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21 Daizua123

You gotta love that he takes every negative thing about him as a attack. - XxGiganmasterxX

Hey rabid Daizua fans (To clarify not all of his fans) can you not throw a hissy fit against people who don't like Daizua? - XxGiganmasterxX

He lazily copies and pastes aspects from his previous terrible artworks, so he's like a sonic OC fan artist. - XxGiganmasterxX


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22 Biliahthesegagamer

That fetish is his problem - Getovait

One pic is gross but the rest is decent - luvforgiveforget

@xandermartin98 if he like bellies he likes bellies I know it's a cheap excuse but that's the truth - Getovait

"One day I was on YouTube, searching for my name, when along came this video, from this fa**ot named Solar Sands! "

"So WHAT if I like bellies?
So WHAT if I have a little fetish? " - xandermartin98

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23 ClaimedDawn

This guy has some decent art pics, but seriously? Fetishes for drowning? - SailorSedna

As long as he don't drown people in real life it's fine! it's just drawings! Are you sure it's a fetish? - Getovait

24 Imma-the-Deer

If she isn't on the anymore why is she higher now? I think we can put her higher if she comes back and is her old self. If she comes back (if she does) and have changed to the better we can remove her from the list - Getovait

Wouldn't it be Imma the doe? If she hates asian people now she should get help and find out why she hates them and what she can do to stop feel so much hate - Kjellalbintomas

Just search her name into the searchbox of deviantART, and you can see why everyone hates suicide fakers and con artists like this. - Swellow

She seemed bratty hope she change - Getovait

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25 NickBate

Man, he IS terrible. Glad he went to jail where he belongs. He deserves it after the horrible things he did.

We need to get Nick Bate, or rather, Sick Bate, into the top 5.

A terrible artist who is a terrible person. Glad he was sentenced to 16.5 to 40 years in prison. - drdevil

Ok he actually desserve to be here then - Getovait

26 Cartuneslover16
27 KingBilly97

I also have noticed that he post comments on every single status post of another user, and even the user himself is getting sick and tired of all of KingBilly97's irrelevant and pointless comments, giving him a warning of 'Do not comment on any of my stuff unless it actually contributes anything'.

Steven Universe Fans Aren't Going to Like Him. - kcianciulli

He Hates Avatar: The Last Airbender. - kcianciulli

28 tntthehedgehog06

He's a decent Artist. - Getovait

29 VinIsBack

Crossover is nothing new enough said... - Getovait

This guy's a fool. - kcianciulli

I Was Thinking of an Ed Edd n Eddy/My Life as a Teenage Robot Crossover (Not a Real One But a Fanfiction One). But VinIsBack had to ruin that for me.

I Was Thinking of an Ed Edd n Eddy/My Life as a Teenage Robot Crossover (Not a Real One But a Fanfiction One). But VinIsBack had to ruin it for me.

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30 SailorSedna

I was angry at him because he showed my friend he was on this list (cannot mention his name here or who it was) it made my friend close his account and ruined his self esteem so much. He didn't had to show him that. It made my friend feel so bad - Getovait

But I promise I don't hate him I don't hate anyone I don't know. I just hate people like Adolf Hitler and Donald trump... but not people I don't know on the internet. - luvforgiveforget

Just to let everyone know, SailorSedna has closed his account and left this website 11 days ago, though he's still on Deviantart, albeit not using "SailorSedna" not being his account name.

I think Deviantart should be called Fetishart :( sad indeed but it's the truth. If I find a more family friendly artsite I can recommend it for you - Getovait

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31 RedheadXilamGuy

Yep. This guy has serious problems. His Google Plus blogs are the worst. I noticed he featured somebody else's Grojband fanart on his Grojband Haters blog (presumably without permission) and got everyone to make fun of it. He needs help. Like a lot of it. - regularponyfan09


Also, don't get me started of his unability to respects GrojBand fans. He loves attacking GrojBand fans with his so-called friends and shoved his hatred down people's throat. - ChatNoirFan18

Too obsessive with The Modifyers although it rejected and annoying hatred to Grojband. Also, his girls fanarts are crappy and has...big boobs.The only good thing about him is he likes Miraculous.

