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1 India India India, officially the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country (with over 1.2 billion people), and the most populous democracy in the world.

India is a overpopulated Hell. No proper infrastructure, no jobs even for educated, no respect for human beings, Rich people sees poor people as livestock ready for being exploited. No government support, government support only rich and people with influence in government. It does not matter whether you are engineer, doctor, or MBA You will not get good job unless you have some some reference or political influence for the job you are trying. In recent years Indian job market is almost collapsed with pay scales going down or stagnant with very high inflation, no wonder why Indian economy is not growing. Indians in general lack entrepreneurship skills, but more-ever most indians don't have financial support to convert their entrepreneuual dreams into reality. India have resources only enough to support 250 million people, not 1.25 billion people. So there is 100 extra people for every 125 people. If india does not care for its problems then soon indian society and economy is going to ...more

India will suffer from further overpopulation problems even they surpassed China. Almost every corner of India will be overcrowded. Resources will be more limited especially for tourists. Many Indians will starve as one of the consequences of overpopulation. Families will have to wait in long lines for immune shots. There will be traffic jam on every street. These are the disadvantages of living in India.

There are multiple reasons why I would say that inspite of being an Indian.

1. Corruption- Anywhere you go, government offices, schools, private organisations and most importantly the people themselves are corrupt to their bones. Everyone including me wants to make money, but here making money assumes a negative sense and people try to squeeze people out for money. Example, a school leaving certificate in India is so difficult to obtain, that you need to file a police report and have to bribe the cops, then go to the school administration and bribe them again so that you get your stuff on time. A person with economic constraints finds it terrible to lead a daily life, forget about making it big.

2. Lack of civic sense and social apathy.

People litter, spit and drive stupidly with sheer inconsideration for their fellow beings. Government has to spend heavily on cleaning up the mess and educating programmes for people. But still they don't budge even an inch. ...more

Bcs of population

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2 North Korea North Korea The Democratic People's Republic of Korea, also known as North Korea, is a country in Eastern Asia. Its capital is Pyongyang. It is currently ruled by the dictator Kim Jong-Un, after inheriting the title from his father, Kim Jong-Il, who inherited it from his father, Kim Il-Sung. ...read more.

Communist people are trapped their and are killed for trying to go to another country

I'm a child of South Korea (emphasis on South) who does not even know the basics of history. However, I know that North Korea has spread absolute chaos to the entire world. Definitely the worst place to live in. by the way, I'm only 13...

I'm a South Korean child not knowing even the basics of history. However, I know that North Korea has done horrible things and caused absolute chaos to the entire world. It is definitely the worst place to live in.

Please, North Korea is certainly worse than India.

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3 Afghanistan Afghanistan Afghanistan, officially the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, is a landlocked country located within South Asia and Central Asia.

I think here the problem is due to illiterate and uneducated people. If here will be a good education then this country can be developed. Someone should see this. First thing is to spread peace in all, end the and war.

Has many political disturbances.

Poorest country in Asia.

I escaped Afghanistan

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4 Pakistan Pakistan Pakistan was established in 1947 and is located in South Asia. Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan and is known as the world's second most beautiful capital city. Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar are other major cities of Pakistan. Urdu and English are official languages of Pakistan. World's second ...read more.

I am a Hindu and I am a proud Pakistani, our country is down in few things only because of our government, and because of India's conspiracies... But we have way many positives... people here are living well... it's our media only that makes it look bad... This country is rich with resources, it has a marvelous beauty, the people are very kind, it's festivals, just everything, our education system is way better than India's... my father was in pak army, and I'd join it too... may our country get rid of all it's enemies... - lovepakistan

India's conspiracies? Better education system? Stop making stupid baseless comments.

It is the main source of terrorism...!

I am a Muslim and I hate my country Pakistan it sucks. No electricity extremely hot or cold. Terrorism. Security issues unstable political state and unwanted hassle with neighbours. Pakistan has become China's slave and no one respects Pakistan in the international stage. Lack of jobs no booming economy like India ; China ; Indonesia or even Bangladesh. Corruption. I hope authorities take action and don't blame India for all our issues.

Waste hell. An idiotic country, always trying to fight with india.

