ed would never do; They don't deserve to be shipped with the hyena trio nor joining forces with Scar like they did.

230 bbmbbf

Yeah, it seems that he is wasting his artistic talent just to draw all that horrible junk.

Looks like his DeviantArt account got suspended. I don't know if he is coming back or not. Maybe he learned to accept the constructive criticism people have been giving him for once and for all.

His DeviantArt account is still suspended.

Looks like his DeviantArt site wasn't suspended for long and is now back. Hopefully he will learn a lesson or two and not draw p0rn anymore.

V 1 Comment
231 ChumleysCartoons

Was a little snot who not only defended The Lion King from haters, but acted like an immature brat. At least he deactivated, but I hope he will change for the better and learn from his mistakes wherever he is now.

Saying "boo hoo hoo" isn't going to help because not everyone likes TLK, get over it.

Because The Lion King deserves to be hated!

Why Is The Lion King More Hated Than Frozen On This Website Now?

V 1 Comment
232 kylgrv

Is a member of the Pooh's Adventures community, draws like a little kid, and has made a crossover of Star Fox with (of all things) The Lion King. I can't even search up pictures of Fox's father without seeing kylgrv's picture of him and Mufasa together. So wrong!

Pooh's Adventures is one of those crossovers that is just out of place. What I really dislike is the Simba, Timon and Pumbaa's Adventures spinoff of it where the heroes from every series, game or movie you can think of join forces with Simba while the villains side with Scar and/or the hyena trio, which really does not make sense even if certain characters are "heroes" while the other side are "villains". What if that doesn't make sense, and what if Simba, Kion and the rest of the protagonists of The Lion King and The Lion Guard join forces with the villains from other movies, games or series instead of with the heroes? Simba and his team acted like big bullies to some of the other characters/animals, honestly; They deserve to be punished.

I never really understood the whole Pooh's Adventures thing anyway, just Pooh and others going on crossovers with other characters to the point where it just feels weird and out of place? I did a fanfiction that had Rudolph (Rankin/Bass version), Sailor Moon, Polar Express and Thomas that probably is way better than this...and I'm confident to say I actually put more effort into it too. - SailorSedna

No, James McCloud is not the same person as Mufasa, and no, they'll never be allies with each other.

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233 Tackofetish

Has A Serious Case Of Fart Fetish Which Is Disgusting

V 1 Comment
234 SRX1995

Yeah, Sonic fans are among the worst scum on Earth. At least I'm a SANE Sonic fan who only plays the games and sees the Sonic franchise for what it is, and not what fans want it to be.

235 StarryWind2014
236 LoveShadowSonic
237 Rabbidsfan

If His Name Is Rabbidsfan, Does That Mean He Makes Inflation Out Of The Rabbids?
Just Wondering If This Disgusting Person Does This

238 Hackerboy27
239 Superwolf15
240 YoshiKingMaster
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