Also, thanks a lot to made me hates Agent Xero and like Laney Penn because your crappy Modifyers fanarts, Redhead (sarcasm) 😒. - ChatNoirFan18

32 Ciber-kitty

Stealing other peoples' art is never okay. Hopefully she will learn a lesson or two on why that is wrong.

She's gone now. Yay! - ChatNoirFan18

It's pretty sad that her sister, NickyCupcakes, is actually better than her.

33 MikeEddyAdmirer89

IF he is a pedophile (remember to be source critical from what you read on the internet it can be trolls or someone who look for attention) the girl's parents need to report him it's their duty to do that. - cuteCorgi

Anyone's art with max effort no matter how garbage it is, will always be better than Michael's artwork - YourWaifuSucks

An artist who lacks artistic talent. - YourWaifuSucks

You are supposed to improve over time, not stay still. - YourWaifuSucks

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34 creatiffy

Creatiffy should stick to furaffinty - Kjellalbintomas

Furaffinity sounds kinda innocent. But I think it is 18+ on this site I could be wrong - Getovait

Common Furaffinity is a porn site, dear Sedna - Getovait

I did not know (this is Sedna speaking) it was a porn site, but at least it's better than e621, yuck.

To those who like this guy's art, it's fine and I respect your opinion, but to me, I think he draws characters' breasts out of proportion and he could work on that a bit more.

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35 ShadowWolfHount

Hey I'm friends with him, glad to see him here! - XxGiganmasterxX

How can you be glad to see your friend here? - Getovait

Post pics of his toys mostly. Not art. enough said - Getovait

No big deal - luvforgiveforget

36 Ben-the-looney

I Don't Like Him Because He Hates Despicable Me And That Is A Really Good Movie

He have a Deviantart account? , Oh god why.

This guy sucks, all he does is drawing female cartoon characters to make them sexualizes to exploited little children who are not to see this kind of stuff.

He drew boobs on a 10-year-old girl (Chloe from We Bare Bears). Enough said!

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37 DJ88

It's her picture, AWDs vs. Shenzi, that bothered me because she made Shenzi look like a real hyena, which is so wrong because Shenzi, as well as Banzai and Ed in TLK give their species a bad rep, so much that Disney was sued by a hyena biologist for this. One of the reasons why I hate these characters. If she didn't draw Shenzi, Banzai and Ed, as well as TLK in general, then her gallery would've been better and she wouldn't have been on this list. I know everyone has their own opinions, but still. Not everyone is going to like TLK, it's not the best movie/franchise in the planet, and I really hate it when fans treat it like it is.

It's because she drew Shenzi, Banzai and Ed, and the rest of TLK. I hate that movie and those characters. She would be better if she didn't draw those three.

I know people can draw whatever they want, even if I don't like it, it's their opinion, but still. Seeing Shenzi, Banzai and Ed (and the rest of TLK) being so dang popular that they overshadow everything else, is so beyond me. Especially when there are so many better characters/franchises out there.

Kinda boring username - cuteCorgi

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38 MyFetishSituation

Typical disgusting fat fetishist. - SailorSedna

39 CwieChanti
40 ChesterCheetosFan

Pretty much everyone in the Pooh's Adventures community draws or writes like a little kid, despite them being all teens or adults. I really wish they would be better educated and why this idea is so wrong.

Pooh's Adventures as a whole is terrible. Especially the Simba, Timon and Pumbaa's Adventures and Sora's Adventures spinoffs.

He Hates Rocko's Modern Life, Harvey Beaks, and The Loud House. That's Unforgivable. - kcianciulli

Why is Everyone Defending This Loser? - kcianciulli

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