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5 China China China, officially the People's Republic of China, is a sovereign state in East Asia. It is the world's most populous state, with a population of over 1. 388 billion . It was established in 1949. Its capital is Beijing. The other major cities are Hong Kong and Shanghai. Chinese (Mandarin) is the only ...read more.

I have lived in China for 4 years, and this is what I can say:

- Constant propaganda

- Almost nobody speaks English, because they don't want to learn. And their language is extremely hard to learn, because if you say something wrong, they laugh at you, and that kills your self esteem.

- Banned are: Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

- They spit and always make that throaty, disgusting sound in the streets. Not counting the times I had a butt up my face, wondering, "will he fart on me? "

- Air pollution is awful, the case why now that I live in Switzerland, I'm still skeptical about the air (even though Switzerland is the nicest, cleanest country I've ever lived in)

- People push to get into the subway. I've been pushed and squeezed while I was trying to get in.

But it's an interesting country, nevertheless. I liked traveling in China, exploring the lands, trying their food. And some people I've met at ...more - redhawk766

Worst country ever, I was sent there on a project by my company for 2 years, just came back home recently. While there I basically could have lived in a bubble and never have to deal with the annoyances, but I am an open minded and curious person so I made the BIG mistake to try to meet local people and fit in with society. Here is what I have found:

-Xenophobia and racism are mainstream sentiments. Non-Chinese people are being singled out on a normal basis even if they speak the language and know about the local customs/etiquette. Having a normal exchange with local people is nearly impossible, everything has to be a dick waving contest. Most Chinese people automatically make assumptions based on your race or nationality.

-Sickening nationalist sentiment, "China this, China that", look down on barbarians (everyone else) and claims of racial superiority based on rather shaky national myths. “Facts” in China are accepted through wishful thinking or sheer ...more

I have many great Chinese friends, so this doesn't include every Chinese citizen, but AIMS:

1) AIR POLLUTION - sometimes over 20 times worse than Japan's
2) IMPOLITE - the subway doors open and the people can't get out
3) MEDICAL CARE - hospitals always crowded with patients feeling symptoms from air pollution
4) SPIT - there is no day you won't see someone who almost hits you with saliva

Bad to live in, but GOOD to travel in

Worst ever polluted country

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6 Syria Syria

Stupid dictator destroying his own country just because the people there demanding freedom, poverty of every thing, not even a mega super earthquick can cause as much destruction, what a shame!

Allah is not -snip- satan. Consider 1.3 billion people practice Islam. You really think all area Syrian terrorists? Thick head.

There's a reason people are leaving.

The ruler is stupid and twisted! - TwilightKitsune

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7 Iraq Iraq

Who cares about football? ISIS has executed thousands of innocent people including children, because the victims want to believe what they believe, instead of the crap that their government wants them to. - benhos

They try to think of themselves as the most westernized Asian country but I think they don't know English because instead of using the word westernized they should use terrorized

To dangerous and new wars are always coming also if you are not a Muslim you awfully die badly. it is also that they blow up peoples homes and leaving them to die. What a horrible countury

It is definitely worse than China!

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8 Philippines Philippines The Philippines was established in March 16, 1521 and named in honor of a Spanish King whose name is King Philip of Spain II. It is located at Asia, specifically at Southeast Asia. The capital is Manila. 89% of the people there currently are native, while 11% of people there are foreigners.

Okay, okay, calm down here people, I am a filipino so you expect me to know about this place. I will show my patriotism and be hones with what I am saying here.

Bad things :

-Very Weak Government
-Very Corrupt Government
-Very Bad Transportation on Regular days
-Very Filthy Environment at most places
-Hates China because of their bad behavior on territorial issues
-Bad food at most places
-Most people will do anything for money
-Many Fake Merchandise at most places ( except inside malls and shop branches)

Good things :

-Loves Everybody
-Loves Everything
-Great Tourist Spots ( Beaches, Mountainous regions, fields, etc. )
-Takes care of Foreigners
-Very Kind People
-Great Athletes
-Even Criminals are nice, well most of them
-Loves other Countries
-Loves Comedy and great at Comedy
-If Determined for their dreams, they can Achieve it
-If bad things happen, they find time to be ...more - Life_Sanchez

There are nice people, super awesome beaches and great sceneries. Yes that's true but I still don't recommend to go in this country for many many good reasons:

For white people : If you are white in this country you will flash even if you dress down and many people will bug you. Everyone will look at you because white people are very rare there. You will see very few white people in major big cities but that's about it. In countryside (barios) you wont see any. Most Filipino women dream to be with a white man so it will be very easy for you to meet some.

