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121 Timon-Berkowitz

They seem to have a..."sticky" fetish. Also saw a disgusting picture of Timon in a bikini pooping himself. That's a great sign of an awesome artist using their talent wonderfully, am I right? Sigh... - SailorSedna

The fact that he is a Lion King fan is also what makes him terrible, and Lion King fetish art is the worst kind of art.

Reminds me of Atimon... No wonder why the TLK fanbase is filled with the lowest scum in the world.

He and Ati-Meerkat are one of the reasons why Timon has such a bad fandom.

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122 Hex000F

Another guy that Solar Sands talked about, and it was his gallery that had the so-called "priceless" picture! - SailorSedna

123 MetalNekovania

Contains common kinds of stupid fetish. Stupidly big butt, stupidly big bellies, inflation, stupidly big balloon bodies, it's disgusting and repulsive. He's also in denial that his art isn't porn when it is. - SailorSedna

124 HaiHaiKittyPPG

A sockpuppet of Imma-the-Deer, pretending to drive herself to suicide all just so she could get attention. Though she was deactivated and now is old news, all I'm going to say is I wish the worst for her. - SailorSedna

Plus She's A Mary Sue

125 VoreAndPreggos

Sounds like a troll account. I don't think I even need to look at this one either. - SailorSedna

Actually, one other quick thing; PEDO ALERT: This guy made a picture of Sally from Sally the Witch (first magical girl anime series) pregnant, and Sally is only round about 10 years old if I'm correct. We need to report him. - SailorSedna

I'm Sad To Say, He Isn't A Troll

He's probably just another disgusting fetish artist that gives Deviantart a bad name. - SailorSedna

126 Voregildguy V 1 Comment
127 Eatmorecake

I've seen better fat fetish art than this. - SailorSedna

128 brielivingston V 1 Comment
129 Xniclord789x V 1 Comment
130 Robot001

I also must say his fanboys and people who accept commissions from him (no one should waste money on his stuff) can't accept any criticism handled towards their precious little artist, they will claim "you have no right to judge" and such if you say his art is disgusting.

Poor Rarity - JPK

Why Would He Do Such A Thing To Rarity (He Drew A Fat Picture Out Of Her)
She's My 3rd Favorite Character In MLP
Shame On You Robot001!

131 Andebyful

Has an assortment of fetishes and draws like a little kid, too.

That Charizard Drinking Water Picture Had Me In Tears Because Of How Stupid It Was.

Big belly fetish, aka, more fat fetish, inflation, pregnancy...sigh... - SailorSedna

132 TheDuke0fDestructi0n

It seems he got banned. What exactly did he do? - SailorSedna

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133 Naruto3Ever

Someone seem to like Naruto - Getovait

134 Mewmewspike

While his 1001 Animations and Animated Atrocities seem OK, he needs to stop sexualizing Sonic characters and such, and for his art, he needs to study proportions and anatomy. - SailorSedna

135 T1989R

Maybe a more family friendly artsite should be created - Getovait

136 Mccaca

His picture of Ronald McDonald looks like it would more fit in one of those Drew Pickles videos, and it's not suitable for Deviantart at all. - SailorSedna

Where's SailorSedna?

137 KavehTheTepigDude

This guy bullied me because I didn't like Amourshipping. - mayamanga

138 Smeeeeee

And what the heck is with people having some sort of Disney character fetish these days?... I thought the whole Kaa fetish was bad enough where they draw him hypnotizing every attractive male or female fictional character they see.

What's with peeps having a belly fetish these days?... First Jiminycricketfan007, now this guy?... God.

I had an opinion but I saw this user haven't been active for years so I see no reason to say anything now - Getovait

All He Does Is Take Pictures Of Smee From Peter Pan In Scenes Where His Belly Sticks Out
Lazy, Just Lazy - JPK

139 GirlsVoreBoys

She draws vore art of Agent Xero (ate the Nickelodeon executives) only because she got mad to Nickelodeon for rejected The Modifyers. - ChatNoirFan18

Two words: circle tool
Goddammit she even ruined my favorite short on Cartoon Network (Which is Villainous, a Latin American cartton, but some shorts are in English too! ). Dementia was my favorite character along with Dr. Flug & Black Hat! - Vestalis

140 Sdwaggy

I consider it an issult that I'm not higher on this list... - Sdwaggy

Sdwaggy might not be at Leonardo levels yet, but he's well on the way - Leonardo didn't manage the Mona Lisa until he was 52 and the Dwag sure ain't 52 yet. Honestly kids these days want everything in an instant. When it's inflated reppies with a sense of suspense and danger you're after, who better than the Dali of our day, Sdwaggy?

Nevertheless I know this list means a lot to him so up you go, yer fascist.

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