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41 Cartuneslover16
42 MikeEddyAdmirer89

IF he is a pedophile (remember to be source critical from what you read on the internet it can be trolls or someone who look for attention) the girl's parents need to report him it's their duty to do that. - cuteCorgi

Anyone's art with max effort no matter how garbage it is, will always be better than Michael's artwork - YourWaifuSucks

An artist who lacks artistic talent. - YourWaifuSucks

This sicko is So... overrated! - NintendoFan380

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43 PinkiePie097
44 VinIsBack

Crossover is nothing new enough said... - Getovait

This guy's a fool. - kcianciulli

I Was Thinking of an Ed Edd n Eddy/My Life as a Teenage Robot Crossover (Not a Real One But a Fanfiction One). But VinIsBack had to ruin that for me.

I Was Thinking of an Ed Edd n Eddy/My Life as a Teenage Robot Crossover (Not a Real One But a Fanfiction One). But VinIsBack had to ruin it for me.

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45 SailorSedna

I was angry at him because he showed my friend he was on this list (cannot mention his name here or who it was) it made my friend close his account and ruined his self esteem so much. He didn't had to show him that. It made my friend feel so bad - Getovait

But I promise I don't hate him I don't hate anyone I don't know. I just hate people like Adolf Hitler and Donald trump... but not people I don't know on the internet. - luvforgiveforget

Just to let everyone know, SailorSedna has closed his account and left this website 11 days ago, though he's still on Deviantart, albeit not using "SailorSedna" not being his account name.

I think Deviantart should be called Fetishart :( sad indeed but it's the truth. If I find a more family friendly artsite I can recommend it for you - Getovait

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46 Ben-the-looney

I Don't Like Him Because He Hates Despicable Me And That Is A Really Good Movie

He have a Deviantart account? , Oh god why.

This guy sucks, all he does is drawing female cartoon characters to make them sexualizes to exploited little children who are not to see this kind of stuff.

He LIED about hating sexualised pictures. HE MAKES SEXUALISED PICS

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47 MyFetishSituation

The username is so obvious - Getovait

48 MyNastyStamps

I'm so glad his account got suspended. All he ever did was make stamps saying dogs were bad creatures (I'd like to see a dog attack this bastard), he also made a stamp saying he didn't care about animal abuse (really? REALLY? Have you seen the Yulin Dog Meat stuff? It's a very disgusting, barbaric festival and must be stopped! And don't get me started on the hunting stuff because we all know killing beautiful animals is bad.) He also made a lot of anti-MLP stamps saying it was the worst cartoon ever produced. Seriously? How can you hate the greatest show ever produced? The animation is wonderful, the music is catchy, the ponies are kawaii, and the series stays very true to the franchise. Yet he also despises the Mane Six very much. Are you like kidding me? I love all of the Mane Six. I'd like to see Twilight kick this vicious and immoral person in the face. Plus he also hates cats (Cats have like the best human looking expressions and emotions). I hope one day he can get reported and ...more

An opinion can't get you thrown in jail or enough on the news, and it's his choice if he doesn't like dogs or cats, though I do agree he was an annoyance. - Swellow

This guy made a stamp that's against dogs. Of course I hate him. I'm glad he's inactive. - Powerfulgirl10

He is so heartless - Officialpen

People have their opinions.

49 MichalSquishyEddy89

And a lot of his pictures make me cringe. He uses his same drawings over and over and over again, uses screenshots he didn't make himself but found them on the Internet for his own pics, and worst of all, he treats fictional characters like they're real people: He makes them take baths, watch movies, play video games like real people... And worse, they make a whole group of fictional characters sing songs together even if said fictional characters he used never sang in the movies or such they originated in.

He also makes trashy crossover art and heck, even a little kid can draw better than he can.

He's a pedophile and he's homophobic.

Oh god his art is bad and he's hates criticism

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50 ChesterCheetosFan

Pretty much everyone in the Pooh's Adventures community draws or writes like a little kid, despite them being all teens or adults. I really wish they would be better educated and why this idea is so wrong.

Pooh's Adventures as a whole is terrible. Especially the Simba, Timon and Pumbaa's Adventures and Sora's Adventures spinoffs.

He Hates Rocko's Modern Life, Harvey Beaks, and The Loud House. That's Unforgivable. - kcianciulli

I've Heard Of Pooh's Adventures, But I Don't Know What It's Exactly About - JPK

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51 SBATLHFanatic2012

He doesn't want a Loud House/Harvey Beaks crossover to happen. Instead he wants a SpongeBob/Loud House Crossover to Happen instead. He also whines too much. - kcianciulli

He made a messed up picture of Lola Loud giving birth.

I'm not kidding. - Drewman1211

I was thinking of putting him on this list, but just found him! - NintendoFan380

I was going to put him on the list, but looks like my work got cut out for me. He deserves to be on here, as he drew pedophilic art; a picture of Lucy Loud in a bikini posing sexually when she's 8 years old and did one of Lola, who's only 6, giving birth. That's disgusting, even though he's about 15-16 years old, it's still child porn.

