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81 Little-rolling-bean

Why is she on here? At least she did make a truthful stamp on why The Lion King is not a documentary. I wish more people would see that honest stamp.

We get it, you hate The Lion King. Is it a special trait from the overlords? Absolutely not, so stop bragging about it. I'm not a fan of it either, but I don't talk about it on the clock. - Swellow

I know I shouldn't brag about it so much, but I was trying to have a point. I know bragging about something isn't right either, and I usually don't brag. Thank you that you're not a fan of it, either.

It's mostly stamps I agree with some of them and not with some of them - Getovait

Why is Bean on here? >:(

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82 KittyDusk13

Don't know how old her is. But I see no problem with that user - Getovait

She's more of a mixed bag. Her photos are nice, but she seems to rely on memes and she unfortunately draws like a little kid (plus watermarking her drawings looks odd). - SailorSedna

83 KessieLou

At least she improved, but still... She still has much to learn if she doesn't want to be considered one of the worst people/artists on the 'Net. I mean, constructive criticism is not a bad thing! Everyone takes it and most learn from it. I know not everyone likes her or what she does, but shipping her (or anyone else who's autistic) with Chris-Chan/Sonichu is just wrong and immoral. Especially since Kessie said that she doesn't even like Chris-Chan and called him a "creepy serial killer/stalker waiting to happen".

Still better than TheHyenasSBE, though.

That is a decent artist enough said - Getovait

84 angelcoreXX

DeviantART is not recommended for this dude I do not mean he's not allowed to be there - Getovait

I just wouldn't recommend deviantArt for him - Getovait

I wouldn't really call it art if that's all he post. but it's up to him - Getovait

85 RedheadXilamGuy

Yep. This guy has serious problems. His Google Plus blogs are the worst. I noticed he featured somebody else's Grojband fanart on his Grojband Haters blog (presumably without permission) and got everyone to make fun of it. He needs help. Like a lot of it. - regularponyfan09

86 footsniffer44
87 SoThatsWhatsUp

Well I agree with you there, my darling Sedna - Getovait

88 XxPastel-America-xX

I have no problem with that user - Getovait

Needs improving - Kjellalbintomas

89 FrostTheIcePony

Her friends say she's funny when she clearly isn't, she's too toxic and lethal. How do you think she's funny when all she talks about is suicide? It's simple, post a status post about her ending herself and saying a few other things and hopes that that post would get attention, and her friends keep coming back for more (in other words she brags about it for attention).

If you are expecting her to accept your apology don't even bother. If she finds out that you did something wrong when you go to apologize about it, she will not accept your apology ever. She talks constantly about how she hates her artstyle and brags about it to her friends and she is known to say some stupid stuff on her status post.

Words can't describe on how bad her artstyle is, in fact some people actually called her out on it.

Her friends are either stupid or they just don't get it. She plays the whiny victim card and acts like a baby while her friends act like parents comforting her.

She is just the worst. Her status posts are just colorful and stupid and she does this for attention for all of her friends to see, I mean this is not social media it's Deviantart. Again her status posts are stupid and colorful and that is how she brags about it.

Recently her brother posted a journal about her claiming she tried to commit suicide, but she failed and won't be on Deviantart for a while. I honestly think that she shouldn't be on Deviantart period.

90 Riza-Izumi

But the fact he hates kids is his opinions. He don't need to love kids. But if he abuse a child I hope he gets a report. - Getovait

This guy talked to me and I'm very sad that he is gone. He was so nice to me.

This person hates children FOR THE DUMBEST REASONS

Hate kids is just. I don't hate kids. I hate when kids cry and scream on the bus. But I have met a lot of adorable kids. That user has been a kid - Kjellalbintomas


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91 Thedrksiren

Her "art" Is not art! It's just a bunch of gross belly button pics! - Officialpen

She must be number 1 - Officialpen

I'm fine with chubby bellies, but big, really, impossible ones don't cut it for this person.

Horrendous art.

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92 Mistystuffer

I'm scared by this guy.

Um why isn't this number 1?