Security: There is no security in this country. It's almost a country without laws. Nobody respect the laws and the police don't do their job. They are not qualified nor professional. If something bad happen to you, you're on your own. The Filipino Government is very weak. Dealing with Filipino Government employees can be a huge challenge. They are payed very cheap so they do what they want. We can't rely on ...more

Worst country in SEA in terms of economic development and infrastructure, very corrupted government, dangerous in some areas (slums), food is terrible, some people will try to cheat on you (Taxis, hotels etc..).

Friendly and open minded people, English is widely spoken, Living cost is low, Cheap booze.

Hate this country all you want internet maybe slow Americans are walking dollars here,everyone ignores laws and everything but this country supposed to be like the other countries with the nukes no iam not joking but When their only president who wants the ph to have tanks and nukes died And the president replaced him was kinda corrupt and also lazy until the other ones today But Philippines is just Trying to be like the other Countries with Nukes and an army its just like a Kid just wants to be with the popular kids but the ph can't handle it anymore So they just like gived up but quietly And FYI Philippines has less pollution other than any country you could ever imagine why? because it always get hit by Typhoons the strong winds make the smoke go away and Back again to the government and other things.. Philippines Did gived up quietly and they just signed the no nuke zone Waiver(That's not the Actual name) and the country only have 5 Trillion of the total budget so they can't be ...more

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9 Bangladesh Bangladesh Bangladesh, on the northern coast of the Bay of Bengal, is surrounded by India, with a small common border with Myanmar in the southeast. The country is low-lying riverine land traversed by the many branches and tributaries of the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers.

Traffic and insane people. Most of the Bangladeshies even don't know what's pollution. Noise, air, water pollution is everywhere. They don't know about waste disposal and I guess they don't even care. Political situation is the worst. Politicians knows only how to gather money from the population. We pay tax but there is no benefit. I don't hate Bangladesh, but I hate these insane population. As a Bebgali I just hope and wish that they will learn to care about Bangladesh.

Dirtiest people ever

I don't think you have to be so rude

Insanely corrupt country,
We people pay tax, but get nothing in return.
There is no life security, no pollution controlling, worst ever traffic in cities, no laws work here other than bribery, foods are adulterated grossly there is none to see or oversee, all government departments are extremely corrupt and corrupt to the bone. no human rights, if you don't belong to any political parties or some sort of influential community, there is no right for you, nothing, instead you get slapped for everything you want or claim, both government and private organizations nobody hesitates to exploit, cheat, deceive. This country has becoming worst hell ever.

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10 Iran Iran Iran, also known as Persia, officially the Islamic Republic of Iran, is a sovereign state in Western Asia. The capital city is Teheran and the major city is also Tehran. The language is Persian.

Dictator country!, they force you what to wear, listen, no parties no freedom, its the worst country EVER!

"MORAL POLICE" piss you off all the time!

As an iranian with armenian origins I can safely say it surprisingly isn't the worse country. I mean sure you get treated very differently than "Muslims" but at least you have basic rights and are treated equally among the people. So that's gotta count for something.

Iranian people are rich

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11 Burma Burma

I hate their human rights policies.

No one actually know the real situation in Myanmar then locals. It is not just burmese people's fault, the Muslims are really rude too. (Ruder than burmese people) U haven't even heard them swearing.

It is not that bad as you saw, but until 2011 it really bad since Myanmar was under military persecution. Now NLD's in government I hope good thing happen in Myanmar now. One thing I hate about Myanmar is only Buddhism come first and Christian come last, they build pagoda in Christian state. They are just like Japan during WWII, they are rapist and brutally murderer.

Worst and most brutal country in southeast asia

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12 Maldives Maldives Maldives, officially the Republic of Maldives, is an island country and archipelago in the Indian Ocean.

