Worst As Told by Ginger Characters

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1 Dodie Bishop Dodie Bishop

It's telling how bad of a character she is given that she is far more unpleasant than Miranda, the actual villain of the show.

You just want a moose to fart in her face - BriannaPinero

Dodie is one of my least favorite Nicktoon characters ever. She's ugly, gossipy, never shuts up, and was a horrible friend to Ginger in general. Courtney Gripling is better than her. - Cartoonfan202

Loud mouthed, selfish, manipulative bitch. She was a terrible friend to Ginger. Kinda ironic that Courtney was a better friend. I guess that was an underlying message in the show. The only good thing about this character is that she and her relationship with Ginger are realistic. There's plenty of people (especially jr. high girls) who will keep their crappy friends because of familiarity/security/poor self esteem/fear of being alone, etc. Or, in Dodie's case, she only has friends for the leverage it gives her. I personally would rather have no friends than to have a friend like Dodie. She was never held accountable for her bad behavior. Ginger just kept forgiving her and settling. She should have dumped her shallow @$$ and become best friends with Courtney. Dodie was just a terrible person and their relationship was TOXIC.

2 Macie Lightfoot Macie Lightfoot

She is SO KRIFFIN' ANNOYING! Can you not just learn to speak like a normal person without snorting constantly? She was pretty stupid and clueless. She was a crappy friend as well, seeing as she just went along with a lot of Dodie's crap and had nothing good to offer. And she had ZERO backbone. Everything I HATE.

3 Carl Foutley Carl Foutley

Disgusting, obnoxious little punk. I couldn't stand him either.

4 Miranda Killgallen Miranda Killgallen

She's only 'best friends' with Courtney for the social brownie points it gains her. She was terrible to Ginger too, not that Dodie treated her any better. At least Miranda knew she was a bitch. Dodie was supposed to be a friend.

5 Hope Rogers Hope Rogers

Extremely fake.

6 Mipsy Mipson Mipsy Mipson

Another one of the bitchy popular girls. Doesn't help that her name totally sounds like a stripper's name.

7 Brandon Higsby Brandon Higsby

Annoying. Selfish. And he thought Hoodsie falling on his head, passing out, and getting amnesia was funny?

8 Andrea Andrea
9 Chantel Chantel
10 Darren Patterson Darren Patterson

So he's not really a bad character at all. I just never really liked him. Not hate, just found him boring and unlikable.

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11 Grandma Dave

I hate her

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