Worst Atrocities by the United States


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1 Native American Genocide
2 Hiroshima and Nagasaki

There is a legitimate argument that the nuclear attacks were unnecessary. We are often told that the only alternative was invasion, and that it would result in "a million casualties." But the third, obvious option was blockade. If Hirohito didn't want his country bombed back into the proverbial Stone Age, it's likely he wouldn't allow the Japanese people to starve, if for no other reason than his Imperial Highness would have nothing to govern but rats and roaches. The decision to bomb was more political than pragmatic, and put the U.S. in the unenviable historical position of being the only power to deploy nuclear weapons, and worse, against civilian populations. I love my country, but ya gotta call'em like they are.

Nor remotely an atrocity, both were acts that occurred during wartime. This list is the obvious outcome of sitting in schools teaching revisionist snowflake history.

3 Slavery and Racism of Blacks

Canada definitely allowed slavery, though they had none of the infamous cotton plantations made famous in films. It was not completely outlawed until 1833. Interestingly, the First Nations of Canada also practiced slavery extensively on each other, and enforcement starting in 1833 is the only thing that stopped it.

Those dates are not true, wikipedia is lying, Canada never allowed slavery.

Slavery was a messy part of history, and by no means confined to the US. Snobby Europeans should know that many EU nations happily allowed slavery in their colonies in some cases longer than the US [a British colony after all]. Change moved very slowly in the 1800's, so Canada's 1819 date isn't worth bragging about vs. the USA's 1863. Many nations abolished the slave trade, but allowed slaves in place and those born into it to remain.
Years slavery abolished [Wikipedia]:
1814- Netherlands
1815- Portugal [north of Equator]
1819- Canada
1822- Greece
1838- UK [colonies]
1848- France [colonies]
1861- Russia
1863- President Lincoln signs Emancipation Proclamation in USA
1869- Portugal [south of Equator]
1870- Spain
1882- Ottoman Empire [Turkey]
1886- Cuba
1888- Brazil
1894- Korea
1894- Egypt

4 Air Raids on Dresden
5 Agent Orange in Vietnam
6 Bombing of Iraq
7 Bombing of Afghanistan
8 Bombing of Libya
9 Mass Shootings in Philippines
10 Bombing of Syria

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11 Korean War
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