Top 10 Worst Aspects of Pokémon Black and White

They're objectively the worst games in the series. Let's just see which reason people think is the biggest cause.
The Top Ten
1 Min/Maxing

Why are all the new pokémon just objectively better than previous pokémon (aka +1 speed)? And why do they still all suck? How did you do that, game freak? - Maxim_Kali

2 "Plot"

I don't know how they managed to mess up the PETA plot so badly. So many questions have to be raised, like:
- How come they still use pokéballs?
- Why is N working with them in the first place? His reasoning seemed really dumb and pointless.
- Is N a... good guy?
- Why is Cheren such a nerd?
- Who is the missing Magnezone?
- Why isn't Yancy integral to the plot? What a missed opportunity. - Maxim_Kali

3 Peta

Sorry, I think they called it "Team Plasma" in this edition. - Maxim_Kali

4 Even Less "Catching Them All" Than Gen 3

You can't even catch any of the old ones until you've beaten the game. We don't want Patrat or Pidove! We want the OGs!

5 Release Date

It was released less than 8 months before the 3DS was released in North America. And then they made B&W2 a DS game and not a 3DS one. - Maxim_Kali

6 Dream World

Exclusive content to those with computers (and enough time to care). - Maxim_Kali

7 DSi Exclusive Features

Nobody even owned a DSi what was the point of this...? - Maxim_Kali

8 Bianca

She doesn't do anything. She had 2 games to do something. At least Cheren picks a good pokémon and becomes a gym leader. I don't even know if Bianca was alive at the end of B&W2. - Maxim_Kali

9 Emboar

No comment.

10 It's Effects Still Linger

I haven't picked up Sun and Moon in 2017, yet. I loved Sun and Moon. Because my senses... have gotten used... to this crap.

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