This is the worst country on the planet. They are drug addicts, among every 5 people one is a drug addict. They are rapists and have low IQ 82 . Full of corruption. No one follows the rules because even the police are rapist drug addicts. It's a pure failed country

No human rights. Children are murdered by their own mothers. Majority of the parliament use illegal drugs and hire foreign prostitutes.

The most wicked person among this nation is now the president, and he supports Israel.

The people here are racists of their own kind. People who come to work here are persecuted, raped and even killed because of their race, sex or religious beliefs.

They think the world revolves around them. They are so racist and evil that when a country like India offers them financial aid they reject it but accept it from the Chinese.

People here are filthy, and filthy minded. The words they use against their best friends will make you vomit and I don't even want to ...more

Looks like you know nothing about Maldives. Hater gonna hate, but I am unable to imagine who would.

Atheist get executed There

Will eventually sink under the ocean... and not too long this will happen. Islands have disappeared!

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13 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia, officially known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is an Arab state in Western Asia (Middle east) constituting the bulk of the Arabian Peninsula. The official Language is Arabic The capital city is Riyadh.

As a Muslim I really hate Saudi Arabia. They take Islam to the extreme and don't follow it themselves. Women are given a lot and I mean A LOT of rights in Islam. These pathetic Saudis just make up their own version of our religion and give the real Islam a bad name. That's the same problem with all the terrorists out there. Islam strictly condemns the killing or murdering of an innocent person, Muslim or non Muslim. These terrorists destroyed the true meaning of the word jihad and made people from around the world think that Islam is what they are when in reality that is not true.

Worst country, heat, Conservative clerics all around, I just hate that

Is the worst country ever.

Have sex in amsterdam you get stoned. have sex in Saudi Arabia, you get stoned "literally".

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14 Japan Japan Japan is an island country in East Asia in the Pacific Ocean. It lies off the eastern coast of the Asia Mainland (east of China, Korea, Russia) and stretching from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and near Taiwan in the southwest. ...read more.

Are you kidding? Japan is an amazing place, I love it. The people are nice, the technology is advanced, the food is great, the lifestyle is good, the culture is fascinating, the facilities are good, and the stuffs there are very well-made. I know that Japan still has its own cons, but still Japan is a good country.

To me, North Korea is the worst country in Asia.

I agree that Japan doesn't deserve to be on this list, because Japan's a great place with great people. It's not right to say that Japan is bad whenever there are good and bad people everywhere all over the world it's not just one place. There are plenty of good people in Japan and everywhere else in this world you just have to find them.

I'd love to vacation for awhile in Japan, but living there would be hell, since their government is almost as bad as ours. - benhos

Japan like to show off about technology so everyone will love japan.Japan is the worst country

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15 Laos Laos Laos, officially the Lao People's Democratic Republic (LPDR), or commonly referred to its colloquial name of Muang Lao is a landlocked country in the heart of the Indochinese peninsula of Mainland Southeast Asia, bordered by Myanmar (Burma) and China to the northwest, Vietnam to the east, Cambodia to ...read more.

Lots of hungry people who constantly hassle tourists for money. Kinda sad once you think about it though.

I enjoyed staying in Laos for a winter holiday, because it was warm and nice, but it's dirty. And they kept on wanting my money for some junk. - redhawk766

Communist has never been good

Laotians are the worst, they are the laziest people you probably have ever met and very selfish

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16 Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia, officially the Republic of Indonesia, is a country in Southeast Asia. Ruled by the Dutch for over 300 years and Japan for 3 years and 6 months, the country gained independence in 1945, or exactly in 17th August 1945. Jakarta is the capital city, located in the island of Java. Major languages ...read more.

Racism, religion fanatics, corruption, and bad school system. As a Chinese living at Indonesia, I often hear a lot of racist comments about Chinese (not everyone is racist). And as a Christian, I have to hear crap from fanatic people who force Muslim to me (not saying every Muslim is like this, I also met a lot of nice Muslims who is kind even to other religions, but I also met a lot of crazy fanatics). The school system is basically piece of crap, "Full Day School", a lot of homework, bad school facilities (I went to public school once because there's a family problem, and yeah, it's really bad. For the private school, the facilities are really great, but the school fee is very expensive and usually it's Christian/Catholic school, so most of the people prefer public school), not mentioning the very low education here (most of people here only made it until junior high school, and some only made it to elementary school or they never been to school at all). The country's ...more

Religious extremists and racism are two of biggest problems in Indonesia. And yeah the ignorant people pretend to care but not. Other than that Indonesia is an OKAY country to live in. - wackonicko

The people in Indonesian is very nice and very smart people, BUT, the government is rubbish they are corrupt and stupid. But Indonesian is not bad to live in.

