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381 IggyTooBiggy

Inflation? Check. - SailorSedna

382 Arelli-Raven

It looks like she uses an avatar maker and she needs to improve her drawing... - SailorSedna

383 Mikpas95

She draws poor MS Paint art, or just lamely inserts images like from Google images and such (look at her "Yoga" picture) and she stole art from others like one named 101boy. - SailorSedna

384 PariahExileWrath

A clopper who does disgusting commissions and has so many repulsive fetishes it hurts. - SailorSedna

385 Beanzoboy

Another MLP season oner who needs to stop watching the show, I mean, I'm not satisfied with the show now but I've stopped watching it and will watch the film, and I do other MLP stuff instead (art, play games, listen to fan music). - SailorSedna

386 TheLiljdude
387 MyDLSecretLife
388 EsecutiveWatcher
389 theshydiaperlover

Thanks for adding her she make me cringe! - Kjellalbintomas

All she does are crappy fanfictions. - SailorSedna

390 theshydiaperlover2
391 aliciabeth99

Thinks that bestiality and zoophila are OK and tries to defend them by saying it's OK for interspecies with human and animals...I don't even... - SailorSedna

392 8manderz8
393 Prentis-65
394 sporeman86

Study proper proportions and anatomy, and don't make yourself look like a clopper. - SailorSedna

395 schrodinger1
396 XxPatelAmericaxX
397 Zeta-Union

A pro-bestiality or troll group. Enough said. - SailorSedna

398 TheZooUnity
399 fruztal
400 michaelsquishyeddy89

He is an adult (I think) and his date is like around 13 but happens to hid her real age, but still. 13 is way too young for romance and it's not okay to lie about your age.

How old is the girl he's dating and how old is he? - Getovait

Ok that's bad hope his parents report him - Getovait

I meant her - Getovait

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