Worst Avenged Sevenfold Songs

The Top Ten

1 Breaking Their Hold

Worst Metalcore song and one of the worst rock songs ever because ita just one minute of awful screams - christangrant

Just awful - christangrant

2 Lips of Deceit
3 To End the Rapture
4 Forgotten Faces

This song is a disgrace, the whole album is

5 Tonight the World Dies

This was hands down the worst song off of Nightmare. I NEVER listen to this song. Why We Come Out at Night, Dear God, Turn The Other Way, and basically every song from there down are on this list, I will never know.

I love this song, am I the only one?

It is a bad song, however, I don't think it's the worst.

6 Turn the Other Way

Gunslinger is one of my favourite songs by A7x to date, how can it be ranked so high up this list?

7 We Come Out at Night

Who the hell put masterpieces like Dear God, Gunslinger, Almost Easy and Girl I Know on this list?! We Come Out At Night is one of the STST-songs I don't like at all, but if you like it.. Great. I don't

8 The Art of Subconscious Illusion
9 Dear God

One of my favorite songs... It's a masterpiece.

I don't think this was that bad.

I like tonight the world dies

Terrible song by a terrible band

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10 Doing Time

The only song that actually deserves to be on this list. - Fabio-Fabulous-of-swag-town

The Newcomers

? Unholy Confessions
? Waking the Fallen

The Contenders

11 Flash of the Blade
12 Darkness Surrounding
13 Girl I Know
14 Streets

This list is retarded!

15 Shattered by Broken Dreams
16 Gunslinger

No No No! What is this doing here? Gunslinger, Afterlife, and A Little Piece of Heaven are the 3 best off the album.

WHATS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE! Putting masterpieces like Dear God, Gunslinger, and Afterlife on this list

17 Thick and Thin

So Bad the whole album of STST is going on the list - christangrant

18 Brompton Cocktail
19 God Hates Us

Never understood why people like this song. Sounds like a mess.

20 Lost

This is by far the stupidest list I've ever seen - Narayan1

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