Worst Country

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17 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Sri Lanka, officially the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and known from the beginning of British colonial rule until 1972 as Ceylon, is an island country in South Asia near south-east India.

Sri Lanka is a poor country and there are so many beggars on the street, etc, etc. There are good people and there are bad people. But, there are good rules here. Gay and lesbian marriages are illegal. Incest is illegal here as well unlike in America. These are the things that I love about Sri Lanka. Children could be taught to do the right things without the parents being sent to prison for child abuse. There are no gay and lesbian couples kissing on the road. I have to agree that there were a lot of rape incidents here but that isn't a huge problem compared to things like homosexuality and incest. There are homosexual couples here but it isn't legal and it would be a really stupid thing to do to start protests asking for it to be legal. Even if it was to be made legal, then majority of the people would be against it, which would be a good thing. Some idiots here tend to pick up bad qualities from people in western countries without picking up the good ones. But overall, this is a ...more

We have some money problems, but live in peace. Realty is, this is the one best country to live.

I'm an Australian, working and living in Sri Lanka. My job requires me to travel and I've lived in 14 different countires in the last 16 years. This is probably the second best country I've lived in after Germany (And Oz). The people are great, all the urban areas are pretty well developed. The rural areas have to be improved though. Main positive is definitely the people, very friendly and polite.

Hang on a sec... Did the previous person to comment seriously just say "But, there are good rules here. Gay and lesbian marriages are illegal"

FIGHT ME FIGHT ME! Can you please give me a GOOD reason why LGBT people are bad? Actually, it doesn't really matter. You can't change no f-ing thing about me.

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18 Bahrain Bahrain

Great place to live! Liberal, with history and culture, tax free...

Are you kidding me! This is the best place in Asia! - darthvadern

Quite boring place to stay more than 3 days..

Bahrain is VeRY good

19 Malaysia Malaysia Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country occupying the Malaysian Peninsula and part of the island of Borneo. It's known for its beaches, rain forests and mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European influences. The sprawling capital, Kuala Lumpur, is home to colonial buildings, busy shopping districts such ...read more.

Racist government, always say we Chinese go back to China, Indian go back to India. Government treats us like crap.

I always thought that your country is better in handling racism than mine. Chinese Indonesian here. Shocked - wackonicko

Democratic? My a**. Race do importance to control a country, Indonesia is crap, Malaysia is crap as well. Look at which race is the most in this two country, and look at result and people of the country. Two country is poor, the people is poor, and the government try to make it worst. If all other race such as Chinese or Indian or other leave this country, and left all those racist one, I can guarantee that this country will soon, become stone age.

Not only that, The Police never catch the robbers and thieves especially the motorcycle. It will be harmful for Children aged 15 and below who went to school alone and Public Transport is very horribly maintained.

If Children were not aware, it will also harmful for them. Most tourist will not going to visit Malaysia again

Currently living in Malaysia. I am on a 2 years contract, but thinking of going before it ends. I don't think I ever want to come back here or visit.

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20 South Korea South Korea South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea, is a sovereign state in East Asia, constituting the southern part of the Korean Peninsula.

They are arrogant and think Chinese people are monkeys. They claim that Confucious was korean which is absurd. Hate how South Korea wants to be so "asian". South Korea is an asian subculture and will always be one. China and Japan are better asian nations.

Bad attitudes are happening in this country. Hates its own neighbor. High class. Pointing at weird looking foreigners. Arrogant.

This is kinda what people have to change here but we shouldn't look at this country bad because not all people do that. - ashlyn

I love this country bur if I went there they keep pointing and calling me a black monkey because I'm a filipino

You don't want to know the adventure with the selfish and misunderstanding people, when I was switching in South Korea to get on my plane and fly to China. Although, when I remember the story, I laugh about it.
Those people are so selfish and so misunderstanding. - redhawk766

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