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301 zana-artista
302 RikuKHAnimeFan
303 CanzetYote
304 TRC-Tooniversity

MS Paint art which is nothing special and he wastes it on fetishes. - SailorSedna

305 shenson202
306 hicbar
307 GalaxyPrincess3

Crossover fan in a nutshell. Happens to ship Judy Hopps with Judy Jetson due to having the same first name. (But at least it isn't Judy Hopps with Fox McCloud, thankfully. Poor Fox doesn't deserve to be in a relationship with a rabbit. He already has Krystal or Fara in his series) At least she is actually learning how to draw instead of using a dress-up doll maker or making collages all the time according to her latest work. Although she only makes collages when she's stressed, and she has a new account now.

Seeing so many autistics on this "worst artists" list makes me fear that, if I ever have a DeviantArt site, I'm afraid that you might put me on this list and I don't want that. (I'm an autistic) So I'm actually very glad that I don't have a DeviantArt, despite seeing a few talented and professional artists having an account there despite that they only use it for social media.

308 SlytheWarrior
309 Akira500

I Put Her on Here Because She Hates The Legend of Korra. - kcianciulli

310 Shaylo-Artistry
311 PatrickVeteranPlz

Thank goodness he got banned. Trolls are horrible.

312 FondaSu
313 DisneyMaster

Why do people think feminists are bad? Not all feminists are the whiny SJWs that everyone talks and complains about these days. If anything, REAL feminists stand for equality and both misogyny and anti-feminism suck on many levels.

Yeah, this user is a total whiner.

314 MagentaHusky
315 Swampyfan
316 popaandreea
317 KittyJewelpet78
318 CatFan180
319 JimmyTwoTimes2K9
320 The-Del-Bel
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