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81 Madarao123

He constantly begs about what happened to Shenzi, Banzai and Ed in the end after they've eaten Scar's carcass.

Although I do feel a similar way about whatever happened to Lyn (Lyndis) in Fire Emblem: Blazing Blade for the Game Boy Advance, since she never appeared in the Japan-only Fire Emblem: Binding Blade, which came out a year before then, but takes place 20 years later in the game's storyline. I'm a Fire Emblem fan, and Lyn happens to be one of my favorite characters, but I never make up theories about her or moan all the time about what happened to her in the end, unlike what Madarao123 does about the hyena trio in The Lion King. Instead, I follow the canon side of things and keep praying that one day, or one year, that either a Fire Emblem: Binding Blade remake be made and finally released worldwide, or an official book on Fire Emblem characters will be made to answer ongoing theories we did not know until the future. I'd really wish Madarao123 would do the same with his ...more

Treats DeviantArt like it's Tumblr or Photobucket by posting mainly screenshots of various movies with his own, meme-like captions, but in a way that is not tolerable. He goes nuts over theories about the hyenas in The Lion King and The Lion Guard questioning if they're related or not, makes nasty pics of them, and more. He also has a furry vore fetish.

I know that not all fan artists are awful but TLK is easily one of the worst fandoms ever with the bad outweighing the good so much that it makes it harder for everyone to see it for what it is.

Just let it go. Some people treats the like FB - Getovait

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82 Diaperpuff

Thank god that moron left. - 404_name_missing

Well, he quit. - mayamanga

Moron? sweet to call some a moron because he's not like you. Have a good day - Getovait

83 HouseOfFrancis

Well his anti Johnny test art was just brutal. Why would talking Tom, Wallace or any other character just abuse him? - Getovait

His account is deactivated hope he change for the better - Getovait

Well some of his arts was actually nice. I googled his name. The pic of Odie (Garfield) and Spunky (Rocko's modern life) was cute. His imagination was fine. Well not the Johnny test hate pics. But when was he active? - Getovait

Johnny test hate goes too far to be honest.
The show isn't BAD it's just not good. But I gonna take a look at his art and see if there's a reason to discuss it - Getovait

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84 Geotastic

Finally he got banned!

What is wrong with earth

Diaper fetish is a kinda common thing in the "fetish world" it's even a kink. Some people think diapers are comfortable. Some people loves to be treated like babies. I don't find diapers appealing at all if I had to wear one for a whole day I don't think I would be able to do it.

The diaper fetish is just strange in my opinion. But if some people annoy then just go on wear them as much as you like - Getovait

85 Metalforever

Dispise a person because they have a fetish isn't healthy. Well I agree fetishes are creepy but I don't hate people who have it as long it they ain't abusive towards real people - Getovait

I DESPISE this user on Deviantart. Seriously, why does almost every fetish artist have to RUIN my favorite show/anime/game? I'm sick of it! - Vestalis

If it ruin your favorite show just don't watch fetish art or be on the because it's full of fetish art. I can agree it's sad but it's true - Getovait

A disgrace to metalheads.

86 Toxoplasmosis-Cat

He is definitely a true example as to why Deviantart has gotten a bad name. All his "artwork" consists of is drawings of cats in sexual positions usually with food right in between their um, private sections, completely horrifying and disgusting garbage, one of them is even a combination of what looks like scat fetish and borderline bestiality. All I can say about him is, what the hell is your problem? He reminds me just like Jonathon Tirado except he loves cats instead of birds. - SailorSedna

87 Little-rolling-bean

Why is she on here? At least she did make a truthful stamp on why The Lion King is not a documentary. I wish more people would see that honest stamp.

We get it, you hate The Lion King. Is it a special trait from the overlords? Absolutely not, so stop bragging about it. I'm not a fan of it either, but I don't talk about it on the clock. - Swellow

It's mostly stamps I agree with some of them and not with some of them - Getovait

Why is Bean on here? >:(

While they have their fair share of stamps, Little-rolling-bean's attitude, on the other hand, is ridiculously close-minded. They have this sense that they don't care about respecting opinions and that it's fine for them to do so and disparage the other side with every insult they could. For example, claiming that everyone who is pro-life is a misogynist, a load of jack (as a pro-choice person, I can safely say that I have had encounters with pro-life women), and that rape victim blaming is still relevant in the developing world. Not to mention her typical strawman arguments and constant ad-hominem. Personally I am not a fan of opinion stamps, but I have seen people who have expressed them well (example: Mintaka-TK). L-R-B is not one of them.

88 KittyDusk13

Don't know how old her is. But I see no problem with that user - Getovait

She's more of a mixed bag. Her photos are nice, but she seems to rely on memes and she unfortunately draws like a little kid (plus watermarking her drawings looks odd). - SailorSedna

89 KessieLou

At least she improved, but still... She still has much to learn if she doesn't want to be considered one of the worst people/artists on the 'Net. I mean, constructive criticism is not a bad thing! Everyone takes it and most learn from it. I know not everyone likes her or what she does, but shipping her (or anyone else who's autistic) with Chris-Chan/Sonichu is just wrong and immoral. Especially since Kessie said that she doesn't even like Chris-Chan and called him a "creepy serial killer/stalker waiting to happen".

Still better than TheHyenasSBE, though.

That is a decent artist enough said - Getovait

90 Fusion-Bioformer
91 Tatsunokoisthebest

Requests Art of The Loud Sisters being tortured by some character named the Grim Crocker. Why Does it Always Have to Be The Loud Sisters?! I Want to see him torture another character like Peggy Hill or Sid from Hey Arnold. - kcianciulli

Sorry for the double posting... Just needed to correct a grammar error.

92 ToonFanJoey

Cosmo, Marine and Zooey are around Tails' age, I think, whereas Cream is two years younger. Glad someone agrees that Tails and Cream are not a couple and shouldn't be.

So you hate him because he ship Tails and Cream?! That's not a reason to hate a person - Getovait

Yeah, I know it's just opinions, but some treat it like facts when it isn't and take things too far.

I actually thought Cream and Tails was a couple when I was younger? Am I stupid then? - cuteCorgi

Ok he should learn to accept facts that's right. but he can have his opinions - Getovait

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93 MCsaurus

Filled with obese, belly fetish pictures of various cartoon characters and draws like a small child with MS Paint only. Should learn a lesson or two.

94 OrganicGranite

I don't see anything hot with butts... but some people do. Let them like it if they do - Getovait

Another Big Butt Artist. - kcianciulli

God, another fetish artist? What is wrong with peoples' minds, nowadays?

I saw some of her pictures of characters with big butts, and that made me want to puke in the sink. I wish people didn't have minds to this ridiculous extent.

She also has disgusting obese belly and vore fetishes...wasting her talent to draw that junk and using no mature filter...

No wonder people have been leaving Deviantart... - SailorSedna

95 Renaayama

Has some good art but wastes most of her talent to draw vore. - SailorSedna

Another furry vore artist...
I don't judge anybody for their fetishes (Unless it's pedophilia or something like that.) But it's just weird.
At least the drawing is decent. Better than what I can do. - JamesBourne

96 LordAltros

Inflation is NOT sexy! - SailorSedna

Two Words: Fat Girls - kcianciulli

97 Mr-Wolfman-Thomas

He does Death Battle things but I don't understand why he's on here. - SailorSedna

98 footsniffer44
99 Hoppip

Though he did make that infamous plushie, I do like that Toriel plushie he made, it was cute.

100 godzillafan4

Probably the most pathetic attempt at fetish art ever, just putting Momoko's head on screencaps. Does this guy even have a life? - SailorSedna

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