Worst Artists On DeviantArt

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421 MyDLSecretLife

I think this user should be HIGH on the list. Drawing poopy diapers all day. - Kjellalbintomas

422 EsecutiveWatcher
423 theshydiaperlover

Thanks for adding her she make me cringe! - Kjellalbintomas

All she does are crappy fanfictions. - SailorSedna

424 theshydiaperlover2
425 aliciabeth99

Thinks that bestiality and zoophila are OK and tries to defend them by saying it's OK for interspecies with human and animals...I don't even... - SailorSedna

426 8manderz8
427 sporeman86

Study proper proportions and anatomy, and don't make yourself look like a clopper. - SailorSedna

428 schrodinger1
429 XxPatelAmericaxX
430 Zeta-Union

A pro-bestiality or troll group. Enough said. - SailorSedna

431 TheZooUnity
432 fruztal
433 AlexTDGuy

Just another GoAnimator on DeviantArt. - Drewman1211

434 TinkyWinkyIsCutie

He deactivated his account - Getovait

435 SimbaSanslover123

Another awful Lion King/crossover fan? Oh dear. This is one of the reasons why TLK has an awful fanbase.

436 guardian626
437 Sebastian-Mendez380

This creep of a troll impersonated me, used my real identity and said nasty things to other users to make ME look BAD. He pisses me so damn much! Shame on him! - NintendoFan380

438 MarcosPower1996

I don't see anything wrong with him - Getovait

Draws a lot of hate art - HCShannon

I wish he would grow up, stop drawing hate art and just focus on drawing what he likes instead of drawing hate art of what he doesn't like. Even though I have different opinions from him, I still think that MikeEddyAdmirer89, Chris-Chan, PaulandAmy, DJ88 and TheHyenasSBE are worse.

He's not as bad as MikeEddyAdmirer89. - kcianciulli

439 MrMadness02

Seems like he like butts - Kjellalbintomas

As long as he don't treat them as sex objects it's fine. hope he won't - Getovait

440 PegTheTCFfan2017

Seem to have a temper but it's only 20th century logos - Getovait

Saving copyrighted logos and posting them as art... Are you kidding me? You know that is not right to claim art you didn't make as yours. DeviantArt is not Tumblr nor Photobucket nor Imgur.

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