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61 Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me

He made a stamp "Naruto is not the best anime", now Narutards are sad...

His name make him sound like a depressed person... He don't support christianity... well he don't need to but maybe he should delete that stamp. Ok everyone can be dicks sometimes we are all just human beings - Getovait

62 SoThatsWhatsUp

Well I agree with you there, my darling Sedna - Getovait

63 CaptainMockingjay

He already got over it, God...

Sedna, Every fandom have rotten eggs so get over it - Getovait

64 WlanReturns

Because he is a nostalgia hog who complains about how new cartoons aren't as "good" as the ones he watched in the past.

He got terminated. Why was he on this list? - SailorSedna

65 Klokateer666

Not everyone likes My Little Pony.

At least he likes metalocalypse, but he's a brony, and that's not metal.

666?! Oh no... the evil number I. His username

I like MLP but I'm not a brony ^_^ - luvforgiveforget

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66 Pinocchiofan4ever

I haven't seen that user post anything since 2014. Maybe that idiot is have something himself. But I hope that dork have learned a lesson and never come back. But I see no point of discuss an unactive user. it was 3 years ago. Let's look for new active dorks on the. - Kjellalbintomas

And he/she also hates autism and autistic people, too. He/she thinks that autistic people make terrible noises (which we don't) and wear diapers (which again, we do not) which is not true about autistic people. As an autistic myself, I find his/her negative opinion on autism to be offensive.

Snow white and the seven Dwarves is one of my all time favorite movies. And so is Pinocchio. But I am so disgusted by somebody who happens to make very vulgar fan-art about them. I will still love those 2 movies. Pleasure Island is the perfect place for this person.

Something to let you know, Getovait contacted her and she actually regrets doing what she did because she herself is autistic and hated being like that.

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67 FelixFan9000

The only reason y'all put him/her on the list is because he/she put The Lion King on his/her hate list. Hating someone for their personal opinion isn't very nice, you know. If you don't like what he/she says, then leave him/her alone and not look at his/her stuff at all. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, this includes TLK haters having the right to hate TLK as much as TLK fans have the right to love it.

That still doesn't justify it from what I've been hearing. So what if he hates Danny Phantom? That doesn't reflect onto his art UNLESS he's making art actively hating on it. - DaForry

I love the Lion king. I know it's a populaur movie. He don't need to love it I don't blame him for that - Getovait

68 Sorajayhawk77

I hope he gets killed by Mario.

I find it ironic that he hates Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, and Wander Over Yonder and calls them "overrated", yet he praises anime, MLP, Frozen, and 90's cartoons, which are WAY more overrated.

Kinda lack of creativity all it is are stamps. Stamps can be cool but there's no ART just stamps - Kjellalbintomas

I Am A Brony, But I Don't Watch The Show Everyday And I Agree That It's Overrated

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69 Riza-Izumi

But the fact he hates kids is his opinions. He don't need to love kids. But if he abuse a child I hope he gets a report. - Getovait

This guy talked to me and I'm very sad that he is gone. He was so nice to me.

This person hates children FOR THE DUMBEST REASONS

Hate kids is just. I don't hate kids. I hate when kids cry and scream on the bus. But I have met a lot of adorable kids. That user has been a kid - Kjellalbintomas

I think kids crying and screaming out loud is annoying as heck. But I don't HATE them and think they desserve to be hated - Getovait

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70 ButLova

There's a reason for him to be on here. Since one of his drawings is a drawing of a sexualized Gwen Tennyson (who is still 10 years old) with a big butt.

Disgusting, depressing, sexist, and not to mention he's the worst artist of all time.

Is This Quagmire's DeviantArt Account or Something?

He likes big butts and he cannot lie - LillyMilly

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71 RaiinbowRaven

She isn't even bad enough to be here. - Swellow

You can remove her from the list she isn't bad enough - Getovait

I think that artist was okay! - Getovait

Fetish fetish fetish. as soon as someone like something it's a fetish *claps* bravo - Kjellalbintomas

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72 Virus-20

So true... I hate him so much. All he does is disgusting furry fetish art.

