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1 Eren x Levi

I hate it. It's pedophilia and makes no sense, and it's THE MOST POPULAR SHIP. The "reasons" backing up the ship are complete bull. And yes, it does matter if its pedophilia, even if it is "just fiction" (quotes a few of the Ereri shippers). I forgot what its called, but there's an anime that revolves around a man and his adoptive son that have a very sexual relationship. The man is young-middle aged and the boy is a child. Is it okay to ship this pair because it's "only fiction". NO - ThatEmoLoner

This is pedophile! This is a terrible ship that came out of nowhere! This relationship isn't healthy! One beats up the other!

It's the stupidest, most overrated ship

I hate this ship with a burning passion.

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2 Levi x Mikasa

Another terrible ship, though this time it's pedophilia AND incest. Yes, those of you who haven't read the manga, they are related. So, it's just wrong to ship this. And Mikasa hates him, with passion. In the manga she has referred to my precious Levi as "that short evil man". And they're slightly similar personalities are not compatible, they clash. So, it wouldn't have worked even if it was incest and pedophilia. - ThatEmoLoner

Incest is bad.

3 Hange x Petra

They have barely even interacted. They have only interacted in "Isle's Notebook" and it was barely anything so...
That's all I have to say on this matter. - ThatEmoLoner

4 Hange x Eren

I'm not sure how old Hange is but it is most likely pedophilia. There is no romance between them. - ThatEmoLoner

5 Eren x Petra

I'm not sure how old Petra is, but it is most likely pedophilia. Again, no romance. They had not known each other for very long (cries) so it is unlikely something would have happened in that short amount of time. At most Eren might have had a small crush on her, but I don't think Petra would have reciprocated his feelings. - ThatEmoLoner

6 Annie x Mikasa

Annie literally tried to MURDER everyone and Mikasa was the one who brought her down. Terrible couple - TwilightKitsune

Mikasa hates Annie, I don't think Annie likes Mikasa. Their personalities would clash, ANNIE WAS ALSO THE ENEMY SO I DOUBT ANY OF THEM WOULD BE INTERESTED IN HER. Well, Bertolt and Reiner have a possibility of liking her, but Reiner likes Historia/Krista, Bertolt likes her though. SPOILER! Since Bertolt is the Colossal Titan and Reiner is the Armored Titan and they're all working together to destroy the section of humanity that lies behind THESE walls - ThatEmoLoner

7 Krista/Historia x Levi

It's pedophilia, there's no romance between them, no romantic tension, their only major interaction was him picking her up by the collar and scolding her and then her punching him in the stomach after she becomes the Queen of the walls later on. - ThatEmoLoner

Any ship with Levi is the worst... - TwilightKitsune

8 Erwin x Petra

No interaction on screen whatsoever - ThatEmoLoner

9 Hange x Sasha

Came out of literally no where - ThatEmoLoner

10 Mikasa x Hange

Again, came out of thin air - ThatEmoLoner

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11 Reiner x Historia (ReiKuri)

Barely any interaction between them. Likely only shipped because Reiner's brainwashed "solider side" thinks she's cute. He also only sees Krista, not Historia, so is attracted to someone who basically doesn't exist. //+ Historia is hella gay

It's only shipped because they look cute together. But it's one-sided and she's gay anyway. - ThatEmoLoner

12 Jean x Eren

Um, no

13 Armin x Levi
14 Bertholdt x Christa


15 Eren x Mikasa
16 Jean x Mikasa
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1. Eren x Levi
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1. Eren x Levi
2. Levi x Mikasa
3. Hange x Petra



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