Top 10 Worst Assumptions People Make About Music

If you have any of these assumptions, then you don't know anything about music.
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1 If it's on the radio, it's good

Almost any new songs I hear on the local pop radio stations get overplayed to death. Some are good but I remember I heard Dance Monkey everywhere on the radio, my god that was awful

2 More sold copies = better music artist

I agree, but also it doesn't mean it's automatically worse if it's popular.

I really hate this assumption, for me it's the worst of all.

3 Rock n' roll, heavy metal, hard rock, etc. are evil

It's actually harmless. It doesn't ruin ya brains either.

4 Popular musicians = talented musicians
5 Listening to only popular artists = good

And even worse some of these people trash other people's music taste just for liking underground artists, even though typically people who listen to underground artists have a much more diverse taste than someone who listens to the same 10 Mainstream artists

6 The newest song = the best song

My sister has this opinion and she thinks any song that's at least 5 years old is forgettable and didn't age well. It's like she doesn't give older songs a chance to listen to

7 Bigger butts = better song

Anything sexual related stuff sells though.

Haha, yes, I know what you mean.

8 Newest = best
9 Pop music is the best

There's no such thing as a better genre.

10 Bad music video = bad song

Wrecking Ball had an awful music video, but the song is her best of 2013.

Two words : Wrecking Ball.

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11 Computers make better music

I think you're forgetting the electronic music genre...

12 new songs = good songs
13 Rock and metal are all about drugs

Metal musicians had much less problems with drugs than musicians in rap, pop, grunge and classic rock.
No major metal musician died of drugs or alcohol. And metal lyrics aren't about drugs (Master of Puppets by Metallica is an anti-drug song).

14 Metal = anything that's heavy
15 The more beautiful, the better
16 Metal is just loud

This is not an accurate thing. Let me give an example- sometimes we confuse hard rock and metal to be the same ( I do too). It's because we judge metal and rock (other genres) with loudness. But loudness doesn't always mean "heavy". Yes, metal music is loud. But not always it has to be loud to become metal. When I was young, I used to think if I simply increase the volume, wouldn't it be a metal song. But now I realize why it can't be.

Metal = power+speed. When you beat a drum very hardly or strum a guitar very heavily it will create a loud music/heavy music. But it won't be metal. Punk rock is also loud. Metal is only metal when certain amount of speed is used in it. Some of the metal songs aren't very loud (especially guitar solos). When guitar chords are very fast, it creates a very very fast solo. Then it sounds like a, what to say, lets say like a device. for example "telephone" sound or something like that. Those solos are metal too. But those aren't loud. There are other ...more

Zxm's explanation is great. There are non-metal songs that are louder than some metal songs. But metal songs can still be faster and heavier.

17 Rock is old fashioned
18 old songs = bad songs

I don't think so - but I'm sure there must be some idiots who thought

19 Pop music = bad genre

Not a big fan of this genre. But there could be good and bad of anything.

20 It's accurate to call things overrated if you personally don't think they're the best

Agreed, overrating and underrating are more likely a subjective thing.

21 A song with "good" lyrics = automatically good song

Good lyrics in songs are good but that doesn't make the song automatically good afterall the MUSIC has to be good in order for a song to be called "good", lyrics are secondary and some times even irrelevant

If a song has good lyrics but boring, lame or bad Music then its not a good song, It's a good poem or short story with boring or bad music in the background.

22 Death metal is all about gore and killing people

This assumption is so laughable, Death Metal is actually one of the most varied music genres both lyrically and musically why do you think there's so many subgenres of Death Metal? All Death Metal genres only share one thing: Death Growls and that's because without Death Growls it wouldn't be Death Metal.

23 They assume a characteristic automatically makes music better.

It could be something like the heavier the better or the more catchy the better or the more powerful the vocals are or how abstract the lyrics are all examples none of these objectively makes a song better it depends personal opinion and on whether it fits the song.

24 They assume music is good or bad because of the kind of people who listen to it.

For example saying that "only kids listen to that rubbish" or this is the kind of music that serious music lovers listen to.

25 They assume if a song stays popular for a long time it is good.

The Monster Mash is a song from the 1960s that still makes the comedy charts every Halloween but it's still terrible.

There are bad song that comes back to chart every Christmas.

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