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21 Levi x Hanji
22 Erwin x Levi

These are just my opinions. I'm sorry if my words makes Eruri shippers mad at me.🙇


1. alright first of all, the commander and the corporal are just friends. And they have a strong bond of trust for each other. Sometimes, I don't understand why people ship them two. It's weird.

2. This ship annoys me.😷(I'm sorry shippers)

3. This ship will NEVER be canon afterall.

Shingeki no Kyojin is not a romance genre anime. I don't think the characthers would have time to think about love or have a lovey dovey romantic meeting in the middle of the night. Plus, Erwin has left the Survey Corps. Which means, he's already rest in peace.

4. To be honest, some of the Eruri fanarts makes me cringe. Especially NSFW types.�"�Ew no.

5. Some immature shippers makes me get super annoyed and they tend to make 'Ship Wars'.�"�

Yes, I know shipping is just for fun for certain fans. But, people don't need to ...more

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