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121 LogomaxProductions

Apparently, he thinks the KKK is a joke. - Drewman1211

He wasn't bad. Well his art should be imoroved but once again I don't hate him as a person - Getovait

Put Paulamy here he is the only one who desserves to be here - Kjellalbintomas

122 XxPastel-America-xX

I have no problem with that user - Getovait

Needs improving - Kjellalbintomas

123 EC-707

No talent - Getovait

Platipus86 should be here he is a good artist but it's Minnie in diapers (cringy) - Kjellalbintomas

124 Brains-brains

He just makes art of tickling Cartoon's Character's feet. Glad he got banned

Tickling feet if it is a fetish it's just a little strange. But I don't hate people who find it appealing - Getovait

125 Littledoegiuli95 V 1 Comment
126 Ryeguy5

He has an obsession with Power Rangers. - kcianciulli

127 Asalover V 1 Comment
128 The14deano V 1 Comment
129 theHyenasSBE

Seriously, he is a terrible person in general. For example; He killed his own brother by accident when he was younger, and this is why SBE himself has such a health problem now, that he doesn't sleep for the rest of his life. (read his the journal if you don't know what I'm talking about) If I had that condition I would just sleep for the rest of my life. Drawing disgusting furry p0rn is not a good excuse of having an illness, ether.

He doesn't even give some of his hyena OCs any names, they're just named "Hyenas' Master", "Small spy" and so on... I hate his "small spy" character, and his comics in progress, including "the Return of the Hyenas' Master", are likely to end in a cliffhanger due to his current condition knowing the direction he's going, and that he's mostly been drawing "sexy furry girls" and other works than just the hyenas from The Lion King nowadays. It seems that he also lost his memory due to his illness that he could not even remember as well as he used to. (You know you can find medicine or treatment that cures such problems, you idiot! ) He's also on FurAffinity.

Definitely the number 1 worst artist on DeviantArt.

Should be higher on this list. I can't believe he's back. Anyway, he's one of the worst users on DeviantArt and FurAffinity ever.

V 18 Comments
130 ShinyWhiteWaters

Thinks that Nikki, Kaltag and Star from Balto are a copy-cat, ripoff or Captain Ersatz of Shenzi, Banzai and Ed when those three aren't. The evil trio trope has long been used in movies, shows and games way before The Lion King. The dogs from Balto could be based on or inspired by someone else instead. ShinyWhiteWaters also acted rather angry and depressed a few times in her journals and I wish she would be happier, or lived a happier life and find a different topic to talk about instead of something that makes her angry and depressed all the times. All those "Boo-hoo! Crawling in my skin! BAWWW" journals aren't doing any good and are bad for her own health and well-being.

She changed her name to Sketch-Shepherd now, but I still wish she would control her anger issues/depression and not whine so much on her own journals and deviations. I kind of feel sorry for her in some ways since her godmother passed away recently, but she still needs to calm down and relax if she can.

131 Atimon-Meerkat

She draws disgusting art of Timon and other characters, and is even obsessed with the former, too. Just horrible.

It doesn't help that her art exists on other sites... You have been warned.

She is known as Ati-Meerkat now. You, again, have been warned.

Atimon is disgusting.

V 2 Comments
132 Rath-Raholand

Constant yaoi art and crossovers of Fox McCloud and Wolf O' Donnell. Seriously man, those two are like rivals/enemies and none of them are gay, okay? Seeing his gallery makes me cringe.

Another problem is that Rath-Raholand always draws Wolf as a bishonen which he is not. Just because he is the rival or evil counterpart to a main character doesn't make him a bishie. Wolf is a masculine character, and he is even larger or more muscular than both Fox and Falco. He doesn't have long hair either; his hairstyle is similar to Fox's.

Yeah, he deserves to be on here instead of the list of "Best Artists on DeviantArt".

Then he draws characters twerking... God, he's really messed up.

V 1 Comment
133 5ifty
134 BurgieKek
135 GodSucks

I think that person maybe have this username for attention or maybe that's his/her opinions on god. Maybe he/she could have kept it to himself so nobody would be offended. But yet that's his opinions he have the rights to have them. - Getovait

Offensive username! - Neonco31

More Like God Rules!

God Rules and this guy sucks. - SailorSedna

I support god too. But I don't hate satanist as long as they don't go against people - Getovait

V 1 Comment
136 Curtsibling

I think this guy's funny, he's a troll, but at least he's a funny one to me and his art talent is good. - SailorSedna

BIGGEST troll ever!

At least his works poke fun of SJWs and is a talented artist, even though I don't agree with everything he says.

On the other hand... Some of his works portray autism in a rather negative light, which is offensive to me because I'm autistic. (Please don't compare me to the likes of Chris-Chan. I'm nothing like that sucker. Mmkay? )

137 kouliousis

Wow, He Hates Everything. - kcianciulli

138 Athletic-Dashie

I Feel Bad For His Mom

Nice Comment SailorSedna

Oh God, I cannot stress how much I HATE vore! What is it about it so much that turns so many people on? He's another example why the MLP: FiM fanbase is one of the most hated on the Internet, and a reason why I temporarily left it and dropped MLP: FiM for a while.

This guy is also messed up in the head, spamming people for a vore animation (look at Fandom Menace's video on him), and claims that if one's "swallowed they end up in one's womb"...what the HELL? He also still lives with his mom and disrespects her, plus she also threatens to take away this Rainbow Dash plushie of his he has. XD

I also even once provided criticism for his friend AppleDashNoms (who's also a messed up vorephile) to try to learn to draw by hand and he blocked me. He also has an even more messed up friend named KennyBronyGamer19971, whom I may put as a candidate for this Worst Artists list if I have to...

No wonder people hate bronies. I mean, I know not all of them are bad, and one is ...more - SailorSedna

139 DashieVore

He's gone, though his account is still up. I don't care anyway, vorephiles are scum. - SailorSedna

140 Appledashnoms

Another friend of Athletic-Dashie who's messed up in the head just as well. This guy is just pathetic. Vorephile, so a big red flag there. His "art" isn't even art at all and is on the same level as Trent Morrison's: Use a doll website/fake art website, make an avatar with it, open MS Paint, make a circle, color it in, and voila! He's an 18 year old manchild who always says "Please stop hating" on people who love vore, and can't take criticism like a damn man at all. - SailorSedna

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