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161 Chaser1992
162 Mirakor
163 OmegaRider99
164 CJShadorunner
165 KennaTheDragon
166 S6y

Why making a list like this? I mean you don't need to like their art you can choose to not look. I don't find it neccesary to judge someone you don't know on the internet like this. Try to reason with them the best way you can. Send them a note and tell them what you don't like with them. if they refuse to listen just block them or stay away from looking at their profile. But why make a list here about them? I don't deffend anyone. But hate someone for their opinion or fetishes is not neccesary. I know some people who do things I don't 100% like but I still like them as persons. - cuteCorgi

167 Savory-Tart

She took a photo of her genitals and used it as her ID? God, that is so against the terms of service, surprised she hasn't been banned yet. That is sick and nasty. What the heck is wrong with people these days? Today's society is getting dumber and dumber...

She's racist to black people, draws porn, is a rabid weeaboo, and even her ID is disgusting and goes against Deviantart's terms of service (girl genitals). - SailorSedna

168 PenisReplier2

Judging by his username, sounds like an awful and disgusting user... 0_0 I just don't want to know...

Why the hell would he put "penis" in his username? - kcianciulli

Obvious troll is obvious. - SailorSedna

169 RingTeam

That picture he did of human Twilight kissing human Pinkie's butt doesn't even have a mature content filter and it shouldn't even belong on Deviantart, what if a kid sees it? I reported it and nothing happened.

So, I randomly/accidentally get banned for "spamming" (I did come back) but when I report pictures like this, it fails and this stays up. God, DA, fix your damn reporting system! Even Youtube has problems like this too.

170 iloveanimesomuch123

He did a (hopefully incomplete) tickle torture story with some random man tickling Bu-Ling/Mew Pudding from Tokyo Mew Mew, and keep in mind she's only about 8-10 years old and the man in the story was doing such unspeakable disgusting acts I will not post on here.

I reported his stories for pedophilia and they're still not down...ugh, what is with Deviantart not restricting pedophiles on their website? - SailorSedna

171 Maxinator93

I don't know this person's personality in real life, but his art (fart fetish) is really, really disgusting, one of them looks like it's got scat in it.

172 brittanypooters

Definitely a disgusting fart fetishist from what I can tell of the name. - SailorSedna

173 Juspuh1

What I know is that he pay others to draw his pics he have no talent. Maybe he shouldn't post it on his devart then. But as long as the original artist are fine with it it's fine. But still... - Getovait

Also there's a user called theshydiaperlover she have made a new account called theshydiaperlover2 and this account is active now. read all her journals on her old account. I first thought when I hadn't seen her for a long time I could let that topic go and thought she learned a lesson but noo she made a new account. She's still the same she haven't changed a bit after so many years. She have been an adult baby in 8 years and her boyfriend change her diapers. Just ew - Kjellalbintomas

Mostly male characters in diapers and they get changed by their girlfriends. the liljdude is a good friend of him who have a diaper fetish. MyDLsecretlife is 10 times worse that Juspuh1 that user draw poop - Kjellalbintomas

Theliljdude and my mysecretdllife need to be here too - Kjellalbintomas

174 sonofss2-version2
175 Mawly-Maws
176 Toxic-Mario
177 Casey387

Wow, he is nasty. Hope he gets arrested for having such a sick fetish like that.

His artstyle is decent. But kinda gross content. But people are like that with their fetishes. Just get over it. - Getovait

But he should not be ARRESTED for his fetish. it is gross for sure but it's only drawings... - Getovait

To answer Sailor Sedna's reply to my former
comment. Yes, you do have a good point there. But It's on deviantART there's a lot of crap there. If you can't deal with it maybe Devart isn't the right place for you. - Getovait

178 jonwii
179 LeahFalcon

@sailorsedna Ok well these ones you mentioned are creepy. I think a mental hospital is the best place for them. Ok draw pregnant possibly means he have a pedophilia fetish in his mind O_o. All we can hope is that he don't have sex with kids in real life... If he does he desserve to be in jail for the rest of his life - Getovait

180 naruto1234007

Some people have weird fetishes and opinions but perhaps they're really nice people in real life... - cuteCorgi

Fat art. nothing new... - Getovait

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