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221 ProfessorDoctorC

One quick thing, whoever said this artist was a pedophile is correct, I saw a picture they did with an obese Chara or Frisk or whoever, who's only supposed to be about 7-8 years old. Enough said.

Seeing her obese picture of Human Twilight Sparkle disgusts me - Neonco31

This girl is a pedophile and needs to be terminated

My Fandom Is So Screwed Up! 😖

222 Rowleyjeffersonisbae

Her Pictures Are Absolutely Horrifying

This girl makes Trent Morrison's art look like Ikuko Ito's (and Ikuko is an AMAZING artist! ). She also seems to be obsessed with Rowley, a MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENT who's being muscularized here? I detect pedophilia... - SailorSedna

Oh, god. Why fangirls now obsessed with boys characters that are not so hot or cute. I have too much boys characters. But, I still think they are not real. - ChatNoirFan18

223 MommyBig

This guy can't draw his way out of a wet paper bag, has a vore fetish. - SailorSedna

224 NFSMaster321 V 1 Comment
225 Godzilla713 V 1 Comment
226 Alexb22

This guy is a disgrace, he has a fat belly/inflation fetish, does it out of kids' show characters and his art is just like Rowleyjeffersonisbae, he can't even draw the heads of characters, and look at his Smurf one, the body isn't even close to the correct shade of blue. - SailorSedna

227 CaptainChomp

A TONGUE fetish? This guy's one of the weirdest artists I've seen... - SailorSedna

228 Danieltorresmen

Bondage fetish and use of Kaa hypnotism...I dunno what's with people being obsessed with both of them. - SailorSedna

229 XReneX

Sonic vore and inflation. This guy, along with other vorephiles, needs help! - SailorSedna

230 Dr-Whisky
231 SuperUndertale V 1 Comment

I don't think I even need to look at this guy's art... - SailorSedna

233 CuteDragonGirl456

Seems to have a pregnancy fetish she can't control. - SailorSedna

234 Mrs. Sans

Only good pictures are her photos of dogs. Her art style...she needs to improve big time, it looks terribly drawn for digital art, and even my hand drawn art is better than that! - SailorSedna

235 Poposan

Stupid giantess and foot fetish. - SailorSedna

236 CatCouch V 1 Comment
237 Mairusu-Paua

Decent art style (I do like this picture of Undyne she's done), but keep a control on what seems to be butt/boob fetish. - SailorSedna

238 HilColor V 1 Comment
239 Kommankom

Another guy who has a fetish for big breasts he can't control. - SailorSedna

240 Pgm-M

Good art talent, and there are some pictures of him I like (like Blaze in that bikini playing with her top, Vanilla and Krystal playing in the water), but do something else besides NSFW work, it makes things like Sonic and yourself look bad. And don't keep drawing pony porn too, that's disgusting and makes MLP fans look bad too. - SailorSedna

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