God I hate this guy. Mistystuffer is a PEDOPHILE.-Vestalis

He deactivated his account! thank goodness - Getovait

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93 Jose-Ramiro

I understand everyone is entitled to their own opinion so there is no reason to be told to grow up just because of hating a fictional character someone else is obsessed over. (Ever heard of constructive criticism? people can learn from mistakes and change their own opinions for the better, you know.) It's just some fans often make their favorite characters go out of character for no reason.

Shenzi is not muscular, so what's with drawing her taller or more muscular than some of the other female characters in his pictures? Shenzi, in my opinion, is a terrible character along with Banzai, Ed, Simba and Sora of Kingdom Hearts. It also seems that Jose's gallery is filled with fetishes. Hopefully he will learn not to draw Shenzi ever again and change his mind for the better and realize that fetishes are wrong.

Well, definitely he is the worst artist ever in deviantart because he's drawing the way he ruins everything, it's like cyberbullying.

I hate his Shenzi pictures.

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94 5ifty

Her artstyle isn't horrible but she draws Adult versions of kids characters from popular cartoons.

95 Curtsibling

BIGGEST troll ever!

At least his works poke fun of SJWs and is a talented artist, even though I don't agree with everything he says.

On the other hand... Some of his works portray autism in a rather negative light, which is offensive to me because I'm autistic. (Please don't compare me to the likes of Chris-Chan. I'm nothing like that sucker. Mmkay? )

96 Madarao123

He constantly begs about what happened to Shenzi, Banzai and Ed in the end after they've eaten Scar's carcass.

Although I do feel a similar way about whatever happened to Lyn (Lyndis) in Fire Emblem: Blazing Blade for the Game Boy Advance, since she never appeared in the Japan-only Fire Emblem: Binding Blade, which came out a year before then, but takes place 20 years later in the game's storyline. I'm a Fire Emblem fan, and Lyn happens to be one of my favorite characters, but I never make up theories about her or moan all the time about what happened to her in the end, unlike what Madarao123 does about the hyena trio in The Lion King. Instead, I follow the canon side of things and keep praying that one day, or one year, that either a Fire Emblem: Binding Blade remake be made and finally released worldwide, or an official book on Fire Emblem characters will be made to answer ongoing theories we did not know until the future. I'd really wish Madarao123 would do the same with his ...more

Treats DeviantArt like it's Tumblr or Photobucket by posting mainly screenshots of various movies with his own, meme-like captions, but in a way that is not tolerable. He goes nuts over theories about the hyenas in The Lion King and The Lion Guard questioning if they're related or not, makes nasty pics of them, and more. He also has a furry vore fetish.

I know that not all fan artists are awful but TLK is easily one of the worst fandoms ever with the bad outweighing the good so much that it makes it harder for everyone to see it for what it is.

One other thing I've found out is now he's claiming Disney is "an evil monopoly" for buying out Fox. If that's the case why does he like characters from Disney? I'm just wondering...

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97 DashieVore

He's gone, though his account is still up. I don't care anyway, vorephiles are scum. - SailorSedna

98 Timon-Berkowitz

The fact that he is a Lion King fan is also what makes him terrible, and Lion King fetish art is the worst kind of art.

Reminds me of Atimon... No wonder why the TLK fanbase is filled with the lowest scum in the world.

What he draws is just disgusting. Should be higher on the list!

Then he ruins Super Lucky's Tale with one of his newer crossover pictures? God... I thought Lucky would be safe from that sucker of an artist. As a Super Lucky's Tale fan, I am not pleased. >:( I hope someone stops the Lion King/Lion Guard fanbase from ruining any more other games, shows, movies, books and so on, or else, it's game over.

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99 HouseOfFrancis

Well his anti Johnny test art was just brutal. Why would talking Tom, Wallace or any other character just abuse him? - Getovait

I Hate Johnny Test, But This Artist Is Taking The Johnny Test Hate Too Far - JPK

His account is deactivated hope he change for the better - Getovait

Well some of his arts was actually nice. I googled his name. The pic of Odie (Garfield) and Spunky (Rocko's modern life) was cute. His imagination was fine. Well not the Johnny test hate pics. But when was he active? - Getovait

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100 CaptainChomp

Draws weird tongue art...just weird and silly.

Odd - JPK

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