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101 FelixFan9000

The only reason y'all put him/her on the list is because he/she put The Lion King on his/her hate list. Hating someone for their personal opinion isn't very nice, you know. If you don't like what he/she says, then leave him/her alone and not look at his/her stuff at all. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, this includes TLK haters having the right to hate TLK as much as TLK fans have the right to love it.

That still doesn't justify it from what I've been hearing. So what if he hates Danny Phantom? That doesn't reflect onto his art UNLESS he's making art actively hating on it. - DaForry

I love the Lion king. I know it's a populaur movie. He don't need to love it I don't blame him for that - Getovait

102 Sorajayhawk77

I hope he gets killed by Mario.

I find it ironic that he hates Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, and Wander Over Yonder and calls them "overrated", yet he praises anime, MLP, Frozen, and 90's cartoons, which are WAY more overrated.

Kinda lack of creativity all it is are stamps. Stamps can be cool but there's no ART just stamps - Kjellalbintomas

I Am A Brony, But I Don't Watch The Show Everyday And I Agree That It's Overrated

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103 Klokateer666

Not everyone likes My Little Pony.

At least he likes metalocalypse, but he's a brony, and that's not metal.

666?! Oh no... the evil number I. His username

I like MLP but I'm not a brony ^_^ - luvforgiveforget

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104 RaiinbowRaven

She isn't even bad enough to be here. - Swellow

You can remove her from the list she isn't bad enough - Getovait

I think that artist was okay! - Getovait

Fetish fetish fetish. as soon as someone like something it's a fetish *claps* bravo - Kjellalbintomas

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105 Pinocchiofan4ever

I haven't seen that user post anything since 2014. Maybe that idiot is have something himself. But I hope that dork have learned a lesson and never come back. But I see no point of discuss an unactive user. it was 3 years ago. Let's look for new active dorks on the. - Kjellalbintomas

Something to let you know, Getovait contacted her and she actually regrets doing what she did because she herself is autistic and hated being like that.

Getovait was Pinocchiofan4ever? My God... Hopefully she has learned her lessons from now on.

Thankfully, this user is old news now, or else she would be drawing a pic of twerking dwarfs... GOOD GOD, WHAT THE HECK DID I JUST TYPE?!

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106 VoreAndPreggos

I'm Sad To Say, He Isn't A Troll

Keep Your Fetishes to yourself and post them on websites like Aryion! - TinyToonsGirl45

107 KittyDusk13

Don't know how old her is. But I see no problem with that user - Getovait

She's more of a mixed bag. Her photos are nice, but she seems to rely on memes and she unfortunately draws like a little kid (plus watermarking her drawings looks odd). - SailorSedna

108 KessieLou

At least she improved, but still... She still has much to learn if she doesn't want to be considered one of the worst people/artists on the 'Net. I mean, constructive criticism is not a bad thing! Everyone takes it and most learn from it. I know not everyone likes her or what she does, but shipping her (or anyone else who's autistic) with Chris-Chan/Sonichu is just wrong and immoral. Especially since Kessie said that she doesn't even like Chris-Chan and called him a "creepy serial killer/stalker waiting to happen".

Still better than TheHyenasSBE, though.

That is a decent artist enough said - Getovait

109 Fusion-Bioformer
110 Tatsunokoisthebest

Requests Art of The Loud Sisters being tortured by some character named the Grim Crocker. Why Does it Always Have to Be The Loud Sisters?! I Want to see him torture another character like Peggy Hill or Sid from Hey Arnold. - kcianciulli

Sorry for the double posting... Just needed to correct a grammar error.

111 ToonFanJoey

He also makes various characters into lion cubs from The Lion King by recoloring an official image by Disney of Simba and Nala, from what I have seen on his gallery, lately. Not only TLK crossovers are dumb and wrong, but also this guy has stole an image he didn't drew himself and colored it for no reason. Wish he'd stop, but as you said, personal opinion.

Cosmo, Marine and Zooey are around Tails' age, I think, whereas Cream is two years younger. Glad someone agrees that Tails and Cream are not a couple and shouldn't be.

So you hate him because he ship Tails and Cream?! That's not a reason to hate a person - Getovait

Yeah, I know it's just opinions, but some treat it like facts when it isn't and take things too far.

I don't ship Taiream but I don't bash people who like it like you guys do to TooFanJoey. I don't fully agree with him but he have the rights to like Taiream. - Getovait

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112 MCsaurus

Filled with obese, belly fetish pictures of various cartoon characters and draws like a small child with MS Paint only. Should learn a lesson or two.

113 OrganicGranite

I don't see anything hot with butts... but some people do. Let them like it if they do - Getovait

Another Big Butt Artist. - kcianciulli

God, another fetish artist? What is wrong with peoples' minds, nowadays?

I saw some of her pictures of characters with big butts, and that made me want to puke in the sink. I wish people didn't have minds to this ridiculous extent.

She also has disgusting obese belly and vore fetishes...wasting her talent to draw that junk and using no mature filter...

No wonder people have been leaving Deviantart... - SailorSedna

114 Renaayama

Has some good art but wastes most of her talent to draw vore. - SailorSedna

Another furry vore artist...
I don't judge anybody for their fetishes (Unless it's pedophilia or something like that.) But it's just weird.
At least the drawing is decent. Better than what I can do. - JamesBourne

115 LordAltros

Inflation is NOT sexy! - SailorSedna

Two Words: Fat Girls - kcianciulli

116 Mr-Wolfman-Thomas

He does Death Battle things but I don't understand why he's on here. - SailorSedna

117 footsniffer44
118 Hoppip

Though he did make that infamous plushie, I do like that Toriel plushie he made, it was cute.

119 godzillafan4

Probably the most pathetic attempt at fetish art ever, just putting Momoko's head on screencaps. Does this guy even have a life? - SailorSedna

120 707fangirl

Someone who can be a real brat at times, Traces and "claims" it's hers, and even tried to force someone to hand over an OC they they sould have gotten, if they didn't use them enough.

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