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61 Nascar2215

This guy came back, and he's even worse. - Swellow


62 DJ88

It's her picture, AWDs vs. Shenzi, that bothered me because she made Shenzi look like a real hyena, which is so wrong because Shenzi, as well as Banzai and Ed in TLK give their species a bad rep, so much that Disney was sued by a hyena biologist for this. One of the reasons why I hate these characters. If she didn't draw Shenzi, Banzai and Ed, as well as TLK in general, then her gallery would've been better and she wouldn't have been on this list. I know everyone has their own opinions, but still. Not everyone is going to like TLK, it's not the best movie/franchise in the planet, and I really hate it when fans treat it like it is.

It's because she drew Shenzi, Banzai and Ed, and the rest of TLK. I hate that movie and those characters. She would be better if she didn't draw those three.

I know people can draw whatever they want, even if I don't like it, it's their opinion, but still. Seeing Shenzi, Banzai and Ed (and the rest of TLK) being so dang popular that they overshadow everything else, is so beyond me. Especially when there are so many better characters/franchises out there.

That Shenzi vs. AWDs picture, and the rest of her TLK fanart, suck big time. It disappoints me that they have so many favorites. Yuck.

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63 Sonic--Inflator

Yes, I really hate that fetishes are a huge turn on for people these days...

How many more of these artists (I wouldn't even consider these people artists! ) who make pointless and awful art that is enough to make a whole army cringe to death do we need?

Sonic fandom is sad... - cuteCorgi

The Sonic fanbase is like that. I'm still a Sonicfan I don't let the fanbase ruin it for me - Getovait

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64 SonicScatFan1999

Sounds like he is one of the most disgusting people on the planet... Now I can't see Sonic the Hedgehog the same way again.

People like him Make art that make The Last Airbender and Movie 43 look like masterpieces!

He seems gone. Hope we all can let it go now - Getovait

I bet he is a troll the username make him sound like a troll. - Getovait

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65 Prisonsuit-Rabbitman

"get over it" is just one of my favourite quotes - Getovait

I Literally Threw Up At His Gallery

Howdy! I'm Pika! Pika the Mimikyu! Ah, my old arch nemesis. Clearly this man is Satan's puppet. I will dedicate my existence to terminating this cruel pervert and others like him!

Sedna already got over it. -___-

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66 Sleepingbeautylover

Steals Pictures Of Woman In Corpses For His Own Disgusting Desires

It seems like a dead account thank goodness - Kjellalbintomas

Has he found the pics on google and posted them? Well that's not a creative idea enough said - Getovait

If he remember his password I hope he can log in and delete the pics he posted. we can send him a note and ask him nicely because they don't really belong to deviantART but do not WAIT for his him answer the note. Tumblr suit him better - cuteCorgi

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67 Metalforever

Dispise a person because they have a fetish isn't healthy. Well I agree fetishes are creepy but I don't hate people who have it as long it they ain't abusive towards real people - Getovait

I DESPISE this user on Deviantart. Seriously, why does almost every fetish artist have to RUIN my favorite show/anime/game? I'm sick of it! - Vestalis

If it ruin your favorite show just don't watch fetish art or be on the because it's full of fetish art. I can agree it's sad but it's true - Getovait

A disgrace to metalheads.

68 Little-rolling-bean

Why is she on here? At least she did make a truthful stamp on why The Lion King is not a documentary. I wish more people would see that honest stamp.

We get it, you hate The Lion King. Is it a special trait from the overlords? Absolutely not, so stop bragging about it. I'm not a fan of it either, but I don't talk about it on the clock. - Swellow

I know I shouldn't brag about it so much, but I was trying to have a point. I know bragging about something isn't right either, and I usually don't brag. Thank you that you're not a fan of it, either.

It's mostly stamps I agree with some of them and not with some of them - Getovait

Why is Bean on here? >:(

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69 BlueCatRiolu

He is good at MS paint To be honest. Well I saw some fat art. But does it necessary means it's a fetish? - Getovait

I know him - Officialpen

His account is full of Yo Kai watch crap (a obvious rip off of pokemon and digimon) but... OCs and... fetish stuff...

And if you say anything about his art sucks. Say hello to idiotic fans who will attack you

70 ShaneySqueeBoy

Having a diaper fetish is one thing, but acting like a big baby is another! - HCShannon

71 angelcoreXX

DeviantART is not recommended for this dude I do not mean he's not allowed to be there - Getovait

I just wouldn't recommend deviantArt for him - Getovait

I wouldn't really call it art if that's all he post. but it's up to him - Getovait

72 Tumalord635

This guy seems to be like one of those mischevious people who just likes to screw with others, but he doesn't seem like a bad person. - SailorSedna

Well he don't really use deviantart as an artsite more like post pics of bionicles. Not so much to discuss really. he don't desserve to be here really... I'm a neutral person I'm not blaming anyone or hate anyone - Getovait

73 FarhantheMovieGuy
74 Toongirl18

She's also a friend or watcher of TheHyenasSBE, the worst the and FA artist in the world.

She Also Keeps Changing Her Opinions. - kcianciulli

She needs to stop changing her opinions. It's annoying. - kcianciulli

Just Like Matrooko11, She Always Keeps Changing Her Opinions. - kcianciulli

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75 Riza-Izumi

But the fact he hates kids is his opinions. He don't need to love kids. But if he abuse a child I hope he gets a report. - Getovait

This guy talked to me and I'm very sad that he is gone. He was so nice to me.

This person hates children FOR THE DUMBEST REASONS

Hate kids is just. I don't hate kids. I hate when kids cry and scream on the bus. But I have met a lot of adorable kids. That user has been a kid - Kjellalbintomas

I think kids crying and screaming out loud is annoying as heck. But I don't HATE them and think they desserve to be hated - Getovait

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76 ButLova

There's a reason for him to be on here. Since one of his drawings is a drawing of a sexualized Gwen Tennyson (who is still 10 years old) with a big butt.

Disgusting, depressing, sexist, and not to mention he's the worst artist of all time.

Is This Quagmire's DeviantArt Account or Something?

The most disgusting part about him is that he even draws pictures of sexualized underage cartoon girls.
I'm seriously surprised he hasn't gotten the electric chair yet.

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77 Thedrksiren

Her "art" Is not art! It's just a bunch of gross belly button pics! - Officialpen

She must be number 1 - Officialpen

I'm fine with chubby bellies, but big, really, impossible ones don't cut it for this person.

Horrendous art.

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78 Mistystuffer

I'm scared by this guy.

Um why isn't this number 1?

God I hate this guy. Mistystuffer is a PEDOPHILE.-Vestalis

He deactivated his account! thank goodness - Getovait

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79 Jose-Ramiro

I understand everyone is entitled to their own opinion so there is no reason to be told to grow up just because of hating a fictional character someone else is obsessed over. (Ever heard of constructive criticism? people can learn from mistakes and change their own opinions for the better, you know.) It's just some fans often make their favorite characters go out of character for no reason.

Shenzi is not muscular, so what's with drawing her taller or more muscular than some of the other female characters in his pictures? Shenzi, in my opinion, is a terrible character along with Banzai, Ed, Simba and Sora of Kingdom Hearts. It also seems that Jose's gallery is filled with fetishes. Hopefully he will learn not to draw Shenzi ever again and change his mind for the better and realize that fetishes are wrong.

Well, definitely he is the worst artist ever in deviantart because he's drawing the way he ruins everything, it's like cyberbullying.

I hate his Shenzi pictures.

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80 BunnyBooty54

That person deactivated the account. But if the person was mean hope he change - Getovait

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