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261 succubuscat

He posted horribly drawn Undertale porn (must be a rabid perverted Undertale fan) and actually has sexually harassed one of the other artists on this list, RedCatNaruto. I don't like that guy (see my entry on him? ) yet I would never harass him like that, I just blocked him and left him alone. He also left when I reported him to avoid punishment and getting caught, so a troll is probably what he is too. - SailorSedna

262 FoxPrinceAgain

He has a belly fetish and making Blue from Blue's Clues PREGNANT? WHAT THE HELL? She's only a puppy! - SailorSedna

GOD YES! Thank you for reporting.

It didn't work unfortunately. Either I put the wrong reason or DA's admins don't care. - SailorSedna

It would be great if someone would report Kuigi-the-demon's "Hi mister! " picture due to it involving a pedo crossover pairing which is not right. Cream does not deserve to be with Fox. Fox already has Krystal in his series.

I'm reporting it. What's funny is Fox looks pissed at her in there. - SailorSedna

I won't forgive his friend, Kuigi-the-demon, for making a picture of Fox McCloud and Cream the Rabbit together (Hi mister! ), which FoxPrinceAgain added to his favorites:

Cream:nice to meet you mister Fox! *smiles*
Fox:hey didn't your parents ever tell you never talk to strangers?

At least he didn't ship them but Cream's line in the description worried me and thankfully Fox is a stranger to her so hopefully they'll leave each other alone and part ways. Shipping Fox McCloud with Cream the Rabbit is one of the worst ideas for a crossover romance ever, especially since the age gap is too far apart. Fox and Cream are not a couple and never will be. Fox is already taken by Krystal (or Fara in the Star Fox comics, Katt flirts with him at times, too), and Cream deserves no one as she is six and too young for a relationship.

263 Dinamo2713
264 NightmareEclipse

The only good thing on their gallery are their photos. Other than that they have every common red flag waving fetish, obesity, vore, butts, he needs to put some of his stuff on mature content filter, and some of his pictures are just poorly drawn the way they're done, that "Kissing in the Dark" picture looked more nauseating and disgusting rather than appealing and romantic. - SailorSedna

265 tugscarebear

Finally someone understands!...

Child abuse, or any kind of abuse, is never acceptable.

Can you PLEASE fill your gallery with something else other than little kids' butts getting spanked? It's bordering on pedophilia, in fact, constantly posting that IS pedophilia. And some of them (getting spanked because you won't eat your veggies? ) is practically child abuse.

And don't get talented artists to waste their talent on art like that, it makes them look bad. - SailorSedna

266 VorishSuicune

From what I can tell of the username, another vore artist... - SailorSedna

267 Cynder45667
268 Dragondude97

He does vore... - SailorSedna

269 Ant-D

Sounds like he's another disgusting fetish artist. God...

I also found out, he's into vore/eating others. Yuck. - SailorSedna

Draws with MS Paint, he draws Sonic, My Little Pony (clopper), Five Nights at Freddy's and I believe Happy Tree Friends porn. How he draws them, well: Proportions are abysmal. Thighs should not be thicker than arms or look like giant chicken drumsticks. His characters' butts don't even look like butts, they look more like beach balls tucked or glued onto the body, and (hope this doesn't get me banned) what is with the way he draws the crotches on some of the bodies? They should not look like they are sharp enough to slice a fruit!

He has so many fetishes too, basically every big/swelling one, and though he does use mature content filter, he just dedicates his whole profile to his fetishes! This guy's art makes me feel better about myself. - SailorSedna

270 Trainman666
271 Heartman98
272 SansIsKawaii
273 Devilopolis
274 BigBellyGirl13
275 LetsFallTogether

I Was Absolutely Disgusted By The Picture Of Snowball In A Diaper Because I Love The Secret Life Of Pets

276 PrinceDumuzi

Oh dear... He sounds like a troll for sure.

I may not be the most religious person on the planet, but even I find his Christian-bashing very repulsing and wrong.

277 Superleroy1999
278 TsundereViolet-Chan
279 MoppyPuppy

You're not going to believe this guy. It's not so much the art he draws, but what he commissions. He is like one of those Go! Animate Assaulted video fanboys as he mostly commissions child abuse pictures/stories (read descriptions of pictures) usually involving Princess Luna as a filly from MLP, who one of his favorite characters is also. Seriously? It's disturbing and messed up, why would anyone want to make abusive pictures out of one of their favorite characters, especially considering it's from a kids' show?

He is also a troll, as he goes around saying stupid comments on some nice MLP pictures that usually involve sexual jokes or something, the way he delivers them aren't funny, and he's been known to insult others and start drama. - SailorSedna

Child abuse is not right. This guy needs to meet a psychiatrist.

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