Worst Avenged Sevenfold Songs

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1 Breaking Their Hold

This Song SUCKS! the beat is inconsistent, the screaming is annoying, and I can't hear M Shadows at all. If you like it, then that's fine. But to me, this song is an absolute mess

You can barely even hear M Shadows's "vocals" in this awful song.

Worst Metalcore song and one of the worst rock songs ever because ita just one minute of awful screams - christangrant

Just awful - christangrant

2 Lips of Deceit

This was the best song off stst

To be honest, the riff of this song is good but the lyrics... it's a but inaudible at first but after a while it gets better.

This might be my favourite song from STST - CptnWolfe

3 To End the Rapture
4 Forgotten Faces

This song is a disgrace, the whole album is

5 The Art of Subconscious Illusion
6 We Come Out at Night

Who the hell put masterpieces like Dear God, Gunslinger, Almost Easy and Girl I Know on this list?! We Come Out At Night is one of the STST-songs I don't like at all, but if you like it.. Great. I don't

7 Turn the Other Way

Gunslinger is one of my favourite songs by A7x to date, how can it be ranked so high up this list?

8 Dear God

I will NEVER understand why nobody likes Dear God. One of the best off their Self-Titled! - ItsLeAshton

One of my favorite songs... It's a masterpiece.

I don't think this was that bad.

I like tonight the world dies

9 Tonight the World Dies

I love this song, am I the only one?

This was hands down the worst song off of Nightmare. I NEVER listen to this song. Why We Come Out at Night, Dear God, Turn The Other Way, and basically every song from there down are on this list, I will never know.

It is a bad song, however, I don't think it's the worst.

My favorite song on the entire album,if you think this song is bad you should just stop 👂 by to music because your ears are no longer functional - CreepingDeath74

10 Doing Time

This song is great

The only song that actually deserves to be on this list. - Fabio-Fabulous-of-swag-town

One of my favorite songs. why is this here?

The Contenders

11 Darkness Surrounding
12 Flash of the Blade

I love maiden but A7X ruined this song for me

Most annoying song ever composed

Iron Maiden did it better. I love A7X but this cover is mediocre at best.

13 Lost

People are insane, how is 'Lost' 16th, it's a lot worse compared to the rest.

In my opinion, the autotune ruined the song.

This is by far the stupidest list I've ever seen - Narayan1

14 Shattered by Broken Dreams
15 God Hates Us

Riffs are amazing, but lyrics are dumb.

I can forgive the debut album. They were young and they didn't know what they were doing... but this is on "Nightmare", their fifth album. They were great band at this time but this one really sucks. Reminds me of "Sounding the Seventh Trumpet"...

Never understood why people like this song. Sounds like a mess.

This is one of my favorite songs. The drums and guitar sound great. M shadows voice is perfect especially the screaming.

16 Girl I Know
17 Gunslinger

WHATS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE! Putting masterpieces like Dear God, Gunslinger, and Afterlife on this list

No No No! What is this doing here? Gunslinger, Afterlife, and A Little Piece of Heaven are the 3 best off the album.

18 Streets

This list is retarded!

19 Thick and Thin

So Bad the whole album of STST is going on the list - christangrant

20 Unholy Confessions

This song utilises the pinch harmonic to its most brutal potential, perfectly coinciding with the vocals and I still listen to it every day to this day because of that one part

Overrated and useless. - ItsLeAshton

21 Brompton Cocktail


22 Wish You Were Here

A boring and dull cover of a all time classic from Pink Floyd - christangrant

23 Sidewinder

Are you for real? I hope whoever put this song on this list gets devoured by a bear. This is EASILY the best song off of COE, and one of the best A7X songs of all time. - ItsLeAshton

I didn't enjoy the last 2 minutes... the acustic guitar its just... annoying

24 Walk
25 Warmness on the Soul
26 Waking the Fallen
27 Desecrate Through Reverence

This song gay

28 Clairvoyant Disease
29 God Damn
30 Almost Easy

One of their best songs and it’s on here. An j insane?

31 Nightmare

Just because a song is overrated does not mean it is bad.

Another overrated song by A7X - jimmy12lee

32 Afterlife

Worst list ever none of these sucks what

33 M.I.A.
34 An Epic of Time Wasted
35 Radiant Eclipse
36 Eternal Rest
37 Remenissions
38 Creating God

Not worth my time, just aches my ears every time, Can’t bear it actually

39 Unbound (The Wild Ride)

This song is ok but not the best on the self titled

40 Requiem - Avenged Sevenfold

Even though this is one of my top 5 songs from the Hail To The King Album, I would still like to know how many people dislikes this song, or likes it. - WolfByShadow

41 Hail to the King

In my opinion, although this songs solo is not too bad, it was too obviously made for the radio. Depressing times for the band but they bounced back outstandingly at the arrival of wackerman. Rip jimmy

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