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The Philippines was established in March 16, 1521 and named in honor of a Spanish King whose name is King Philip of Spain II. It is located at Asia, specifically at Southeast Asia. The capital is Manila. 89% of the people there currently are native, while 11% of people there are foreigners.


Worst country in SEA in terms of economic development and infrastructure, very corrupted government, dangerous in some areas (slums), food is terrible, some people will try to cheat on you (Taxis, hotels etc..).

Friendly and open minded people, English is widely spoken, Living cost is low, Cheap booze.

Most racist country in the world in that, even more racist than were the Chinese themselves.

Extremely low self-esteem, in that they rely on American media (which apparently is far more wide-reaching across the world) just to make themselves "famous". Aka Inferiority Complex

Total lack of originality, even the name of the country does not even come from the Filipinos themselves

Hypocrites. Hate China when using an Apple product and an Android cellphone.

Western mentality. Hate neighbors, love USA and the west. Think of themselves as "Westerners" rather than Asians.

Nearly everyone is seeking for money even without valid/justifiable reasons smh. Just like corrupt politicians and public utility drivers in general

Very outdated governance system. Church still meddle in political affairs. Secular republic, my ass!

Severe ignorance, shame but not surprising it has one of the lowest IQ average in the globe

Need I say ...more

I live here and run a business and absolutely hate the culture food and fake catholics. Manila is truly the not a gate way to hell. Place is very pathetic and I can't wait to pull my wife out of here. Government does absolutely nothing for its people. Except profit on them by allowing drugs to thrive. Current prez kills only poor people no real big fish on its pathetic war on drugs. When I leave I will never come back.

The government steals all donated funds from other nations during natural disasters! The government regulatory employees at customs will try to extort money from it's own people, and specially foreigners as soon as you get off the plane by planting a bullet or random evidence in your baggage! Going to the ATM can get you shot/stabbed for small money so just give it to the robbers(police almost never catches anyone)! The taxis will cheat you because there is no real regulatory body for them. People will borrow money and never pay you back or worse try to kill you for chump change you loaned to them! Very polluted and disease ridden medical system, pay before treatment or die in hospital/medical policies! Filipino pride for what(best country at copying or wanabees no originality), one of the worse if not the worse country in Asia? Etc. Etc.

Who ever said that Philippines is fill of cheap girs and white trash is ignorant. Cheap girls are everywhere maybe your mother is one of them too! Think before you open your mouth.

Been to Manila, camera got stolen there, very bad experience, streets are dirty and taxi drivers are not honest

A really unsafe country, I got robbed in this place. Also just because your an American doesn't mean your rich, because everybody thinks I'm rich just because I'm an American. Also the most racist country in Asia, like seriously.

They worship caucasians or white people as something close to god or like a saint or a superstar. They believe Jesus was white. lol. A country going to hell because of its stupid Catholic religion which most of its population belongs too. Their media are full of liars. People are stupid and believe them and the election surveys too easily. I don't think this country will ever become a developed nation yet because it still wants to serve the world with cheap, skilled labor. Years of loaned education wasted on other countries. A country with one foot in the grave.

I like the food but the rest is bad to worst. Religion, culture, elitism, everything. The so-called national language is a sham. No respect to other cultural groups. Truly, a divided country. A failed democracy. The country is better under a dictatorship. Flag looks awesome though.

I don't like the comment saying corruption has been eliminated in the Philippines. Straighten up your facts brother. I'm a Filipino and I don't think you know what you're talking about.

Worst government, worst transportation, worst city environment. If you want a good life then don't live in the Philippines.

Majority are stupid people. Will vote boxers as senators and senile mass murderers as president. Very shallow-minded people. Only values their own opinion.

Philippines have originality. tourist love the Philippines for its culture. corruption has been eliminated in our country. I'm a filipino and I know that filipinos do everything to just feed their son or daughter. We know we lack of family planing.

Just get to know the people and get a taste of living in the metro area will tell you that it is a hole or a living hell out there. Dan Brown was right about Manila being a gateway to hell.

The Philippines should be right after North Korea they just elected a monster if a president and they are full of racist, stupid, bigots who can't hold a decent conversation.

Philippines is filled with illegal dwellers and trash. Everywhere you go in the vicinity of Manila you can see them. Every corner is filled with filth... Better visit provinces like Palawan...

I have been in the Philippines and 5 murders came to our place but were have a lucky time nobody died and if you went to the Philippines you are only allowed to stay there 2 weeks and if you are there more you die!

As per to the Global Fire Power, this nation is weakest in ASEAN because of corruption, scam and lacking of basic resources!

Thanks to the new president Duterte, Philippines just became an independent joke to the world. I mean, what the hell did we Americans even do to you in the first place? Nothing! And now you're trying to ally with China? Even if their trying so hard to take just a single land which overreact to?

One word that makes it worst = "politics". Just bury all the politicians alive and it will be a better if not the best place to live in

Fools with negative comments are only describing it's main region. Philippines is an awesome country.

Has the slowest internet connection in Asia

Hi guys this is the worst country ever

Don't ever boast yourselves, maybe your country also had its own bad side.

Country that is prone to lots of typhoons, Oh look how pity you guys are!