Worst Aspects and Communities in the Pokemon Anime Fandom

I'm not trying to start a fight, but I'm going to point out the issues with this fanbase. If you are a part of any community and don't do the problematic/bad things, it won't apply to you.

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1 Shipping wars

I find it ironic that one of the worst shippers come from an anime that doesn't focus on romance or goes anywhere with it. Especially when the character who gets shipped the others the most is canonically indifference about romance and is dense as hell. - Rue

And this whole Shipping wars exploded when Serena came along. All because she has a crush on Ash and has a "past" with him. All because of one stupid plot point. Creators I hope you,re proud of yourself. - Mehguy2000

That's untrue. Shipping wars came into play when Misty was replaced with May. - Rue

*cough* lunadude1996 *cough* - Teravolt1422

2 Perverts

Just google Ashachu and your going to fine really perverted stuff.

I can't even sum up how perverted the fanbase is in one comment. They sexualize the 10 year old Pokegirls and just say very perverted stuff in general. (Most prevalent on DeviantART, knowyourmeme, and Youtube.) Also, I'm tired of seeing lolicon, panty shots, and fanart of the girls being in very innapropriate outfits/positions in order for grown men to fap to. Older fans of Misty, Serena, Lillie, Mallow, and Lana are the most guilty of this. - Rue

There's this DeviantArtist called mistystuffer who makes vore images of Pokegirls - TwilightKitsune

3 Amourshippers

You all know why they are on here. I'm tired of talking about them but you know they have to be a part of this list somehow. - Rue

For people who keep voting Serena's hatebase as the worst aspect/communities of the Pokemon anime fandom, stop kidding yourselves! Amourshippers are worse, and you know it. Serena fans who don't ship Serena with Ash often agree with this. - Rue

They need to calm down. Pokemon characters are ten

yep - Teravolt1422

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4 XY(Z) fanboys

I'm tired of XY(Z) being put on a pedestal. I'm not saying it's a bad series, but it's way over hyped and I can almost put them on the same level as the people who put the original series on a pedestal...almost. - Rue

Please make them shut up

5 Pokemon original series fanboys

This came to my attention lately because of how different the 20th Anniversary turned out to me. The salt. It screams nostalgia bias at every turn. - Rue

6 Misty fans and Pokeshippers

Amourshippers/Serena fans are obviously worse these days, but that doesn't excuse the fact that Misty fans/Pokeshippers are also terrible and do similar things. - Rue

I heard Misty makes a cameo in another episode.

7 Iris' hatebase

Most hated female companion who isn't even that bad. She's hated because of A CHARACTER FLAW. ONE SPECIFIC CHARACTER FLAW. You all ignore her good qualities because she calls as a kid ironically even though you would do the same thing. So unreal. - Rue

Iris hatedom is insane I don't get why so many hate Iris just because she always say what a kid to ash but keep in mind Misty always argue/hit Ash through I don't hate Misty. - Nebbygetinthebag

Why is it ok for people to bash Ash on the internet but when Iris calls him a kid it's the worst thing ever

RIGHT? Iris catchphrase is done out of irony. Similar to Dawn's catch phrase, "No need to worry! " - Rue

Man! her hatebase is just brutal and insane. Always saying the same bull excuse to why she sucks and then ignore her good qualites as a character. I think I have said this before but why do people think Misty slapping Ash many times and looks down on him or Serena throwing damn snowballs at Ash because again he was not "acting the way she knew him" is OK but when Iris teases him a little bit and calls him a kid (it's a flaw that makes sense because Ash is one) Everyone flips out and says: SHUT UP AND GO DIE IRIS... YOU SUCK! :<. Its just sad to think about it and in my eyes Iris deserves better. - Mehguy2000

8 Ash Ketchum's hate base

I'm not saying Ash is the best character ever, he's very flawed and has issues with his characterization, but he's literally bashed FOR EVERYTHING he does. A lot of hate has a tendency to be unwarranted and is hating on Ash for the sake of hating him. - Rue

9 Serena's hate base

Her hate base can be bad but not as bad as Iris haters. Also her fans (most of them) tend to be obnoxious as hell. - Mehguy2000

I mean, I know she isn't the best character, but damn, these people do NOT like her at all.

To be honest I think a lot of the hate stems from the fanbase and how they put Serena on a pedestal for her infatuation for Ash..Since shipping is major to the fandom somehow. - Rue

I knew someone was going to add this eventually. - Rue

People are trying to vote this item until it reaches the top 10 spot. Her hatebase can be bad, but not anywhere close as bad as the top 10 items on this list. - Rue

10 Fans who try using the game logic to judge what happens in the anime

I went on a bit of how illogical this is on a different list. If you are wondering what that list is, it's called: Top Ten Things Pokemon Fans Refuse to Understand When It Comes to the Pokemon Anime - Rue

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11 Those "who's the best female companion" wars

I hate the best girl BS. I'm tired of these wars in most fandoms that I come across. All it does is cause a flame war at every turn. - Rue

12 People who won't shut about Serena going to Alola

Also a lot of stuff you hear about Serena is going to Alola is nothing but click bait. Do not click the videos. Don't give these people revenue. They are exploiting the fanbase's desire to have Serena back, which is so screwed up. - Rue

Yep! They still wont shut up about it even till this day. -.- - Mehguy2000

I remember when the sun and moon anime first came out. people said they saw "leaked" storyboards of Serena's return. - Teravolt1422

I love Serena but she doesn't fit the settings of the SM anime.do you really want Serena abandon her dream and stalk Ash. - Nebbygetinthebag

That's basically what they want which is so depressing. If I liked Serena, I would be happy if she just stick with her goal. Her love for Ash should not mean she needs to drop everything. - Rue

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13 Pokemon Sun and Moon hatebase

The hatred started as soon as you saw Ash in a new art style and Serena not being in the show. Admit your hatred for this anime was judging it before it began and being very shallow. - Rue

The anime is stupid the games ar better

For those who didn't watch the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime because of the changes or the fact that it's being bashed to all hell, just know it's not as bad that people make it out to be. It's decent and has a potential to be even better than decent. Don't be influenced by the salt that the XYZ fanboys/Amourshippers have for this series. Try it yourself. You may enjoy it. - Rue

Most of the hatebase (from what I have seen) are fans of XY/XYZ. The Sun and Moon anime (so far) is decent. A huge step up from the "masterful" XY/XYZ that everyone describe it to be. - Mehguy2000

14 Contestshippers
15 Pearlshipping haters
16 Those people who keep complaining about Brock being gone

Brock is a great character, but his time is done. I wouldn't want him to travel with Ash forever, he's allowed to have a life outside of being a companion like all the other companions. - Rue

17 Misty Hate Base
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