He was terminated from Deviantart and deserved it but I do hope that he changes his actions.

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52 Tumalord635

This guy seems to be like one of those mischevious people who just likes to screw with others, but he doesn't seem like a bad person. - SailorSedna

Well he don't really use deviantart as an artsite more like post pics of bionicles. Not so much to discuss really. he don't desserve to be here really... I'm a neutral person I'm not blaming anyone or hate anyone - Getovait

53 ShadowWolfHount

Hey I'm friends with him, glad to see him here! - XxGiganmasterxX

How can you be glad to see your friend here? - Getovait

Post pics of his toys mostly. Not art. enough said - Getovait

No big deal - luvforgiveforget

54 FarhantheMovieGuy
55 Toongirl18

She's also a friend or watcher of TheHyenasSBE, the worst the and FA artist in the world.

She Also Keeps Changing Her Opinions. - kcianciulli

She needs to stop changing her opinions. It's annoying. - kcianciulli

What I hate about her is that she compares Bliss the PPG with Chloe Carmichael from The FOP, which is really disgraceful because prior to Bliss's existence, if I compared Chloe Carmichael with ANY Powerpuff Girl, it'd be Bell, Bleedman's OC. Why? Well Bell is as pathetic as Chloe, they have somewhat similar hair, and:
Timmy as Bubbles
Wanda as Blossom
Cosmo as Buttercup
Poof as Bunny
Sparky as Bullet

You see? Bliss and Chloe Carmichael are no comparison. That is why I hate Toongirl18 - NintendoFan380

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56 ILuvSonicShadow

Like Jiminycricketfan007, ILuvSonicShadow was also Jiminy Cricket's lover, but she shortly grew out of it but threatened to commit suicide because of it. She is one of the more extreme fictional character obsessors on deviantArt, and people have gotten sick of her obessing, and later, whining. Since ILuvSonicShadow has deactivated her account, I hope she has learned her lesson and realized what she did was wrong.

Actually, I think KrofftFan IS ILuvSonicShadow. How she draws and writes is nearly identical, except she doesn't ship herself with her favorite characters anymore.

Hope she has changed if she is Krofftfan96. But I don't say you should put Krofftfan96 on the list! - Getovait

I heard that KrofftFan96 is similar to her, but I dunno if she is the same person or not. But at least KrofftFan96 doesn't pair herself up with favorite cartoon characters like ILuvSonicShadow does, that's for sure.

57 Virus-20

So true... I hate him so much. All he does is disgusting furry fetish art.

"I HaTe HiM sO mUcH AlL hE dOeS iS dIsGuStInG fUrRy FeTiSh ArT boo hoo" is what the baby here say about someone he/she don't know at all perhaps he isn't like that in person but you decide to hate the person over his art. How sad isn't that? - Getovait

"I hate him so much. All he does is disgusting furry fetish art." A baby did not say that. Stop mocking others. Everyone is going to have their own opinion and not everyone would agree with each other. Chill out, man.

I don't mock anyone I just got upset he said he hate the person. he can hate his art just fine - Getovait

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58 DJ88

It's her picture, AWDs vs. Shenzi, that bothered me because she made Shenzi look like a real hyena, which is so wrong because Shenzi, as well as Banzai and Ed in TLK give their species a bad rep, so much that Disney was sued by a hyena biologist for this. One of the reasons why I hate these characters. If she didn't draw Shenzi, Banzai and Ed, as well as TLK in general, then her gallery would've been better and she wouldn't have been on this list. I know everyone has their own opinions, but still. Not everyone is going to like TLK, it's not the best movie/franchise in the planet, and I really hate it when fans treat it like it is.

It's because she drew Shenzi, Banzai and Ed, and the rest of TLK. I hate that movie and those characters. She would be better if she didn't draw those three.

I know people can draw whatever they want, even if I don't like it, it's their opinion, but still. Seeing Shenzi, Banzai and Ed (and the rest of TLK) being so dang popular that they overshadow everything else, is so beyond me. Especially when there are so many better characters/franchises out there.

Shenzi vs. AWDs is a terrible picture. She should've drawn a realistic spotted hyena instead of Shenzi, to be honest.

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59 SB99stuff

Liking butts is nothing new. I see nothing appealing with a butt. - luvforgiveforget

Beside the butt pic he is alright - Getovait

I used to like him, but then his underage girl art became too much for me! - HCShannon

Don't really like his buttpics. rest of the pics isn't that cringy. - Getovait

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60 Rowleyjeffersonisbae

Her Pictures Are Absolutely Horrifying

I am about to be sick *pukes*

Obviously A Troll - JPK


If she hates him then why does he do pictures with him? I agree with JPK, a troll has crawled out from under a bridge...

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