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21 PlasmaBomber
22 MippyTrippy

He seems to be a rabid Johnny Test hater. I don't like that show now too, but I wouldn't spend so much time hating on it, I have other things to love and better things to do.

Johnny test hate is immature. I choosed to not watch it - Getovait

23 KennyBronyGamer19971

Wow... His gallery is repulsing.

I've seen his account. His most recent pic is another picture of his... pony OC with diapers on! Come on man! I'm only 15 but... don't know what to say next. - Neonco31

Draws Ponies In Diapers
As A Brony, I Find That Angering And Disgusting - JPK

24 GodsofWarAndRock

He's inactive, but what is he doing here?

25 Cartoonfanboyone

He sucks. He always brings up to other people HATE towards the new PPGs voice actors, who are cute people and all they literally did was replace the older voice actors which wasn't even their fault. Shame on him for not keeping his arrogant opinion to himself! - NintendoFan380

His girlfriend Katy is equally bad! - HCShannon

26 AlexisIsCutie

This guy really pisses me off. He literally ignores all of our advice to him. He doesn't even listen to what we are saying, all he cares about is women's body parts, and that poor girl Ellie.

I Remember When He Liked Transformers More Than The Disgusting Crap He Does Now

And not to mention that to this day, he STILL obsesses over that poor girl, Ellie.

This whole Trent Morrison thing is still relevant? God, the GoAnimate community sure doesn't grow up. - Swellow

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27 StormyAlexa08
28 Matrooko11

He Also Keeps Changing His Opinions. - kcianciulli

Good gracious he's gone! - NintendoFan380

Get a Job, Matrooko! - kcianciulli

Annoying Canadian boy, uploads nothing but meme 30 times each day, obsessed with Cartoon girls, and keeps making up excuses on why he can't draw. Also keeps making new accounts, uploads more memes, but then returns to his original.

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29 Kphoria

I agree 100% His gallery is awful and nothing but traces.

His YouTube Channel Is Even Worse

Sounds like he can't take criticism like a man if he disables comments...

He made builders of fnaf butt he not make them with belies and a retard named Joeyinsully asked to him to ad to chica the circle this guy can take criticism because he disbles comments and he ruined video game characters and ii checked his page and he is making new videos about this vore and a deviant name Oni666 requested to him to make a Unkitty vore video which is actuly disgusting, he ruined every video game character and his fans are completely retarded.He has fan base and niko kai or what is his name maked fnaf vore builders but as sonic style this guy is bad.he has 33 now and in the year 2034 if devianart is dead vore will never exist

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30 Superkiel

He just got banned, praise the lord!

Is it weird that I hate Mlp, but I find anti bronies super annoying?!

Thank God I Never Saw His Page

His new account is citytoon

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31 EmeraldZebra7894

She's annoying! - NintendoFan380

32 Biliahthesegagamer

He can have a fetish if he like you don't need to look at it. Easy isn't it? - Getovait

That fetish is his problem - Getovait

One pic is gross but the rest is decent - luvforgiveforget

@xandermartin98 if he like bellies he likes bellies I know it's a cheap excuse but that's the truth - Getovait

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33 ClaimedDawn

This guy has some decent art pics, but seriously? Fetishes for drowning? - SailorSedna

As long as he don't drown people in real life it's fine! it's just drawings! Are you sure it's a fetish? - Getovait

34 MusicVideo123
35 Jiminycricketfan007

She is so in love with Jiminy Cricket that she considers him as her boyfriend, husband, mate or true love. So much that she refused to visit her dying grandmother in the hospital because she was afraid that she was going to spend less time with him if that was the case. It is so wrong. This is bad behavior and I wish that Hollie a.k.a. Jiminycricketfan007, would just break up with and divorce Jiminy Cricket in order to face reality and live a new way of life without that dreadful obsession, while have herself see Jiminy Cricket die by splattering on a wind-shield of someone's car at high speeds. Her unhealthy obsession has gone way too far, and this is why most people have been making fun of her. It's fine to like a fictional character, but treating it like a lover or a real person is not good behavior.

This artist has closed her account so why not let that go? I know it might not healthy - Kjellalbintomas

When she found out that she got so much attention from trolls for her unhealthy obsession with/crush on a fictional cricket, she then started drawing shipping art of herself with Cliff Edwards (who was the voice actor of Jiminy Cricket and was happily married and dead for years). I have no idea which is worse, the fact that she ships herself with a fictional cricket or the fact that she ships herself with a dead guy who died before she was even born? Both are bad ideas, in my opinion.

She also has a belly fetish from what I've seen on her gallery. Yuck! I seriously wish she would grow out of these unhealthy messes and learn from her mistakes.

Obsessing Over Jimmy Cricket Is Not A Good Thing At All

I hope this artist named Hollie goes to Cliff Edward's graveyard, digging out his grave, took out his body from the ground, opened the coffin and kissing it like in the Youtube video called:
"My Dead Great Grandma's Coffin in My Own Backyard".

Get out of your imagination girl and go straight to reality.

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36 NickBate

Man, he IS terrible. Glad he went to jail where he belongs. He deserves it after the horrible things he did.

We need to get Nick Bate, or rather, Sick Bate, into the top 5.

I'm surprised he's not at the top of the list, seeing as some of the other 'artists' above him weren't anywhere near awful enough to get themselves sent to prison. - Entranced98

Ok he actually desserve to be here then - Getovait

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37 Cartuneslover16

What's wrong with her? She turned one of the craziest, villainous characters ever (Zim) into a crybaby. Now Zim, The REAL Zim, would NEVER cry. I watched every episode and I never saw him cry once. - kcianciulli

I think she actually believes that the cartoon characters she draws are real...and it's kind of worrying.

Most of her fanfiction sucks.

38 KingBilly97

I also have noticed that he post comments on every single status post of another user, and even the user himself is getting sick and tired of all of KingBilly97's irrelevant and pointless comments, giving him a warning of 'Do not comment on any of my stuff unless it actually contributes anything'.

Steven Universe Fans Aren't Going to Like Him. - kcianciulli

He Hates Avatar: The Last Airbender. - kcianciulli

39 Akai Dalia

She is old news now... Her name isn't even Akai Dalia anymore - Getovait

Wow. She sounds like she's a terrible person if that is the case.

Sonic is not a hentai series, thus drawing Rule 34 of it is not right.

She's Very Rude,Draws Sonic Porn,etc

She was a bitch in 2013 she has changed I haven't seen her rude so please just stop! - Stoptheendlesshate

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40 tntthehedgehog06

He's a decent Artist. - Getovait

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