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41 Ladybutterfly2016
42 Tumalord635

This guy seems to be like one of those mischevious people who just likes to screw with others, but he doesn't seem like a bad person. - SailorSedna

Well he don't really use deviantart as an artsite more like post pics of bionicles. Not so much to discuss really. he don't desserve to be here really... I'm a neutral person I'm not blaming anyone or hate anyone - Getovait

43 FarhantheMovieGuy
44 Toongirl18

She's also a friend or watcher of TheHyenasSBE, the worst the and FA artist in the world.

She Also Keeps Changing Her Opinions. - kcianciulli

She needs to stop changing her opinions. It's annoying. - kcianciulli

Just Like Matrooko11, She Always Keeps Changing Her Opinions. - kcianciulli

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45 Mistystuffer

I'm scared by this guy.

Um why isn't this number 1?

Good news, everyone, he's gone! - SailorSedna

He deactivated his account! thank goodness - Getovait

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46 Jose-Ramiro

I understand everyone is entitled to their own opinion so there is no reason to be told to grow up just because of hating a fictional character someone else is obsessed over. (Ever heard of constructive criticism? people can learn from mistakes and change their own opinions for the better, you know.) It's just some fans often make their favorite characters go out of character for no reason.

Shenzi is not muscular, so what's with drawing her taller or more muscular than some of the other female characters in his pictures? Shenzi, in my opinion, is a terrible character along with Banzai, Ed, Simba and Sora of Kingdom Hearts. It also seems that Jose's gallery is filled with fetishes. Hopefully he will learn not to draw Shenzi ever again and change his mind for the better and realize that fetishes are wrong.

Well, definitely he is the worst artist ever in deviantart because he's drawing the way he ruins everything, it's like cyberbullying.

he is fine - Getovait

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47 Nascar2215

This guy came back, and he's even worse. - Swellow


48 MichalSquishyEddy89

And a lot of his pictures make me cringe. He uses his same drawings over and over and over again, uses screenshots he didn't make himself but found them on the Internet for his own pics, and worst of all, he treats fictional characters like they're real people: He makes them take baths, watch movies, play video games like real people... And worse, they make a whole group of fictional characters sing songs together even if said fictional characters he used never sang in the movies or such they originated in.

He also makes trashy crossover art and heck, even a little kid can draw better than he can.

He's a pedophile and he's homophobic.

Oh god his art is bad and he's hates criticism

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49 Sonic--Inflator

Yes, I really hate that fetishes are a huge turn on for people these days...

How many more of these artists (I wouldn't even consider these people artists! ) who make pointless and awful art that is enough to make a whole army cringe to death do we need?

Sonic fandom is sad... - cuteCorgi

The Sonic fanbase is like that. I'm still a Sonicfan I don't let the fanbase ruin it for me - Getovait

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50 SB99stuff

I used to like him, but then his underage girl art became too much for me! - HCShannon

Liking butts is nothing new. I see nothing appealing with a butt. - luvforgiveforget

Beside the butt pic he is alright - Getovait

Don't really like his buttpics. rest of the pics isn't that cringy. - Getovait

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51 SonicScatFan1999

Sounds like he is one of the most disgusting people on the planet... Now I can't see Sonic the Hedgehog the same way again.

People like him Make art that make The Last Airbender and Movie 43 look like masterpieces!

He seems gone. Hope we all can let it go now - Getovait

I bet he is a troll the username make him sound like a troll. - Getovait

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52 Sleepingbeautylover

Steals Pictures Of Woman In Corpses For His Own Disgusting Desires

Has he found the pics on google and posted them? Well that's not a creative idea enough said - Getovait

If he remember his password I hope he can log in and delete the pics he posted. we can send him a note and ask him nicely because they don't really belong to deviantART but do not WAIT for his him answer the note. Tumblr suit him better - cuteCorgi

It seems like a dead account thank goodness - Kjellalbintomas

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53 TheFandomMenace98

Why Is This Amazing Person Here?

He's here because a person added them on here. Not everyone's going to like who you like. - Swellow

I Like Him
But I Respect Your Opinion If You Don't

54 BlueCatRiolu

He is good at MS paint To be honest. Well I saw some fat art. But does it necessary means it's a fetish? - Getovait

His account is full of Yo Kai watch crap (a obvious rip off of pokemon and digimon) but... OCs and... fetish stuff...

And if you say anything about his art sucks. Say hello to idiotic fans who will attack you

55 ChesterCheetosFan

Pretty much everyone in the Pooh's Adventures community draws or writes like a little kid, despite them being all teens or adults. I really wish they would be better educated and why this idea is so wrong.

Pooh's Adventures as a whole is terrible. Especially the Simba, Timon and Pumbaa's Adventures and Sora's Adventures spinoffs.

He Hates Rocko's Modern Life, Harvey Beaks, and The Loud House. That's Unforgivable. - kcianciulli

Rocko's modern life is a good show not my favorite. But hate someone who hates it it's kinda low - Getovait

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56 SBATLHFanatic2012

He doesn't want a Loud House/Harvey Beaks crossover to happen. Instead he wants a SpongeBob/Loud House Crossover to Happen instead. He also whines too much. - kcianciulli

I was thinking of putting him on this list, but just found him! - NintendoFan380

He made a messed up picture of Lola Loud giving birth.

I'm not kidding. - Drewman1211

He should ask for constructive cristisism so would I if I were him and listen to how I can be better - cuteCorgi

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57 voredude234

It's mostly memes and probably photoshop pictures. Not 100% creative but nothing to cry about really - Getovait

I agree with Getovait he's a wise person - luvforgiveforget

58 angelcoreXX

DeviantART is not recommended for this dude I do not mean he's not allowed to be there - Getovait

I just wouldn't recommend deviantArt for him - Getovait

I wouldn't really call it art if that's all he post. but it's up to him - Getovait

59 Chotetsumaru

Hope the person isn't a hater of the character he draw them with. But end of the day it's just art and imagination - Getovait

Shipping a real person with a fictional character is never acceptable. God... What's with DeviantArtists these days?

I agree it is bad to do that. he need to stop - Getovait

Ok real people shouldn't be shipped with fictional characters as long as they don't choosed it themselves - Getovait

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60 Pancakedude

@getovait everybody say it sometimes I know it isn't nice. People say it mostly of anger. But you are right it isn't the nicest word on the planet. I don't have anything against pancakedude but his submits are really gross - Kjellalbintomas

Well I haven't seen anyone say idiot here - cuteCorgi

I got it now. Glad you don't cry. Don't be so upset over art as lomg as it's not something personal to you, Sailor Sedna. But the comment is not showing anymore so we can move on - Getovait

Sedna doesn't cry when he gets criticized, like I told you.

And he had said it because he was angry and disgusted, he thought that art was totally gross.

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