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301 Radiste

This guy's art is disgusting, poor drawing with bad anatomy, bad coloring, so many fetishes and he not only has poor grammar but seems to be an attention seeker depending on some of his comments like "WHY ARE YOU NOT COMMENTING? " - SailorSedna

302 Joe-Anthro

Even if he may not be on Deviantart anymore, I'm still going to post him here.

All he does is disgusting hyper fat/obese My Little Pony art, art like his is a reason MLP's fanbase is hated. Sigh...what is so attractive about it? It just made me seemingly lose a few brain cells. - SailorSedna

303 Johan-N

From what I've read about him, he did a horribly bland and forgettable comic called "Asmundr" which had a sequel "Home", but both have bland dog characters, flat, unappealing art with a lot of traces, a boring story, disgusting unsexy intimacy scenes (he also has commissions of dogs getting with each other, and he thinks his dogs are "humans trapped in dog bodies"), he constantly does stuff with dogs having sex or have genitals (see below in second paragraph) and his treatment of the different genders of dogs there is shockingly offensive, disgusting and sexist, with every female dog in there either being a rape victim or damsel in distress! And I thought the beginning of the anime "Wounded Man" (which had a similar situation) was bad! And he has a girlfriend too?

He also can't take criticism like a man, and he even draws bulges on male dogs without putting mature content filter on it, claiming that he won't "censor natural dog anatomy", and refuses to put a mature content on ...more - SailorSedna

304 AerisSs
305 DarkFusionLatios
306 legoben2
307 KatarinatheCat

There is fetish art of Sonic Boom as well? It seems that nothing is sacred nowadays. -_-

Sonic, who's 16, somehow pregnant in one of her pictures, being paired with Lyric, who depending on what game in the Sonic Boom series, is either 1,000 or 5,000 years old, and she also wrote "don't like, don't comment" while disabling comments, proving she can't take criticism like a damn lady...

Let that sink in... - SailorSedna

308 GokuandSonic707
309 JeffmusPrime
310 Oswaldfan123
311 air30002
312 Mccraeiscook2017205
313 cameron33268110
314 Frofrokacho
315 Badboylol
316 Bluesplendont
317 Kitty-McGeeky97
318 TheRisenChaos
319 TristantheWOYFan2 TristantheWOYFan2
320 ChrisCmoney
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