"I HaTe HiM sO mUcH AlL hE dOeS iS dIsGuStInG fUrRy FeTiSh ArT boo hoo" is what the baby here say about someone he/she don't know at all perhaps he isn't like that in person but you decide to hate the person over his art. How sad isn't that? - Getovait

He also has done a few nasty crossover pictures too, such as Krystal and Rouge the Bat with big, fat bellies. And I cannot believe that he has done a fanart of the horse from the old series of animated shorts, Hunky and Spunky. Why does the lesser-known cartoons of Fleischer Studios have such bad fandoms/reputation?

Lol - Kjellalbintomas

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73 Thedrksiren

Her "art" Is not art! It's just a bunch of gross belly button pics! - Officialpen

She must be number 1 - Officialpen

I'm fine with chubby bellies, but big, really, impossible ones don't cut it for this person.

Make her number 1

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74 Chris-chan Chris-chan Christian Weston Chandler (now known as Christine Weston Chandler), best known as Chris-chan, is an Autistic man who is the creator of the infamous webcomic Sonichu. He was discovered by trolls in 2007, which lead to him retaliating. In 2011, he came out as a tomgirl and started cross-dressing; three ...read more.

Best known for the abomination known as Sonichu, if you know who I am talking about. I really hate this excuse of a human being so much, and it is especially bad when bullies compare autistic people to him or even "ship" one of them with him which is strictly forbidden. Shipping real people is never okay.

I've never found this guy, and I'm glad I haven't. He sounds like a total airhead. - Swellow

Definitely not "true and honest" like he claims to be, and you know what's bad? He assaulted a GameStop employee over the colors of Sonic's arms when Sonic Boom came out! That behavior is wrong, and no one should do that. I would never do that, either. What in the world is wrong with people?!

Does he have a deviantART account? is that even his username? He should be number 2. PaulandAmy number 1 - Getovait

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75 Prisonsuit-Rabbitman

"get over it" is just one of my favourite quotes - Getovait

I Literally Threw Up At His Gallery

Howdy! I'm Pika! Pika the Mimikyu! Ah, my old arch nemesis. Clearly this man is Satan's puppet. I will dedicate my existence to terminating this cruel pervert and others like him!

Sedna already got over it. -___-

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76 HAAnimation

It would be so much better, if he created new characters and made a show with them! - HCShannon

77 Hyanna-Natsu

I don't like her, she's rude to her fans and just wants money. No seriously, her full body pictures are about 400$. AND SHE EVEN DOESN'T EVEN LET PEOPLE USE HER ART. She made her chibi commissions closed but, she offers them to special people. Why can't you let someone else have a chibi? Her fans are also really stupid and so is she. (don't kill me please and sorry if if I sound rude) - DoritosAreLife

I've saw one of her deviants and they're so cute! I loved the one named "Soft Feelings" and I wanted to download it, and I can't. And she never seems to reply to her fans either, It's like she doesn't want their compliments or she was a snobby arrogant person. It's a shame she's a jerk to her fans. Her artworks were cute - MLPFan

Maybe she need to get some help and improve as a person. I hope she will be nicer to others. I believe everyone can change for the better if they just want to. Spread love not hate - Getovait

78 XanderMartin98

Hope that he's on the list didn't hurt him so much so he closed his account. Hope it didn't ruined his self esteem - Getovait

He have just closed his account. I have noticed some people you put on this lost choose to close there accounts - Getovait

SailorSedna, hope it is by this reason - Kjellalbintomas

If you don't understand why I put myself here,

look at the "XanderMartin98's Brain Fetish" gallery on Imgur - xandermartin98

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79 Nutty-Nutzis

Infamous for drawing disgusting crud involving Adolf Wolf from Blitz Wolf and Von Vulture from Daffy the Commando and is a huge rabid fangirl for both WW2 propaganda cartoon antagonists. She is one of the reasons why fanart of cartoons made during the Golden Age of Animation is much more cringe-worthy to look at than even anime fanart. Doesn't she realize that her favorite villains were based on a cruel dictator that tried to kill our troops? Stop treating them like they're "boy toys" that you fawn and fangirl over. God dang.

Common she isn't bad. Adolf wolf is a CARTOON CHARACTER it's not THE REAL Adolf Hitler! She even say in her profile she isn't a Nazi! Adolf Wolf is fictional he can't do a thing to the world - Getovait

How many crazy people are on this site?

There's a lot of crazy people who comment here. Believe me they spread hate not love. - Getovait

Peanutty nutzis maybe - LillyMilly

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80 BunnyBooty54

That person deactivated the account. But if the person was mean hope he change - Getovait

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