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441 exciterex

That person closed his account - Getovait

442 WaffenSS561

Pics of Adolf hitler don't belong on the bet it's a troll - Getovait

443 CinnamonHeartXOXO

All I see is she likes MLP nothing wrong with that - Getovait

444 Romanoslittlelover1
445 DarthRainer83

Obsessed with cartoon girls and puts their heads on "sexy bodies" and has not been banned for some reason! - HCShannon

446 ToddlerGirl

Acts too much like a real toddler! - HCShannon

447 BuddyBoy600

I am sick and tired of hearing about the Disney version of Marsupilami and his gorilla butt-buddy, The 3 Stooges, Canada, The Beatles, and 80s Sesame Street! - HCShannon

448 TheKrispyKat

I used to like her, when her art was nothing but harmless cute Carebears and baby furs, than this whole Nazi thing started and... - HCShannon

449 BancyStudios1995
450 HuckandLil

Nostalgiatard obsessed with classic Hanna-Barbera and Nicktoons, especially the characters of Huckleberry Hound and Lillian "Lil" Deville - HCShannon

451 darcat1530

He's not a bad artist at all, he's pretty good. Guess a troll put him on here.

How's he bad? explain - Getovait

452 TommyPicklesFan1992

Michael Eddy fanboy/protege, draws child porn thinks Angelica from the Rugrats is sexy! - HCShannon

453 JesterOfLullaby
454 kabutopsthebadd

Nothing to moan about all he/she does is to draw feet - Getovait

455 Disneycow82

I disagree with her on the Lion King, though. But no reason to put her on the list. DJ88 and TheHyenasSBE are worse.

456 Luiskoa64

He can still improve - Getovait

He is not bad - cuteCorgi

457 richardgamerxx

Not so creative but I don't hate him - cuteCorgi

There's a very few people I hate - Getovait

458 ValgStamps

I agree with some of his stamps and disagree with some. But I hate his swastika avatar - Getovait

459 PinokeDisneyFreak

Mostly fanfics but no art... - Getovait

460 Sikojensika
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