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161 Mccaca

His picture of Ronald McDonald looks like it would more fit in one of those Drew Pickles videos, and it's not suitable for Deviantart at all. - SailorSedna

Where's SailorSedna?

162 KavehTheTepigDude

This guy bullied me because I didn't like Amourshipping. - mayamanga

163 Smeeeeee

And what the heck is with people having some sort of Disney character fetish these days?... I thought the whole Kaa fetish was bad enough where they draw him hypnotizing every attractive male or female fictional character they see.

What's with peeps having a belly fetish these days?... First Jiminycricketfan007, now this guy?... God.

I had an opinion but I saw this user haven't been active for years so I see no reason to say anything now - Getovait

What is so sweet about belly fetish? I guess Getovait would say something like "some people like it." ok Getovait I have absolutley nothing against you. It is sweet you don't judge others...

Belly fetishes really? Have a belly that big is actually bad. Especially for the health. - Kjellalbintomas

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164 GirlsVoreBoys

Her art itself is ok but she haves to waste it on vore! maybe she needs to work on the eyes but ruins thing that I love though - TinyToonsGirl45

Two words: circle tool
Goddammit she even ruined my favorite short on Cartoon Network (Which is Villainous, a Latin American cartton, but some shorts are in English too! ). Dementia was my favorite character along with Dr. Flug & Black Hat! - Vestalis

165 Sdwaggy

I consider it an issult that I'm not higher on this list... - Sdwaggy

Sdwaggy might not be at Leonardo levels yet, but he's well on the way - Leonardo didn't manage the Mona Lisa until he was 52 and the Dwag sure ain't 52 yet. Honestly kids these days want everything in an instant. When it's inflated reppies with a sense of suspense and danger you're after, who better than the Dali of our day, Sdwaggy?

Nevertheless I know this list means a lot to him so up you go, yer fascist.

166 heavenstomurgatroyd
167 PatrickBobSpongeAlt
168 PatrickVeteranPlz

Thank goodness he got banned. Trolls are horrible.

169 kwark85

An MLP season oner who's bitched about Twilight becoming an alicorn for over FOUR YEARS, making all sorts of stupid art saying her alicorn self is an "evil clone" or something, insults people who has different opinions than him and is too stupid to have even thought to just leave the MLP fandom.

Seriously, part of me is thinking this guy is just an attention seeker if this is what he keeps doing. - SailorSedna

170 sethmendozaDA
171 RubenGuzman

9/11 is never something to joke about. (The same goes for bombings, the Holocaust, and other tragic events.) Tons of people died in that day, and making jokes about it or laughing at it is not right. Surprised no one called the police on this guy.

9/11 Makes Him Laugh. That's Unforgivable. - kcianciulli

172 A-Log
173 FetishLand

Wow... This gallery is just disgusting.

So obvious username - Getovait

174 Chaser1992
175 Mirakor
176 OmegaRider99

Sedna here again. I put this guy on here because

#1. It looks like he just uses a lot of MLP bases or something for his art he does, and they all kinda look the same.

#2. He draws like a little kid.

#3. He is hating on Sailor Moon for very vague/no given reason at all.

177 CJShadorunner
178 KennaTheDragon
179 S6y

Why making a list like this? I mean you don't need to like their art you can choose to not look. I don't find it neccesary to judge someone you don't know on the internet like this. Try to reason with them the best way you can. Send them a note and tell them what you don't like with them. if they refuse to listen just block them or stay away from looking at their profile. But why make a list here about them? I don't deffend anyone. But hate someone for their opinion or fetishes is not neccesary. I know some people who do things I don't 100% like but I still like them as persons. - cuteCorgi

180 Savory-Tart

She took a photo of her genitals and used it as her ID? God, that is so against the terms of service, surprised she hasn't been banned yet. That is sick and nasty. What the heck is wrong with people these days? Today's society is getting dumber and dumber...

She's racist to black people, draws porn, is a rabid weeaboo, and even her ID is disgusting and goes against Deviantart's terms of service (girl genitals). - SailorSedna

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