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241 ChumleysCartoons

Was a little snot who not only defended The Lion King from haters, but acted like an immature brat. At least he deactivated, but I hope he will change for the better and learn from his mistakes wherever he is now.

Saying "boo hoo hoo" isn't going to help because not everyone likes TLK, get over it.

Because The Lion King deserves to be hated!

Why Is The Lion King More Hated Than Frozen On This Website Now?

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242 kylgrv

Is a member of the Pooh's Adventures community, draws like a little kid, and has made a crossover of Star Fox with (of all things) The Lion King. I can't even search up pictures of Fox's father without seeing kylgrv's picture of him and Mufasa together. So wrong!

Pooh's Adventures is one of those crossovers that is just out of place. What I really dislike is the Simba, Timon and Pumbaa's Adventures spinoff of it where the heroes from every series, game or movie you can think of join forces with Simba while the villains side with Scar and/or the hyena trio, which really does not make sense even if certain characters are "heroes" while the other side are "villains". What if that doesn't make sense, and what if Simba, Kion and the rest of the protagonists of The Lion King and The Lion Guard join forces with the villains from other movies, games or series instead of with the heroes? Simba and his team acted like big bullies to some of the other characters/animals, honestly; They deserve to be punished.

I never really understood the whole Pooh's Adventures thing anyway, just Pooh and others going on crossovers with other characters to the point where it just feels weird and out of place? I did a fanfiction that had Rudolph (Rankin/Bass version), Sailor Moon, Polar Express and Thomas that probably is way better than this...and I'm confident to say I actually put more effort into it too. - SailorSedna

No, James McCloud is not the same person as Mufasa, and no, they'll never be allies with each other.

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243 Tackofetish

Has A Serious Case Of Fart Fetish Which Is Disgusting

I hope he gets terminated - mayamanga

Eww I don't see how people can have fetishes for it. I don't only mean Tackofetish I mean everyone who has it. - Kjellalbintomas

244 SRX1995

Yeah, Sonic fans are among the worst scum on Earth. At least I'm a SANE Sonic fan who only plays the games and sees the Sonic franchise for what it is, and not what fans want it to be.

245 StarryWind2014
246 LoveShadowSonic
247 Rabbidsfan

If His Name Is Rabbidsfan, Does That Mean He Makes Inflation Out Of The Rabbids?
Just Wondering If This Disgusting Person Does This

248 Hackerboy27
249 Superwolf15
250 YoshiKingMaster
251 Fluffy-Brown-Bear
252 DragonCosmos
253 Princesselizabeth013

She's also a Shadouge hater. Seriously man, not everyone is gonna agree with each other on Sonic "shippings", especially since it is confirmed that there are no canon couples in the Sonic universe.

Maybe she has changed she is older now so. Everyone desserves an extra chance - Getovait

She Is Literally Akai Dalia On Steroids

254 LGee14 V 1 Comment
255 Rhyanna The Hedgehog V 1 Comment
256 SuperRosey16

Despite Her Using Bases, I Like Her Art - JPK

Someone Added Her Just Because She Ponifies Anime Characters, That's Not A Good Reason To Add Someone To This List, She Has Every Right To Draw Characters As Ponies - JPK

257 Stickman8463

Photos of cars which looks like they were edited without permission. - SailorSedna

258 Abcilikepie

He got deactivated, but he can't even draw to save his life, I have actually seen hentai manga that's better drawn than his art. - SailorSedna

259 SonicGuy3000

Repulsive and disgusting fart fetish, which seems to have been re-uploaded from Animated James. - SailorSedna

260 Streetsweep237

I'm fixing my comment here. He no longer draws any of that stuff, he's moved on and his gallery is much better. Still some pregnancy stuff but few and far in between. - SailorSedna

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